Make cockpit at home – use it as compost

Cockpit can be easily drunk at home. In this case it does not require too much effort and material. Cocopit is biodegradable, it is environmentally friendly and reusable.

How to make a cockpit

  • In this case, first you need to get dry coconut dry coconut. Store them in a clean environment. From there you will have to pick up the fibers and allow them to dry. Divide into small pieces with scissors or knives. The jamming machine should be well rolled.
  • From the powdery part of the cockpit, sieve it with a sieve. If necessary, you should choose by hand. The separated peat needs to be thoroughly washed to liberate salt and radicals. This reduces the conductivity of electricity. The peat should be immersed in water. After an hour, you have to take it out of the water and chip it with your hands.
  • The shape of the shape block you want to make should be filled in and put in the container. Leave it under direct sunlight for a day. Cocopit will be suitable for use. If you want to use it in your garden, you can start using it in a tub / pot / block by lifting it out of wet water.

How to use a readymade cockpit block

Take a large container or container first. For a block, it requires about 1.5 liters of hot water. Soak the cockpit block with hot water for 2-4 hours. Change the water 2-3 times to remove the salt in the block.

By soaking in water, the cockpit will absorb water. Drop off excess water. Break the block with your hands or machine. Mix the peat together. Add more water if needed. Keep the peat made for 2-5 days directly under sunlight.

Your cockpit is ready for use.

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Rules for using cockpit as compost

Must select a shaded area. The gram of the gram should be spread around 4 grams. On top of this, 1 g of plurutas powder (pit plus) should be given. On top of this, 1 gram powder is to be added again. After this one layer should be made up to 5 meters. Once it is 5 meters, pour water from above. Some days it will have to be poured. It will take 6 months to digest.

Cocopit + peat plus urea + will make organic fertilizers in water. Wait 3-5 days to get good organic fertilizer. This Cocopit Organic Fertilizer is made up of almost all the organic and inorganic elements needed. It can also be used as soil conditioner.

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Rules for making seedlings from seeds using cockpit

To make the seedlings from the seeds, the cocoa dust that has been shaking must be thoroughly washed 2-4 times as a rice wash. When the wash is finished, the tax should be dried in the sun to allow the rice to dry. Fill the dry tray with black dried cocoa dust, or fill 120-1 ml cup / glass with black colored plastic. After filling the seed trays or plastic cups / glasses with cocoa dust, sprinkle water on them like a splash and then swallow the seeds one by one. Keep in mind that if there is excess water in the cocoa peat seedbed, the seeds are likely to rot. Before you sow, know whether the seeds you sow should be soaked in water beforehand. When the seeds are sown, cover the seed trays or plastic glasses with soluble or black polyethylene so that the air can flow normally and the sun does not fall directly. After sowing, plant the saplings in the tub / drum / bed at the appropriate time.

Coconut can also be cultivated using chemical fertilizers. The amount of chemical fertilizers that are cultivated using the soil can be cultivated using the same amount of fertilizers.


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