Mallory Pearl curling iron: is it good? See in the review!

After years with straight hair launching a trend, finally it was the turn of the wavy and curly to have their space. In addition to improving the self-esteem of those who already have this type of yarn, the fashion of textured locks allows everyone to explore the beauty of curls.Products like babyliss and curl shapers give shape and volume to the strands, ideal for those who want to venture on this wave without joining the permanent ones. These devices alter the curvature of the hair, creating a different look.

The babyliss, the tube-shaped one with a side clip to hold the hair in, has several size options and allows you to create different styles. However, it tends to be more time consuming and laborious.

The curler is more practical, as it has automatic settings, and offers a more uniform result. It’s up to you to choose which device you prefer!

Bleeza’s team tested a national curler, Mallory’s Pearl curler. Come see what we think of the product!

What is Mallory curling iron and what is it for?

The Mallory curling iron has a cylindrical shape and spiral texture, with 20mm in diameter. It is produced in ionized ceramics and reaches a temperature of up to 210 ° C. It also has a 360 ° swivel cable, luminous operation indicator and handle for hanging.

It was developed to model and curl all types of hair. The brand promises a “special design for defined and long-lasting curls”, allowing to give texture and curvature to the hair.

How it works?

The Pearl modeler emits heat waves in its ionized ceramic cone, modeling the wick in the spiral shape of the device. With heat, the hair takes the shape of the contact surface, creating uniform curls.

Is it bivolt?

Yes, the device has an automatic bivolt function, that is, it is not necessary to change any configuration to use at different voltages.

Does hair styler damage the hair? How to care?

Like the hairdryer and the flat iron, the curling iron reaches high temperatures that are harmful to the hair, causing split ends, frizz and weakening. If you don’t want your hair to go through this, we have some valuable tips:

  • Apply the thermal protector before using this type of device. The product protects the hair fiber against excessive heat and also contributes to a more silky result;
  • Never (never!) Use the styler with wet hair, as the strands are even more subject to damage when wet;
  • Avoid using the styler daily, as direct and frequent contact with heat is harmful to the wires;
  • Use treatment creams and masks weekly to replace lost nutrients;
  • Cut the tips regularly to eliminate the most damaged parts. Even with so much care, it is normal for the wires to show some kind of damage, especially at the ends;
  • Talk to trusted professionals to indicate which is the best option of products and treatments for your case.

How to use?

To create the curls, the company recommends taking a lock, locking it with the curling tongs at the base of the device and wrapping the lock around the cylinder, following the spiral. The indication is to wait 15 seconds and then release tweezers and unroll the hair. The procedure must be repeated on all strands, until the desired result is obtained.

My perceptions

I had never used a curling iron before: I used the flat iron to create a marked effect or did babyliss in the salon (or used curlers, but in other times). Therefore, they are the perceptions of a person with zero experience and the ability to make curls.

I separated some topics and rated them with up to five stars, where five is the highest score. Come on?


According to the brand, the warm-up time is five minutes, which I don’t consider long. I usually turn on the styler and, while it gets hot, I brush my hair and apply a thermal protector. 

As curling the wires is a time-consuming process as a whole, I don’t think the heating time is long in comparison.

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Usage time

The indication is to let the device act for 15 seconds on each lock and then release. This time is enough to shape the hair and more than that is unnecessary (at least for my type of hair, which is very thin). 

I tested it for just ten seconds and it also worked for me, but it may not work for everyone.

I consider a short and fast time per strand, however, as it is necessary to model the entire hair, the process ends up taking a while.

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Curl size

The size of the curls is standard, since the modeler has a single diameter of 20mm. The curls formed have a doll-like aspect, that close together. I don’t particularly like it because I think it’s artificial.

The good thing is that you just comb your hair with your fingers for the curls to come loose and look more natural. It is also possible to work the wick thickness: when shaping thinner wicks, the result is well-defined and thin curls. Larger strands create a more open effect.

Although I don’t like the initial result provided, I think it’s great that it is possible to work with the size of the curls, as this makes the device versatile. It is also very easy to control the result, either when modeling or after finishing.

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This topic is difficult for me because I do not know how much my difficulty was due to the modeler or just the fault of my disability.

To use, it is necessary to attach the tip of the lock to the end of the shaper, which has a fastener attached. Then, just roll the wick in the cone, following the spiral grooves, and wait 15 seconds.

As my hair is medium length (at shoulder height), it was possible to roll the strands very neatly – there was no shortage or length left for a second wave in the same strand.

The strands at the front were quiet to model, since with one hand I held the modeler and with the other I rolled the strand. The device has a tip (opposite the cable) that does not heat up, which facilitates handling.

However, when I moved to the back of the hair, I was already doing acrobatics to handle it. Despite having a rotating handle, the device still requires both hands to be used correctly, which makes it very difficult.

If the intention is to make curls only at the ends, the process is easier, since it is possible to “organize” the locks so that all are accessible. But if the goal is to curl the hair from the root, it may be necessary to have someone to help.

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Appearance and ease of use

The device has a compact and beautiful design, in shades of white and gold. The two meter long cable makes it easy to use. As I said in the previous topic, the result on the front and side locks is satisfactory, quick and simple to do.

As the problem with the back of the hair has more to do with handling and not with the use of the appliance itself, I find it to be easy to use. The clamp that holds the end of the lock prevents it from coming loose and it is necessary to restart the process.

The spiral grooves allow the fuse to fit easily, so there is no risk of the curls becoming uneven.

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As I explained in the topic about the size of the curls, the initial result is very thin curls, together and marked, but that can be worked to achieve different effects.

So it is a good option for those who like to vary the look, and also for people who want to share the modeler with others.

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Is Mallory Pearl Curler good?

Yes. It is a cheap product, easy to use and that provides good results. It is possible to find it for values ​​between R $ 45.90 and R $ 59.90 *, more than the babyliss prices in general.

For those who are learning to model the curls, it is a great option to start without spending a lot or suffering choosing diameters, temperature controls and other technical specifics.

Have you ever used a curling iron? Tell us what you think, we would love to receive your opinion!


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