How to make sweet potato chips for snacking

To prepare the sweet potato chips in the oven, add a little oil over the potatoes and bake them at 180 ° C in a preheated oven

There are several reasons to add a powerful tuber, such as sweet potatoes, to the daily menu. It has powerful benefits , such as good doses of phosphorus, iron and potassium, has 5 times more calcium than English potatoes, for example, and is rich in vitamins A, B and E. So, how about varying consumption of food and learn how to make delicious sweet potato chips to eat between meals? This is one of the best options for healthy snacks and is very simple to make. Come have a look!

Prepare the sweet potato chips in the oven

The secret of a very crispy sweet potato chips lies in the oven time and the amount of oil. Want to understand better? So let’s go step by step!

First you must clean the vegetable very well under running water – this step is important to eliminate all dirt and bacteria from the food, so be sure to follow it. Then, you should peel the potatoes and cut them into medium slices (neither too thin nor too thick to pass the point).

Then, take a very large oven tray and pour a good amount of oil over it, spreading the fat with the help of a kitchen brush (to cover all parts well). Then, distribute the sweet potato slices on the tray and keep 1 finger away from each other. Season them with salt, pepper and other spices of your choice (such as oregano, paprika and rosemary), and finish the chips by pouring a drizzle of oil over the potatoes.

Preheat the oven to 180 ° C for 5 minutes and take the tray of sweet potato chips to roast for about 20 minutes. In the first 5 minutes, avoid opening the oven and watch the potatoes only through the glass. When halfway through (about 10 minutes), turn the chips over with the help of a metal spatula or fork so that they also brown on the other side and close the oven again.

Take the chips out of the oven as they turn golden (it is quite possible that some will be ready before the others). When all are ready, turn off the oven and highlight the remaining slices on the tray, placing them all in a bowl or pot to serve.

Serve sweet potato chips with sauces and antipasti of your choice

Vegetable and vegetable chips (especially sweet potato chips) tend to combine very well with spicy sauces (such as delicious pepper jellies), bittersweet sauces (such as mustard and honey), and antipasti prepared with other vegetables such as eggplant and the red onion ones. Mixing the crispness of the potato chips with the sharp flavor of some sauce of your choice is the best way to enjoy the food. Here’s the tip!


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