Machete Rust; how to craft, where to find

A machete is usually a long, thin and wide knife. The machete blade is sharpened only on one side. These weapons often visit large screens. You may have spotted him in the popular movie franchise Friday the 13th, where Jason Voorhees wielded a machete. Machetes can also often be found in various games, usually in games where it is necessary to resist hordes of zombies.

In the game Rust, you may not need to confront the living dead, but sometimes the villains need to be punished. And what else to send the enemy to the next world, if not a machete rast?

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  • 1Rust Machete: A Closer Look
    • 1Where to find
    • 2How to craft
    • 3How many resources does it extract
    • 4What damage does
    • 5What drops after processing
  • 2How to get through admin mode

Rust Machete: A Closer Look

Where to find

Machetes are nowhere to be found in Rust. You don’t have to waste time looking for this melee weapon.


How to craft

The advantage of a machete is that it doesn’t need to be learned. You can craft weapons “on your knees”, that is, without resorting to using various workbenches. The resources you need are the following: 100 units of wood and 40 fragments of metal . Crafting will take from 7 to 30 seconds, it all depends on the availability of workbenches.

How many resources does it extract

Alas, it will not be possible to extract the ore. But you can cut the once-living carcass without problems.

Name of the animal Resources received
Hen 1 raw chicken, 6 tissue, 12 bone fragments
Boar 34 fat , 9 tissue, 7 raw wild boar, 17 leather, 43 bone fragments
Underground dweller 5 Cloth, 30 Bone Fragments
Oil Rig Scientist 5 Cloth, 30 Bone Fragments
Scientist with an excavator 5 Cloth, 30 Bone Fragments
Scientist from Peace City 5 Cloth, 30 Bone Fragments
Bandit Camp Bandit 5 Cloth, 30 Bone Fragments
War Tunnel Scientist 5 Cloth, 30 Bone Fragments
Researcher 5 Cloth, 30 Bone Fragments
Armored Scientist 5 Cloth, 30 Bone Fragments
Cargo Ship Scientist 5 Cloth, 30 Bone Fragments
Wolf 9 fat, 30 tissue, 5 raw wolf meat, 63 leather, 34 bone fragments, wolf skull (83%)
Horse 9 fat, 44 leather, 22 tissue, 4 raw deer, 44 bone fragments
Bear 16 raw bear meat, 84 fat, 42 tissue, 84 leather, 126 bone fragments
Human 5 units of raw human meat, 1-22 units of fat, skull (83%), 10 bone fragments

What damage does

Machete is a good starting melee weapon due to its stats. 35 damage will keep enemies away from you, and with a fast attack speed of 1 second, the machete is perfect for barrel farming.

What drops out after processing

By reworking a machete at a recycler , you will receive 50 units of wood and 20 fragments of metal.

How to get through admin mode

You can get the machete in the admin console. They are in the “Weapons” category. You can also use console commands, namely:

  • give -1137865085 quantity– give yourself a machete;
  • giveto player’s nickname-1137865085 quantity – give the player a machete;

Rast machetes are quite a decent weapon in the early stages of the game. The weapon is easy to craft, and besides, you don’t need workbenches to create a machete. If you are planning to collect loot from barrels , be sure to take a machete with you.

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