How to make two male dogs not fight?

To know how to prevent two male dogs from fighting, you must first be aware that conflicts can be triggered by different causes, which may include genetic factors or inadequate socialization of the puppy , for example. In any case, it is a serious behavioral problem, which can cause physical problems for both individuals, as well as stress and anxiety.

We know that it is a very frustrating problem for any tutor, for this reason, in Expert Animal you can learn 5 effective techniques that can help you to achieve that both dogs improve their behavior. Do not forget that it is a process that requires perseverance, patience and a lot of work on the part of the tutor, as well as the visit to a specialist in behavior modification if necessary.

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  1. Discard and eliminate organic causes
  2. Prevent and avoid fighting between male dogs
  3. Physical and mental stimulation
  4. The practice of basic orders for dogs
  5. Visit a behavior modification specialist

1. Discard and eliminate organic causes

As we have already advanced in the introduction, aggressiveness in the dog can manifest itself for very different causes, therefore, before trying to work this problem as if it were a behavioral problem, you must ensure that it is not caused by a hormonal problem or health by visiting your trusted vet . Below we show you the most common causes of aggression between two male dogs:

  • Genetics
  • Health problems
  • Fears and phobias
  • Resource protection
  • Others

Furthermore, all these problems can intensify once the dog reaches puberty, since it is precisely at this stage that the dog experiences a large number of hormonal changes , causing the sexual and territorial instincts to come into play.

Then, dogs can start associating other members of the same sex as a competition, even if there are no females in heat nearby, therefore, our main recommendation is to carry out the castration of the dog , which also has numerous advantages, such as be the reduction or elimination of behaviors related to sexual montage, escapism or marking. [1] Find out in Expert Animal about the effects of castration on the behavior of male dogs .

In conclusion, it is important to note that castration is not always effective and that in 25% of cases it will not have any effect on aggressive behavior in male dogs.

2. Prevent and avoid fighting between male dogs

If you want to know how to prevent two male dogs from fighting, it is important that you learn to identify the canine language, in this way you will be able to prevent and avoid any fight , before it even occurs. How? Thanks to Turid Rugaas and his book “The language of dogs: the signs of calm”, today we are able to interpret many of the facial expressions and vocalization of dogs.

Trying to separate a fight between two male dogs can be very dangerous, both for the dogs and for us, therefore, our advice is to adequately inform yourself about the dog’s calm signals , in order to redirect their attention when they Create tension between both dogs, and avoid leaving them together unsupervised. Some of the most obvious signs are grunting, staring, or a ruffled cloak. [two]

If you are able to identify these signs quickly, you will be able to distract your dogs before an assault occurs. Of course, under no circumstances should you scold , punish or apply techniques if you are not a specialist with experience in behavior modification, do not forget!

3. Physical and mental stimulation

The aggressiveness in the dog indicates that the welfare of the dog is seriously compromised, especially if the behavior is directed towards other dogs in the home. Stress, anxiety or frustration are very present factors in any picture of aggressiveness and are generally related to the lack of physical exercise and mental stimulation. Therefore, the first step is to ensure a positive routine for the dog .

It is essential that dogs make at least two to three walks a day, as well as between twenty and forty minutes of physical exercise, always assessing the specific needs of each dog. In addition, taking walks with both dogs will help to posit the presence of the other and the feeling of belonging to the same social group. However, if you cannot walk both dogs together, you should start exercising them separately or ask a family member or friend for help to ensure good handling and the necessary safety.

To finish, and not least, we must highlight the importance of mental stimulation in dogs, either through interactive toys or intelligence games . Remember that keeping a dog’s mind active helps us to improve its well-being, but also to promote learning, improve the bond with us and stimulate its curiosity.

4. The practice of basic orders for dogs

It is essential that any dog ​​is aware of the basic orders for dogs , as it is a control mechanism that we can use when it comes to preventing and stopping any type of canine aggression. We will start with sitting and lying down, then move on to other commands and abilities.

It is recommended that when applying these basic instructions, you do it with each dog separately , since it will be very difficult for you to control two dogs together (which have also previously fought) and the only thing you will achieve is to generate a bad experience at time to want to train them.

Do not forget to use positive reinforcement when training and educating your dogs, because unlike other techniques, in addition to promoting learning , it causes very low levels of stress and anxiety, fundamental in cases as serious as a fight between two male dogs. [3]

5. Visit a behavior modification specialist

Now you know how to make two male dogs not fight, however, it is essential to note that most aggressive pictures will take weeks and even months to evolve favorably, in which the persistence and positivity of the guardian is essential. . Likewise, in others it will be essential to visit a specialist in behavior modification , such as an ethologist, a canine educator or a trainer, especially if the behaviors are very serious or worsen over time.

The professional will help you properly identify the cause of the problem, assess the specific needs of the dog, conduct behavior modification sessions and offer you specific guidelines for your case.


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