Menopause as a scapegoat for your malaise.

Reacting to situations that prevent you from living peacefully by assigning responsibility for your malaise to menopause is an easy temptation but it is not decisive. Here is a path that can help you find your center and really solve the issues that matter to you.

True, it came into your life a bit like a tsunami. Menopause has presented itself with a rather heavy baggage because all of a sudden you have to deal with a series of physical, and not just physical, annoyances that upset body and psyche. Live with all these novelties that can sometimes be difficult to accept because they change the rhythms of your life a bit.

Something is different, it is undeniable : the waistline has increased , the mood is not always the best, you feel tired, sleep is interrupted and disturbed by night flashes (not to mention the daytime ones that make you feel uncomfortable) and you you find yourself struggling with vaginal dryness and itching often so unbearable that sometimes you just want to scratch. But you certainly can’t do it in public and, in any case, you know it’s not good for you, it doesn’t give you relief and – indeed – it makes the situation worse.

Then you notice that your mood has changed and you happen to feel more anxious or depressed.

“All the fault of the menopause” , you keep repeating yourself, as if it were the new refrain that marks your life.

All the fault of the menopause … but are you really sure?

Your new condition as a woman influences you so much that you blame the menopause for all your problems and you are so convinced that this “limit” prevents you from dealing with everyday life, from the small things to the more important ones, also passing through the sexual sphere.

Whatever happens to you you think you have a mountain to climb in front of you and you are sure that everything is due to menopause, you can’t find other explanations (but maybe you don’t even look for them). If you feel down in tone, if you discuss with someone at home or in the workplace, if the relationships with your partner are no longer what they used to be, you think that menopause is limiting you and you do not ask yourself about the real causes. .

But if you stop and think, if you question yourself and deepen this aspect well and intimately, you realize that perhaps it is just a scapegoat , useful there and then, but fruitless because it does not allow you to return to a condition of well-being .

it is easy to fall into the temptation to blame the hormones: it is just a ploy to avoid making the effort to focus on the heart of the problem and look for real solutions .

Does the previous one seem too harsh a sentence? Stop for a moment: you are responsible for your life, you decide how it will end. Read “The two stories of Mrs. M.” in this article.

Menopause cannot turn into a trap

Thinking that menopause is the source of all evil is not only a mistake but also a missed opportunity for yourself. If you let yourself go and let yourself be carried away by this belief you will not be able to find that balance that is instead at hand, absolutely attainable, and is not at all a mirage as you think.

The risk you run is that of ending up in a kind of mental trap, a dead end street . And yet the way out is there. And you can be the one to take it even if you tend to see everything black and every issue seems exaggeratedly complex.

Of course, it will also be true that you no longer feel what you used to be: but it is not necessarily a negative fact , quite the contrary. You have grown up and this is inevitable. It is not possible – fortunately – to be 13 years old for life. It is important to understand that menopause does not have to be suffered if it bothers you. Watching your life go by thinking you are a “victim” of menopause is a far too simple attitude, a kind of psychological cage in which you risk falling slowly if you don’t decide to take your life in hand, to give yourself do to deal with a situation that in reality has nothing dramatic and above all does not bring with it anything that cannot be faced.

If you think “I can’t do it”, get help

Everything is simpler than you think, a pinch of determination is enough to get back up, focus on the real problems and deal with them, without blaming the menopause which is a physiological thing, it comes for everyone even if it seems to you that it has fallen into your life upsetting your “normality”.

Assume menopause is not a problem . And if you are no longer able to focus on the central issues of your life, start addressing what you believe to be the source of all evils – menopause – and work to identify the remedies: there are some and it is enough to contact a specialized gynecologist to find out more (if you don’t know one click on the link and find the one closest to your home).

A professional can explain in detail what changes are taking place in your body and in your psyche and can help you to deal with all the ailments that are manifesting in this period, starting from that itch that never leaves you and then the hot flashes, the sudden mood changes, decreased desire, anxiety or depression.

For each of the disorders that are manifesting with the disappearance of the cycle there is an explanation and also a precise indication on what to do and consult a gynecologist will allow you to get an answer to the thousand questions that crowd in your brain about menopause, about symptoms and the annoyances that inevitably arise at a certain age but which are not at all an obstacle to your being a woman.

Asking a specialist for explanations of what is troubling you is the best way to start resolving your ailments and discomforts. You can watch this video column by Professor Emmanuele Jannini , full professor of endocrinology and medical sexology at the University of Tor Vergata and President of the Italian Academy for Couple Health, who explains how to become an ally of your gynecologist.

By accepting the fact that you are going through a phase of transition, you must get advice and guide from a doctor who can show you the path to follow. You will thus have the opportunity to find your serenity , without being upset by the menopause which, on the other hand, must be experienced in a natural way without thinking of having to deal with a pathology. By accepting the change you are experiencing, you will learn to like yourself again, to please others more, to enhance your femininity and to live in harmony with everything around you. By abandoning the belief that it is “All the fault of menopause” you can focus the true heart of the problems that you will face day by day, without getting down and without constantly blaming the cycle that no longer exists.

Your maturity will be an ally for you that will allow you to tackle the most important issues and manage them in a resolute manner without hiding behind a pretext. Look at this phase of your life as a restart point , a kind of rebirth after the end of the fertile age . Give yourself a good chance and face this phase, certainly delicate, with all the serenity you can and with optimism: you will prove to yourself that menopause is not some kind of enemy but it is opening the doors to a new age.


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