how to make your own hand soap at home .

how to make your own hand soap at home.

Now that washing hands has become something that we must do from time to time the expense of hand soap is being significant, even not finding it on some occasions, so Rosa Garalva teaches us to make ours, in our own house, of an easy and fast way. The ingredients found in any supermarket are olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, caustic soda, and distilled water.


200 gr of olive oil

15 gr of coconut oil

76 gr of almond oil lights

97 gr of distilled water

40 gr of caustic soda


1. We heat a slow cooker to medium temperature (it can also be done in the oven at 80 degrees or in a bain-marie) and we start by melting the coconut oil. Then we add the olive oil and finally the sweet almond oil.

2. We dissolve the soda in the distilled water.

3. When the oils are dissolved and integrated, add the soda and beat until obtaining a creamy mixture (more or less 8 minutes). We reserve well covered and at minimum temperature.

4. Every 15 minutes it is convenient to beat it again and mix.

5. In this step, the ideal is to check the pH level with strips that are usually sold at the pharmacy. If you do not have them or cannot buy them, the ideal is to let the soap sit for a week to make sure that the water in the soda has completely evaporated.

6. Put it in molds and let it dry overnight to harden.

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