How to make children feel safe in the water

Summer is coming and with it the marathons of swimming pools and beaches in which parents have to be more attentive than ever . Among other things, parents must spit digestion times, use sun protection, take care of the ears of the little ones and, above all, monitor them continuously to avoid accidents in the water. According to data from the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics , children between two and four years of age are at the highest risk of drowning.

To avoid this, prevention together with swimming are essential. Children should feel safe in the water to avoid accidents , so it is essential that they learn to swim before the holidays arrive.

Experts recommend that from 4 months , babies start practicing matronation so as not to be afraid of water. Starting at 18 months , they will be able to float and move safely in the water and at 5 years old, children can start swimming.

The swimming also is beneficial to psychomotor level because it improves the resistance of children and helps tone muscles thus enhancing the coordination of the smallest. On the other hand, it is a great ally for parents since it helps children relax by promoting sleep and stimulating appetite and, lastly, it favors social skills both with parents and with other children their age.


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