May 1: International Labor Day today

International Labor Day is observed on 1 May . International Labor Day, known as May Day, began in Chicago in 1886, when workers were demanding that the work be for eight hours and a day off in a week. During this strike, an unknown person exploded the bomb and later some workers were killed in the police firing, along with some police officers.

Subsequently, in Paris in 1889, the second meeting of the International General Assembly when the French Revolution recalled a resolution was passed that this International Labor Day is observed that, on May Day in 80 countries around the world at the same time the national holiday as Began to be celebrated in


It has been celebrated as a national holiday in India since 1923. Presently the voice of socialism is rarely heard. In such a situation, the question of what will be the condition of May Day has become relevant. If we look at the slogan ‘Workers of the world be one ’from a historical point of view, then people of the world were divided into two camps. There was a difference between rich and poor countries. Skilled and unskilled workers were not part of trade union in all countries .


During the First World War and World War II all the labor organizations and its leaders came under the flag of their country. During the Second World War, when the Soviet Union was in crisis, there was a slogan that workers and socialism should save their ancestral lands. After this we see that a welfare state arrived in the western countries and there was a renaissance of May Day.


Now the world has changed. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the alternative to capitalism was lost to the world. The method of industrial production changed. The industrial production system expanded throughout the world. Working together and doing a place is just a dream. Nowadays books are being written ‘Kama khatam.’


The biggest change in the world has been that the first 100 laborers used to work together. That robot is now done. For example, in Tata’s Nano factory Rs 4 crore. A job originates on the investment of. This work is also not for laborers but for technically highly educated people.


Why are there performances in Singur or Nandigram? Because the locals know that there is nothing for us or our children. Technology reduced the need for people. Due to this, the land of ordinary people has been eroded. People who are unemployed, who have employment, are fearing that tomorrow it may be snatched somewhere. Thousands of young people oppose the IMF and World Bank policies on the road, but no one has the answer to this basic question.

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