What are marsupial animals? See examples of species

Marsupials are animals whose greatest characteristic is giving birth to young without being fully developed. That is, the rest of the embryo’s formation takes place in a kind of bag that is attached to the mother’s body. This name comes from this pouch called marsupium, usually located on the abdomen of the mother.

After they are born, the embryos remain inside the pouch and there they suckle and develop. Some animals can stay up to a year in the baby carrier when they are prepared to turn around in their natural habitat.

Meet the marsupial animals

See list with some types of animals that are marsupials, in addition to the most famous ones like the koala and the kangaroo. Even some of them (unfortunately) are already extinct. Know:

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– Murine marmosa: it is a species of marsupial native to several countries in South America. It feeds on lizards, eggs, insects, spiders, birds and fruits;

– Watercourse : this animal is also genuine from the Americas, mainly Central and South. It can live on land and in water and has nocturnal habits. Its diet is basically fish and crustaceans;

– Cuíca-de-vest : this animal has nocturnal habits and lives in trees. It feeds on fruits and rodents;

– Dasyuro-speckled : this animal lives in the mountains of Africa, more precisely in the country New Guinea. It feeds on reptiles, insects and amphibians;

– Virginia possum : this animal is typically North American. He has nocturnal habits and is agile;

– Ningaui-de-wongai : it is found in the plains, forests and deserts of Australia. It is a nocturnal species;

– Thick-tailed Dunnart: also from Australia. It is a land animal that feeds on beetles, spider larvae, small reptiles and amphibians;

– Cusco-gray: it is a marsupial animal that can be found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands;

– Dactylopsila trivirgata: it is another animal that keeps its puppies in its bag until they are fully developed. It can be seen in New Guinea and Australia;

– Sugar glider: different from the others, the sugar glider is an omnivorous animal that feeds on insects and plants. A curiosity of this species is that their paws form a kind of wing and therefore they have an extraordinary ability to glide.

– Colocolo: originally from South America, the Colocolo is a small animal that looks like a rodent;

– Deltatheroida: fossils of this species have been found in Central Asia and North America. We do not find any more copies of them because they were extinct in previous centuries;

– Tasmanian wolf or Tasmanian tiger: he was considered the greatest representative of the marsupial animal family. However, it is believed that he was extinct during the 20th century when he lived in Australia and New Guinea.

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