Marjoram: 12 properties, uses and benefits

Marjoram or Origanum majorana: the properties and possible uses

The plant of marjoram, whose botanical name is Origanum majorana L. , is a plant of the Labiate family, and probably derives its name from the Latin amaracus which in turn comes from the Greek (guardian of perfumes). It is a plant native to western Asia and the Mediterranean and in Europe it is rare to find it in its spontaneous state. Its spicy aroma, similar to oregano, makes it famous especially in the kitchen, where it is frequently used fresh together with salads, tomatoes and raw peppers or dried to flavor foods such as mushrooms, meat and eggs. In the high mountains, marjoram is used to season the goulash. In Europe it is cultivated for uses related to cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food companies, however in the kitchen it is preferred a little more than oregano except in Liguria – a region famous for herbal toppings – and in Provence where herbs are used Provencal (Provence is considered the home of aromas).

The plant

It is a perennial herb with a stem that ranges from 25 to 40 cm, with very small green leaves with slight hair and a smooth edge. Its habitatit is in soils with a mild, warm and sunny climate and is not resistant to high temperatures. The plant can also be grown on the windowsill and the collection of parts used in phytotherapy, such as leaves and flowering tops (ranging from white to light pink) occurs in the warmer months; Once cut, the parts are normally stored after being dried in paper bags. The plant is rich in water, fibers, tannins (antioxidant substances and pot-protectors), vitamin C, rosmarinic acid (polyphenol with antioxidant activity), sugars, folate (vitamins of the B group necessary for all synthesis reactions and repair of DNA), essential oils, beta-carotene (precursor of vitamin A with high antioxidant power), mineral salts and bitter substances (the latter make it effective in keeping insects away). The edible part is the leaves that have a bitter taste.

  1. To eliminate intestinal gas and promote digestion

Hot infusion, or mother tincture, can be an excellent remedy against poor digestion and meteorism. It is possible to take it through specialty herbal preparations and sedative and calming activities

  1. The pharmaceutical industry uses marjoram to a large extent

Marjoram is found, for example, in the vulnerary alcohol (an alcoholic compound with volatile medicinal parts) together with thyme, sage , rosemary, mint, lemon balm and lavender. The alcohol is indicated to eliminate intestinal pains, swelling and heaviness and nausea; the stomachic and carminative properties of marjoram make it a valid aid in restoring motility

  1. Effective against cough, sore throat and flu states

As an oral cavity antiseptic, some marjoram leaves can be added to a glass of warm milk, it also helps to relieve sore throat. It is also advisable to do fumigations in the evening before going to bed to alleviate coughing and cooling marks; the antiseptic properties are in fact due to the high content of vitamin C which make the marjoram indicated for the prevention of colds.

  1. In aromatherapy it is particularly suitable for clearing the respiratory tract

Its aroma can be diffused in the environment through an ultrasonic lamp to stimulate the fluidization of the mucus, to relieve coughs and colds and to purify the respiratory tract.

  1. Several studies attest to its effectiveness in controlling the herpes simplex virus

Important studies attest to its positive effects in the case of herpes simplex , a pathology of viral origin that preferably afflicts the lip area and is expressed with painful vesicles especially in moments of tension and stress. We recommend using a few drops of mother tincture directly on the affected area.

  1. Massages with essential oil positively affect rheumatism and muscle pain

Massage is the best way to assimilate essential oil. The advice is to use 50 ml of arnica oil, with 7 drops of camphor and 7 of marjoram, and then proceed with a relaxing and elasticizing massage such as the Bamboo Massage to relieve tension and stiffness in the muscles of the back and joints .

  1. Majorna infusion is a natural remedy for insomnia and stress

In the presence of any of these problems it is advisable to drink a warm infusion of marjoram every night before going to sleep using 50 g of flowering tops in 1 liter of boiling water, leaving it to infuse for about 10 minutes; the bitters present in the plant act positively on the nervous system by calming anxiety and stimulating relaxation .

  1. For cramps, spasms and in general for tissue toning

The essential oil can be diluted in the water of the bathtub, this will produce a beneficial relief in case of physical and mental fatigue. Just a few drops of oil will be enough to alleviate the sense of heaviness caused by tired muscles and slowed venous circulation.

  1. Useful for headaches and to regain concentration

One of the lesser known essential oil applications is always related to its relaxing properties. Applying a drop of essential oil we then proceed to gently massage the forehead to help calm a headache in the bud.

  1. It is rich in vitamin K, indispensable against Alzheimer’s disease

In recent years, medical research has highlighted the importance of vitamin K in preventing Alzheimer’s disease, as it appears to be able to limit the damage caused by this disease.

  1. In the kitchen it can be used anywhere thanks to its delicate flavor

Marjoram has a delicate flavor and a lively aroma that accompanies it almost everywhere in the kitchen. As it is very sensitive to heat it should be used only after cooking or in raw foods such as salads. One of the most common uses of marjoram is as a substitute for oregano for pizzas and focaccias.

  1. In the form of supplement it helps to regain sexual desire

If you are looking for an effective supplement based on marjoram, tribulus terrestris and sage extracts different from others,  Cliraxacts positively against the decrease in female desire, as explained in this review.

The advice of the naturopath for a supplement based on marjoram

Reviewed by us, Clirax is a food supplement based on Marjoram, Tribulus, Salvia and Arginine. This supplement has been designed to effectively counteract the lack of female libido deficiency, with results confirmed by a study carried out at the Institute of Clinical Sexology in Rome.

Some curiosities and the history of Origanum majorana

The marjoram plant was used since ancient times and was considered a magic herb. We can learn this information from the Hellenic myth that tells the story of Amaracus, the character of mythology considered the guardian of perfumes at the court of the king of Cyprus. The myth tells the story of the unfortunate custodian who, for inadvertently breaking the amphora that contained a precious perfume, was transformed by the gods into a marjoram plant.

In 1600 BC it was used to decorate the head with sprigs of marjoram as a sign of honor. Hymenaeus, the Greek god symbol of marriage, is represented with a crown of marjoram flowers on the head, therefore during marriages the Greek and Roman women used to adorn the head with similar crowns, a sign of good omen.

The ancients used marjoram to fight the chilblains, headaches, insomnia, lower back pain, sprains, rheumatic pains in general and respiratory diseases (such as coughs , colds and flu).

The essential oil of Marjoram

The resulting oil has a light yellow color and the parts used are the flowering tops. The scent is spicy and penetrating.


Do not use in pregnancy. At high doses it can have an amazing effect, use in moderation.

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