Madden 22: How to Block Player in Franchise Mode

The Player Lock feature has been a part of the Madden series franchise modes for quite some time, allowing you to simply focus on controlling one player rather than your entire team. This is especially useful if you want to exploit a weakness in your opponent’s defense with one of your attacking players, or if you are trying to limit the effectiveness of an opponent’s attacking player with their defensive counterpart on your side. Here’s how to use the drive lock in Madden 22 .

What is Drive Lock?

Player Lock allows you to simply control a single player, while the AI ​​will control the rest of your team. This is useful if you are relatively new to the game or just want to control a player in your attack or defense on the field.

It should be noted that Player Lock is only available in Franchise or Face of the Franchise modes.

Using Player Lock in Madden 22 franchise mode

The reader lock setting can be enabled or disabled in the “Franchise Settings” menu.

To access it, first go to the “Options” tab of the “Franchise” mode menu and select “League Settings”.

From there you want to head to the bottom of the options and look for a “Full Field Control” setting. To enable Reader Lock, you want to disable this setting, and if you want to disable Reader Lock, you want to enable this setting.

By default this should be on, so if you want to enable Drive Lock, just turn off Full Field Control.

When player lock is on, if you control your quarterback and return the ball, the AI ​​will take over the player receiving the ball and run. You will simply remain in control of the QB until the end of the game.

That’s all you need to know about how to block a player in Madden 22 . For more tips, tricks, and guides, search for dlprivateserver or check out our coverage of the game below.

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