Mental health: who takes care of the mind takes care of life

Let’s not stop worrying about our mental health

The media, in a broad way, have published several newsletters about the “Janeiro Branco” campaign this month, whose objective is to build and reinforce the culture of care in relation to the mental health of the population. This campaign was created in 2016 in Minas Gerais, and has expanded the discussion and practices on the topic.

By mental health, we can understand a good sense of emotional well-being, of positive relationships in the different environments we live in, of using our personal capacities and our potential in favor of our goals, as well as being able to deal with life’s challenges.

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Mental health

Often, we have a great concern for our physique: with too much or too little weight, with muscles, with our appearance and the clothes we wear, with hair with this or that color, with what we have achieved in a material way – house, car, miscellaneous goods – but we often neglect the importance of our emotional well-being. We accumulate negative habits, which become addictions , which, little by little, harm our emotional health.

More than “talking” about it, it is necessary to break an immense barrier related to what we think about the “mental health” theme. Even today, it is very common to understand the distance that exists between reality and the need to act effectively with public health, psychoeducation actions, that is, to educate issues related to emotions and, especially, to tear up with effective prejudice in relation to those who suffer from emotional problems.

Care and prevention

We still have a long way to go in terms of mental health care. Have you stopped to think how much, even in 2019, it is not easy to assume when we need psychological and psychiatric monitoring? How much do health services still need to expand their service network? How are we afraid when psychic illness happens to us?

Mental health care can and should be preventive, that is, we can, in our day to day, adopt some attitudes that will help, and a lot, in our well-being.

Looking at our daily lives is one of the ways: how has your life been? Can you organize your schedules, your financial life , your food ? It sounds silly, but these are important paths to a healthy emotional life.


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