What Is Meant by “Building a Brand”?

When we decide to buy a product or use a service, we will definitely get to know the term “brand” or what we commonly refer to as a product brand or service brand . What is the understanding of the brand according to experts? An expert named Kotler in the American Marketing Association defines a brand as a symbol, sign, design or everything that is a combination of these three elements that are used as the identity of a product or service issued by a manufacturer.


According to Kotler, the brand’s function is as a differentiator of a product with other products, so that manufacturers have special characteristics that differentiate their products from competitors’ products. Other experts also gave their opinions on brand definition. According to other experts, a product brand is an asset that can create value for customers by increasing customer satisfaction and improving product quality.


One way to make our product or service brand famous is by building a strong brand. To do this, we need to implement several strategies for brand building, one of which is effective marketing communication for brand building. So, what is meant by “brand building”? Building a brand is making every effort or effort to make our product or service brand more popular among consumers, so that our brand can reach the target customers we want.


According to the business website dot com, there are 4 ways we can apply to build a brand that can attract the attention of Gen Z generation and millennial generation. Instead of your fellow readers tired of reading articles or papers about millennial generation and Gen Z, just for the sake of attracting millennial and Gen Z attention to your product, it’s better for your fellow readers to read this article to the end. Because this article will help fellow readers to better understand the brand of products such as what can attract the attention of Gen Z and Millennial. Are your fellow readers getting curious? If yes, let us refer to the following explanation.


1. Create a Logo Design that Attracts Gen Z and Millennial Attention.

The first and foremost way to build a brand is to have a very eye-catching logo design in the eyes of Gen Z and millennials. An attractive logo design will create a professional impression of the product or service itself. To make an attractive logo design, try to find out what types of products we sell? What marketing target do we want?


We need to make a logo that is simple, but visually appealing. In other words, we don’t need to create a product logo that tells or explains our business as a whole. Instead, a simple logo design will make Gen Z and millennial more curious and easier for them to remember. Oh yes, don’t forget to create a logo design that is bright and has an inclusive and unique element.


2. Create the same logo design, but that does not mean the same.

The second way a manufacturer can do to build a brand is to create a logo design that may be the same or uniform, but that does not mean that all the logos are the same. This method applies if the reader has several different products, but in the same brand name. It is legitimate if we make a different logo design on each product.


Although in essence, the logo belongs to the same brand. For example, a fellow reader is a product manufacturer consisting of Products A, B and C. Now from these three products, the fellow reader makes a product logo with a slightly different nuance, but consumers still see the logos from the same brand. Gen Z and millennial will be more interested in brands of products like this, because they will consider these producers to be very creative, but still maintain the authenticity of the brand.


3. Give “Jingle” or Typical Sounds of Your Brand.

Well, jingles or typical sound will also be a very interesting element for our product brand or service. Simply put, the jingle or the sound will be characteristic of the product itself. So, whenever and wherever we hear the sound of the sound, we know for sure “That must be product A!”.


Jingle and the sound does not only attract the attention of Gen Z and millennial colleagues, colleagues. In fact, it is also easier for small children to remember the product brand just by hearing the sound, jingle or sound of the product.


Relatable voice tones will make our brand feel trustworthy and encourage our customers to buy products or use our services continuously. So after we find the jingle or sound strains that are right for our products, make sure that we use them consistently in all aspects of the business that we have. Jingle and the typical sound that is consistent will bring the value of transparency for the Gen Z and millennial. As we know that the two generations prioritize transparency in a product or service. So, don’t underestimate the consistent jingles and sounds, colleagues.


4. Tell Unique and Valuable Stories as the History of Our Business.

Building a brand isn’t just about logo design, jingles or other things. However, would it be better if our products have a unique and valuable story as the history of our business.


A unique and valuable story will become a background that is so interesting to be heard by our loyal customers in the future, especially when our business is progressing and successful. For example, we build the business because we intend to provide quality education to young people. In the next two or three years, as our business advances, this will become a special “attraction” for the Z and millennial genes. In fact, this will be a boost for these two generations to start their own businesses.


Yep! Those are 4 ways that we can apply in building a brand that can attract the attention of generation Z and millennial. So are your fellow readers ready to build a brand that appeals to Z genes and millennials? Keep your spirits up, Career Advice colleagues.


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