How many endings does Resident Evil 2 Remake have? DO NOT BE FOOLED

When it comes to playing Resident Evil 2 Remake , you may well have a couple of questions that are quite logical after all. If we have two scenarios and two characters , how many endings does the game have? Are there two endings? Are there four, one for each scenario?

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To solve this doubt we created this entry, so that you do not have to waste too much time trying to do this or that thing, looking for objects, trying to get ranks like crazy and those things.

What is the true ending and how to see the final scene?

At the plot level, the game only has one end . For both characters you have a series of differences , but the ending is shared. The only thing you can expect is to see an extended ending , but that little else will bring you.

The only difference in the ending occurs if we play New Game 2 with any of the characters and complete it. In this alternative ending, a final final Boss will appear, ( the last Birkin Phase ) which will be an organic mass that will advance through the train car until it shows its weak point.

Finally in this extended ending , we will simply see Leon and Claire escaping from the city together with Sherry and going out to the outside world, a series of friendly conversations will be exchanged between the characters and the game will end.

Otherwise, there is no difference in what you will see, not a post-credits scene , or anything like that.


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