Mercado Muro – Final Fantasy VII, complete guide

We give you a complete tour of Final Fantasy VII as long as you don’t miss any important details of its history and all its secrets.

We will wake up together with Aeris after having fallen from the heights and we will be able to speak with her to continue with the progress that we explain in this complete guide . After a scene we will have to flee from our pursuers and, when separating from Aeris, we will have to protect it. To do this we go up to the top floor and throw the barrels in the following order: top-left, top-right and bottom-right. This way we will be able to hit the enemies below and prevent Aeris from fighting against them. By defeating the three of them, she will rise to our position and we can escape from the church. If we go through the suburbs we will find a save point and later the market. There we will be able to access different shops to acquire items of interest, in addition to meeting a sick man inside a pipe and reading a news story about turtle paradise in the house located in the lower right-hand corner of the area.

Wall Market

Once ready, we advance through the upper right area, where there is a beam of light, to reach Aeris’ mother’s house. There we can rest and collect a potion and a Phoenix feather in the package next to the bed. When we wake up, we must leave the house without Aeris listening to us. We collect the matter and the ether in the garden before returning to the market to advance to the previous area (where before there were two men who blocked our access to one of the paths). We continue to the park and there we see a scene after which we can continue to the wall market.

Once there we advance towards the area to the right to speak to the men in front of the nightclub and after that go back and continue north to reach the Don Corneo mansion . After talking to the doorman we will discover that they only allow women to enter, so we will have to find a dress to dress up. We return to the clothing store in the first area of ​​the market and after that we go to the bar to talk to the tailor. We asked her to make us a “Suave” and “Que reluzca” costume and after them we went back to the store to get the dress. Now we will need a wig , which we will get if we win a push-up competition for one of the men in the gym.

After that we went to the restaurant and asked for any dish to get a voucher for the pharmacy in exchange if we say that the food was very good. When we have it, we go to the pharmacy (located downstairs, with a cat at the door) and ask for a Digestive . We have to take it to the person locked in the bathroom of the bar so that in exchange they give us a cologne . Then we continue to the material store (with the blue sign, in the upper right corner of the first area of ​​the market) and accept the proposal that the owner proposes to us.

We spent the night in the inn and when we woke up we chose the object for 200 guiles from the vending machine. We take it back to the man who asked us and he will give us in exchange a “Diamond Diadem”. Finally we headed back to the nightclub and before entering the area where it is located we spoke to the fat man at the door so that he would not give you a “ Membership Card”. With her we can enter the club, go to the lower left room (“Group”) and there get ” bikini panties “ . Once we have all the key items we head back to the clothing store to change.

Once ready we headed towards the mansion and crossed the upper left door to find Tifa and talk to her. After that we go back and cross the main door so that Don Corneo chooses us (Cloud). In case it does not, it is that we will have left some garment to collect, so we have to load the game and try again. After the scene we will fall into a sewer and there we will have to fight with different enemies, face a boss and collect a potion and a matter: “Steal “.

Boss: Aps

It is a large blue monster from the sewers whose main power is water. He will launch waves against us that will be quite harmful, but sometimes he will also harm himself. Therefore, it is best to use the fire spell to injure him and limits whenever available. We do not stop attacking and healing ourselves when necessary until we overcome him and continue to the next chapter .


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