Mako Reactors and Avalanche Base, Final Fantasy VII guide

We give you a complete tour of Final Fantasy VII as long as you don’t miss any important details of its history and all its secrets.

We begin our game in Final Fantasy 7 by directing Cloud , a rookie soldier who disembarks from a train alongside other Avalanche companions . One of them ( Barret ) asks us to follow him and before crossing the tunnel we have to face our first enemies. It is a simple battle in which we learn the controls of the battle and we only have to attack each one once to win. As soon as we have defeated them we examine their bodies to collect two potions and we can continue with our complete guide .

Mako Reactors and Avalanche Base

After that we move on and we discover that our objective is the Mako reactor of the North and we must meet on the bridge in front of it. At this point they will make us choose the name of our protagonist (Cloud) and the leader of the Avalanches (Barret). We keep going until we open two reactor doors and go down to the downstairs room to find a chest containing a Phoenix Feather. When we have it we go down the elevator and the stairs (following Jesse), pick up a potion and descend until we find the save point . A little later we will find the matter “Recover energy” and we can place the bomb.

Boss: Scorpio

We have to face our first boss: a metal scorpion that protects the room in which we want to place the bomb. The most useful thing is to use the magic of Lightning with Cloud and take advantage of each time we have the loaded limit to carry out an attack with more power. Something to keep in mind is that when the scorpion raises its tail we must stop attacking, since each of our attacks will counter it with a deadly laser beam.

Once we have overcome it we have 10 real minutes to escape from the reactor . We must follow the same path we did to get there but backwards and helping Jesse when we see her in the pipes, with her leg caught. When we are out we will have to get to the train, but not before meeting Aeris for the first time and picking a potion from the ground. With the guards we meet we can decide to fight with them or to escape.

When we get to the train we can talk to our Avalanche colleagues. Doing so with Jesse will let us observe the map of the subway and Shinra and we can get off the vehicle. Upon reaching the base of the rebels we can save the game, meet Tifa, receive the payment of 1500 Gil and witness a tutorial in which they teach us to use the Matter and equip it in the menu.

When we have mastered it, we leave the room to go to the opposite building and be able to buy various useful materials and rest on the third floor if we give a small donation to the child who is on the landing. If we go up the stairs we find a man and a group of apprentices to whom we can explain how the different systems of the game work in order to serve as a reminder and tutorial. In addition, we can save game and collect a matter (“All”) and an Ether near the door.

When we have finished exploring the area we can return to the train to continue our main mission. Once the alarms sound we can talk to the man stretched out at the end of the car to give us a Phoenix Feather. After that we met with Barret and Tifa at the start of the car to get off the train and continue on the tracks on foot. We keep going forward until we find some laser beams. There we examined the left panel to go down the conduit, find an Ether, and continue until we find our Avalanche companions. For this we have to go up the main staircase and find a Potion, a “Tent” and a save point.

When advancing a little more, following the same path as the previous reactor, we will find the place where to place the bomb. In doing so we go back and take the stairs and the elevator to go up. We collect the Ether and go to the room on the left to coordinate and press all the buttons at the same time to open the door. There we heal and save the game before continuing.

Boss: Airbreaker

This is a relatively simple boss, although we will have to watch our life bars due to the powerful attack of Bombardment carried out by the enemy. The tips we can offer you are based on using lightning magic, limits (if we hit a “Yes!” On Tifa’s we will do a lot of damage) and other attacks until the big machine lets loose sparks and is defeated. By doing so, Cloud will fall to the suburbs and this will end the present chapter and we can continue .


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