Meet Multicopo Nobre, the real glass saver

If you are looking for savings on plastic cups, it’s time to think about purchasing a cup dispenser, which will reduce your cost and increase your savings. Solve your problem, we present an innovative product, Multicopo Nobre .

Practical, economical and hygienic and with a button that dispenses only one glass at a time, Multicopo has a compact size and a discreet appearance that does not pollute the environment. Forget those old cup dispensers that look ugly and not functional.

·                                 Multicopo’s differentials

1. The best tube:

The tube is an important part of a dispenser, it is there that the cups will be stored and for that, they need to be produced with a quality material. The Multicopo has the best pipe as they are manufactured without seams, making the one-piece tube, no clipping. In addition, it is produced with an extremely resistant material, which consolidates its durability.

2. One glass per click:

Multicopo’s technology provides one cup per click. With a single click system, it activates the small separation gears that generate the perfect division of the glasses stored in the tube. This, in addition to being good for the environment, is excellent for the pocket when saving.

3. Resistance:

Produced with polyethylene, the polymer with the highest impact resistance and which has the highest viscosity among the materials produced on the market. This guarantees a high strength product.

4. Finishing:

The finish of Multicopo is differentiated, from its base, which provides one click at a time, until its shape, which facilitates the replacement of the cups, since it has a plastic lid on top for easy removal. Unlike the old pull-out dispensers, in Multicopo the cups must be placed face down.

5. Two versions:

Multicopo is available in water and coffee versions. The water version works for plastic cups from 150 ml to 200 ml of different brands. The coffee version is available for 50 ml plastic cups.

6. Spare parts:

The tube and cap of the Multicopo can be purchased separately if an accident occurs or you lose any parts.

·                                 And how to install Multicopo?

Another great advantage of Multicopo is the fact that it has a very simple installation.

You will need … 

– One drill
– Four screws and four dowels (included in the product)
– One Philips wrench or screwdriver
– One level, to ensure that the wall has no gap (optional)
– Double-sided tape (optional)

To install it the steps are:

  1. Choose a straight and uneven wall and select the location where the Multicopo will be installed;
  2. If you feel the need, clean the wall with a cloth moistened with alcohol or multipurpose cleaner;
  3. Place the base in the place to be installed and mark the four holes in the wall, according to the spacing of the holes in the base;
  4. With the help of a drill, drill the hole in the wall following the indicated marks;
  5. Then remove the screws and plugs from the plastic. Using a wrench, screw the Multicopo to your wall;
  6. If you cannot drill through the wall, double-sided tape is possible. Just take four cuts of tape and stick to the sides of the base of the Multicopo, after this process, fix it on the wall.

·                                 Check out the product explanatory videos

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·                                 For better functioning

For your Multicopo to work perfectly, follow the instructions.

  1. Give preference to glasses with ABNT standard, they are heavier and will work better;
  2. In certain cases, the glass takes a while to fall due to static energy, it varies a lot from glass to glass and the material used. A good tip is: if a glass doesn’t fall after the click, just press the key again. Also, check when refilling the tube, if the cups are not too sticky or crushed, which will make it difficult to detach from the device. Only use strips of cups that are loose from each other;
  3. The Multicopo has an adhesive on its tube that indicates the level of cups needed for full operation. It is important that you replace it whenever the glasses reach the adhesive level, because the pressure and the weight of the glasses is important for Multicopo to dispense only one at a time;
  4. Don’t forget to place the plastic cups with your mouth facing down.

·                                 Multicopo goes with everything

Because it is extremely compact and has a discreet look, Multicopo adapts to all environments, whether they are: cafeterias, receptions, kitchens, among others.

A perfect match for Multicopo is the PapaCopo Trash Bin, which does not use garbage bags due to its compacting of cups. Another difference is its aesthetic part, also extremely discreet and with a perfect finish at the ends.

Find out more details of the Papacopo Recycle Bin

We hope that your doubts regarding Multicopo have been resolved. If you want to save on plastic cups, this is the ideal product. If in doubt, leave a comment.


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