How to make a leather wallet without dying trying!

We define leather (Leather or corium in Latin)  as the skin that has been treated by tanning . It comes from the skin tissue that covers the animals, that is, their skin. It has incredible properties , including flexibility and resistance.

Discover the incredible properties of leather

Thanks to its characteristics, it has been used in all kinds of industries , especially textiles, but today we can find leather in seats, furniture and everyday tools. It also has functions and coatings in vehicles …

Derivatives of this material such as synthetic leather have been created just to imitate its aesthetics, among other properties. It has also had applications in clothing, construction, in the military field, in transportation, in tools, in artisan fields and bookbinding.


The 7 unique features that only leather can offer you!

  • Resistant: Although it depends a lot on the type of animal it comes from, leather is by definition a very resistant material to all kinds of external forces or agents , it is not for nothing that it is so popular within almost any clothing or furniture line.
  • Unique style: If you want a style that defines you, that is unique and rough … There is nothing better than leather fashion . Thousands, millions stylists, rockers, singers, celebrities and bikers have gone to the dark side of fashion and they love it!

Its properties make it an incredible material to make clothing

  • Strong fabric: Tensile and tear resistance, it was one of the best materials in ancient times, even armor was created due to how resistant and light it is . Do not fear, if you want clothes or furniture with high resistance this is the material.
  • It is hygroscopic: it absorbs moisture, which is why leather boots, among other products, are in great demand and value. This is a great property for people who hate that wet feeling on their hands or socks.
  • Heat insulation: Have you never been cold? Well … forget it! This incredible material isolates the temperature of your body to keep you always warm , if the bikers go alone with these jackets it is because they really are not cold and not because they are macerated, which also …
  • Breathable: This quality is very good, it allows water to breathe and therefore sweat . This characteristic is one of the many that make it an excellent material for clothing models, especially shoes or beach shoes. It is also useful in gloves.
  • Moldable:  It is a very versatile material, its great malleability makes it possible to mold it to our liking and adapt it to all kinds of garments, machines or even vehicles. It is also very cheap (Although it depends a lot on the type of leather)

Leather, fur and synthetic leather How are they different?

Has it ever confused you? All these leather accessories, leather garments or synthetic fur clothing are not exactly the same, there are small but very important differences between each one, in reality they are very similar but to explain their differences well you have to be extremely technical.

  • The leather comes from animals and adults , so the material will be stiffer and wider, with more thickness.
  • The skin comes from much younger animals , hence its most outstanding quality, softness.
  • Synthetic fur or artificial fur does not come from any animal . This “leatherette” is much cheaper since it is made from chemicals and acrylic polymers

So … what is the difference between skin and leather? None, only the age of the animal from which it comes, unless it is clearly synthetic.

The 3 advantages of leather that you did not know …

There are many different types of textile materials. Why should we choose leather as the reference for all of them? It’s a great question, but let’s let its outrageous advantages speak for themselves:

  • Timelessness: Leather clothing never goes out of style, in other words, you will never be out of date. In addition, people with this brand have a unique style so we can say that leather is, as a fabric, timeless.
  • Smells good: It has a very familiar smell that most people love, however, we do not recommend combining it with any synthetic leather product since the latter could spread or corrupt the smell of natural leather.
  • Flexibility:  We do not stop saying that leather is resistant, unbreakable and magical, if we continue like this some might think that it is like stone or steel but make no mistake, leather is like that, over time leather becomes more flexible but maintains its strength and shape.


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