How many minutes of playing sports a day The most healthy!

Many parents have doubts that How many minutes a day should your child play sports to be most healthy? Because if he plays too little Was afraid of being unhealthy Or if you play too much, you are afraid of being too tired or tired Today, I give you advice to all parents as follows.

Childhood is the age of physical and mental development. Be it physical, intellectual, mental, emotional and social when he exercises or plays sports. Will help promote the various systems Of a healthy body Whether it is the musculoskeletal system, the joint system, Including improving children’s mental health as well

There should be  four principles for exercising or playing sports :

  1. Have activities in playing sports such as football, basketball, tennis, badminton, swimming, etc.
    2. Have a hard time playing with the heart rate between 60-80% of the maximum heart rate
    3. Must have Long enough It takes about 20-60 minutes.
    4. Need a lot of exercise. Or play sports at least 3-5 Days per week

As for  the precautions in sports There are not many, as follows

  1. If your child is sick Having a fever and being hot, he should refrain from playing sports until he is gone and then play again. Otherwise, it may cause dangers such as syncope.
    2. Avoid fighting sports or taking too much patience. Because children may not be able to tolerate.
    3. If there is a hot weather, there is a lot of sunlight, should avoid or give your children drink water from time to time.

If parents ensure that children play sports properly within an hour, it will make the children healthier and stronger.


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