What is the meaning of the blood moon in the Bible?

he blood moon is a natural phenomenon that happens when there is a total eclipse of the moon. In the Bible, something like a blood moon is mentioned as a sign that the end of the world is near. However, this blood moon will be accompanied by other signs. A blood moon alone has no meaning.

The moon reflects the sunlight. When there is a total eclipse of the moon, the sun, the earth and the moon are aligned, with the earth in the middle. The earth’s shadow is projected onto the moon, which takes on a reddish color. That’s why it’s called a blood moon.

Blood moons do not happen every year but you are likely to have the opportunity to see some of them throughout your life. There is no basis for believing that a blood moon signals an important event. They are natural phenomena , which are governed by the laws of the movement of the earth and the moon. The only blood moon mentioned in the Bible is different from the eclipse of the normal moon.

The blood moon is the shadow of the earth projecting on the moon in the lunar eclipse.

The blood moon in the Bible

A prophecy about the end of the world, in Joel 2:31 , talks about the moon becoming blood, a bit like what happens in the total eclipse of the moon. This event is mentioned again in Revelation 6:12 . But this blood moon has a difference : the sun is also affected. The description of the sun darkening looks like an eclipse of the sun, in which the moon is aligned between the sun and the earth.

It is impossible for an eclipse of the moon to happen at the same time as an eclipse of the sun. So there are two possible explanations for this biblical passage:

  1. If they are eclipses, the two events will not happen at the same time, but they will be close.
  2. It could be a miraculous event, which is neither the blood moon nor the eclipse of the natural sun.

From the information in the Bible, we can see that this will not be a normal blood moon . Therefore, we have no reason to believe that the end of the world will begin when an eclipse of the moon occurs. The Bible says that no one knows the day when the end will come ( Matthew 24:36 ).

Even so, when we see things like a blood moon, we can take the opportunity to remember that Jesus will return. We don’t know when it will be but we know that the day is getting closer and closer. Therefore, we must prepare ourselves so that we are not caught off guard ( Matthew 24:44 ).

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Other signs that will accompany the blood moon

In addition to the moon turning to blood and the sun to darkness, Joel’s prophecy also says that there will be “blood, fire and clouds of smoke” and that the Holy Spirit will be poured out on all peoples ( Joel 2: 28-30 ). This will all happen before the end.

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The prophecy about the blood moon in Revelation adds that there will be an earthquake, the stars will fall, the sky will be collected and mountains and islands will be displaced ( Revelation 6: 12-14 ). Jesus’ second coming will be accompanied by many natural and spiritual signs . A blood moon alone does not mark the end of the world.


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