Measures to get up early in the morning and prepare for the exam

Today’s life is a perfect example of busyness. The changing environment and lifestyle has kept the discipline busy and if we look at it, we will find that the most affected area is the youth. Now-a-days youth is completely contrary to the laws of nature such as waking up at night and sleeping during the day. This is having a negative impact on his life.

The youth are failing to get up early in the morning and thus have no fixed discipline of their studies. He is unable to go to school because he is sleeping during school time and thus due to being absent in school, his syllabus remains uneducated. As a result, they have to face a lot of difficulty in preparing for the exam.

Dysfunctional discipline can be brought back on track and we should keep some points in mind. Let us discuss it in detail.

Ways to get up early in the morning

  1. Pay attention to the negative points of modern lifestyle

This is a very important step that every person must take. First of all, you should distance yourself from modern lifestyle devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets or TVs. You should decide a time to use them all and should not forget to use them at night.

Now you need to consider the negative points of modern lifestyle. The first point should be your health.

You should see how your health is being affected.

The second most important point should be your activity, what kind of tasks are you most busy with, on mobile phone or in studies? How many hours are you giving to study and how many hours are you giving to a phone or tablet. Think that you are moving away from the beauty of nature, so you are going to the shelter of diseases.

  1. The principle of “early sleeping and getting up early”

If you follow this principle and determine your discipline, then you can get a lot of help in getting up in the morning.

Now the question comes how to sleep fast, for this you will have to do a small task. For example, a phone or laptop will have to be discarded for fast sleep. If you are not able to do this, then keep your phone or laptop with someone you cannot ask for at night. You can choose your father or elder brother.

Wake up in the morning and drink water. Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning has many advantages.

  1. What you can get up early

You can ask this question to yourself. To determine your discipline, you should ask yourself, what can you achieve if you get up early in the morning? Ask that if you do not get up early, what are you missing.

  1. Change your environment

To apply any discipline you need a proper change. You
must change your environment and surroundings.

Unless you make appropriate changes in your lifestyle, you will not be able to follow any discipline best. Changing the environment does not require that you leave your home or city and go somewhere else, but you can change the settings of your house and room.

  1. Entertaining stories or novels

If you are not able to sleep early at night then you can read stories or novels. If you read email or news paper before sleeping, you may get stressed or anxious and it will definitely affect your sleep. So you try to avoid these things.

You can read amusing stories before bedtime so that you will get rid of stress and you will sleep well. At the same time, your creative ability will also develop.

  1. Do not sleep more than 7 hours

For a healthy body and soul it is necessary that we get proper sleep for 7 hours. If we go to sleep at night between 10 and 11 am, then we can get up early in the morning and we can get enough sleep.

We should try to sleep early at night because the longer we stay awake at night, we will wake up as late in the morning and our important tasks will also be delayed. So we should get into the habit of sleeping fast.

One thing should be specially kept in mind that we take 7 hours of complete sleep and avoid more or less sleep. It is worth remembering that we should avoid sleeping during the day because if we sleep during the day it becomes difficult for us to sleep early at night. If we sleep during the day even after 7 hours of proper sleep or after sleeping early at night, we should not sleep because now our habit is to sleep till late in the morning which will go slowly.

  1. Preparing for early sleep

Preparing for bedtime quickly means that we do some different tasks before bedtime such as taking a bath, reading entertaining stories, etc. It happens that when we lie down to sleep, then for some time we only change sides because we do not sleep.

No matter how soon we lie down, we sleep late. What should we do in such a situation?

Some measures can be taken for this. First of all, we should develop the habit of exercise so that both the brain and the body remain healthy. We should work hard during the day. It is possible that if your work is diligent, then do it properly.

If you are a student then you should change your reading time like if you study till late at night then you should transfer this program in the day. You choose the time of day to read. After coming from school or college, take a little rest and then study.

Thus, your preparation will also be done properly and you will not have to study at night.

Secondly, if you want to sleep early, then you should take a bath before sleeping at night. This will give you a refreshing feeling that will help you sleep. You can read an entertaining story for 10 minutes before bedtime, which will help you fall asleep quickly.

  1. Heavy lunch and light dinner

If you are looking for ways to sleep quickly, then we will tell you a way that will make you happy. According to Dr. Kenny Pang, we should have a heavy lunch if we want to sleep early. This helps in correcting sleep disorder, so if we have a heavy lunch then we get a proper amount of energy, so heavy meals should be eaten during the day.

Along with this, we have to keep in mind one thing, that we may make the lunch heavier but take dinner lightly. If we eat heavy or spicy food at night, we may lack sleep. Secondly, if we do not eat light food at night, then our weight starts increasing unnecessarily and we fall victim to many diseases.

  1. Light and soft light in the room

Lights are the most important contributor to gold. At bedtime we should turn off the lights of the room because the best sleep is in the dark.

But some people are afraid of the dark. If you are afraid of the dark or you cannot sleep in the dark, then you can put light in your room.

  1. Ignore “Sleep a little more”

Whenever we try to get up early in the morning, our mind keeps on sleeping more. We think to sleep a little more or lie down for five more minutes, and while doing so we are left sleeping.

We need to get rid of this habit because it is because of this we fail to get up early. Whenever we think in the morning that we should sleep a little more, we should tell ourselves at the same time that the rule of sleep is that it is never complete and due to sleep it is appropriate to give up or abandon the essential tasks from anywhere. Are not. Thus we should fight ourselves so that we can get up early.

  1. Do not listen to your brain

Whenever we try to get up early in the morning, at first our brain opposes this. Our brain forces us to sleep more but we should think that there is nothing important than work. We must move our brain towards our tasks so that it can be ready to get up early.

  1. Go for a walk

You can think of moving somewhere to change your mood. If you want to bring a positive change in your lifestyle, then first you have to convince your brain for this. You can go somewhere to roam and it will help you bring a new change in your lifestyle.

Thus, if you keep these points in mind, it can help you to get up early in the morning. Now we talk about how to prepare for the exam. Let us have a brief discussion on this.

Exam preparation

  1. Set reading time

If you want to get good numbers in the paper then you should study every day. You should study for 2 hours daily and the time of reading should be appropriate as if you can sit in the evening and study. Always remember one thing that it is impossible to achieve the goal without discipline, so studies should be done in a certain discipline.

  1. Make notes

The best way to study is to store important points in a copy or diary. Whatever your teachers tell you, you should note them in a safe place so that you are comfortable while preparing for the exam.

  1. Continuous practice

We should keep reading our chapters and practice each question continuously. Even if a question is simple, we should read it so that we can avoid any kind of doubt.

  1. Study of previous years papers

It is necessary that you study and practice previous years papers in order to complete your preparation for the exam. You can note down important questions separately so that before the exam they have a vision.

  1. Understand more, write less

It is absolutely certain that what is deeply understood, we remember for a long time and the thing we are memorizing is not sustainable. Therefore, we should understand the principles rather than rote them.

All these points are very important from the point of view of exam preparation and we should prepare the exam keeping all these points in mind. If you keep these points in mind then you will definitely be successful in achieving your goal.


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