A man will understand the truth after breaking up, please understand in advance

  1. In a long-term relationship, many of the influence a person exerts on you are hidden, and it is these hidden impressions that are the most difficult to forget:

For example, I habitually say good night to you every day before going to bed, such as a movie that I ask you to go out to watch every weekend, such as the dish that you are used to eating…

This kind of invisible influence often profoundly changes our habits and personality, which is what the little prince said is being domesticated. This is the most difficult thing for us to forget.

2. What we like is a kind of person, not a person.

When I just broke up, I felt that the end of the world was coming. I would never like anyone anymore. But after a short while, another girl appeared, and I felt like the jingle of the bells. I like her again-for most of us, the reason for liking someone is simply because some of the characteristics of the person are in line with our ideal type. This person can do it, and other people can do it. .

3. In the relationship, you’d better dare to ask, and better understand what you want.

Don’t say “I don’t want anything.” There are usually only two kinds of people who say such things: either they are idiots who are especially easy to use, or they are idealists who pursue high standards and cannot satisfy ordinary people.

Dare to ask, dare to mention needs, so that you can get something in this relationship.

4. If you really want to restore your ex, you must first think carefully about what we did wrong in this relationship:

Is it just because she misunderstood our relationship with others, or because she has always been insecure in this relationship?

Is it just because we are late for a date, or because we have been in a state of “don’t care” in our relationships?

Is it just because we are different, or because we have not been able to give each other an accurate plan for the future?

5. End the relationship as soon as you don’t love, and don’t delay others under the excuse of “I don’t want to hurt this person”.

Human intuition is very accurate. This person can feel your indifference and alienation. The reason why he stays with you is because he still has expectations of you and feels that you will change your mind.

If you can’t, end the relationship decisively and don’t delay others from finding the next partner.

6. Don’t always flaunt your own sacrifices. Whatever you choose is your own decision. Don’t put everything on the other person’s head, so you will have a lot of resentment, and that person may not necessarily Pay for it.

Don’t always kidnap the other party morally, because the result of your moral kidnapping may be the other party’s cold reply: “Have I ever asked you to do this?”: He is inexplicable and you are affectionate.

7. Don’t live as a vassal of a person, be yourself in your relationship, but it will help you maintain your relationship.

Leaning on a person wholeheartedly in a relationship without having your own life is very disruptive to the relationship between you: you let the other person lose your life, and you add too much to this person Some heavy expectations…..

What you have to do is not stick to the other person and fear that he will leave you, but have a life of your own so that this person cannot leave you.

8. Say what you have, don’t hide it, don’t act inwardly. The things you think “forbearance will pass” will not pass at all, and it will worsen your relationship.

A small misunderstanding, it’s okay at first, but if you keep suppressing your emotions, afterwards, this kind of things will become more and more, and when the grievances are deep enough to break out, you will completely dislike this person. , Instead of explaining the problem clearly, it will be fine.

9. There must be fluctuations and ups and downs in the relationship. After the love period is over, it will inevitably enter the running-in period.

No one can stay in a continuous burning state for too long. It may just be normal to feel that two people are cold. Don’t make a fuss. It’s not that the person doesn’t love yourself anymore.

10. Regarding the promise, either don’t do it, or do it once you say it.

The last straw that crushes the camel is often because of complete disappointment-the things you promised but failed to do, and the promises you have never fulfilled after you made them, destroying the other’s expectations of you time and time again. When you say “I will definitely change” at the end, you will no longer be persuasive.

11. Think about the worst and do the best.

Don’t be dazzled by sweetness when you start to fall in love. You must understand the sense of crisis, always reflect and summarize your mistakes, and realize that if we don’t behave well, the other person will leave us, and then carefully maintain it in the relationship and manage it carefully.

12. When two people are together, they must learn to change for each other. No couple is particularly suitable for each other from the beginning. Both require a process of running-in.

Don’t always emphasize “I’m like this” in your relationship. This is a very selfish behavior-if you want to be yourself, you can go back and be single.

13. Be wary of those who keep suppressing you in your relationship. People who always say “how bad you are”, “you can’t do anything”, “you are far from others”, and stay away from them in time— -Because of being in this kind of relationship for a long time, you will become low self-esteem, low self-esteem, and can’t believe that you can be treated well. This state of self-doubt and self-denial will delay you.

14. Propose that “breaking up” is the existence of nuclear weapons in the relationship-when you really say it, you should be prepared for the other party seriously, and never use this option until the last moment.

Always threaten the other party with “breakup”. After a long time, the other party will get bored and will want to leave you: if you are threatening him, but if he takes it seriously, you will cry .

15. The best feelings are those that are unremarkable.

In fact, in reality, each of us has limited time and energy, and is not able to continuously devote ourselves to love. Therefore, the best feelings are often just a spice in life-be wary of the feelings that have always been particularly passionate: you You will always return to real life. When that day comes, will your relationship model continue?


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