Low motorcycle battery: how to recharge it

Low motorcycle battery : how to recharge it and what to do to prevent the problem. The guide is useful for  motorbikes and scooters with low battery .

The natural enemies of the  motorcycle battery  (as well as the accumulators mounted on  scooters and cars ) are two:

  • inertia
  • extreme cold

By inertia we mean that condition of  immobility and inactivity , typical of cold seasons: when the centaur rests and waits for the beautiful sunny days to go out. When the motorcycle is stationary for long periods, it would be good practice to disconnect the  battery  from the electrical circuit.

The bacteria (still active in the vehicle’s electrical circuit) is exhausted if the motorcycle has been stopped / turned off for a long time. It discharges even faster if a GPS system, an alarm or a black box is mounted on the  bike . You know that beautiful application that your insurance provided you? That sucks a lot of power from the  battery  when the vehicle is stationary. The new motorcycle policies, in fact, when combined with a black box, often give the possibility to check the exact position of the  motorcycle, the km traveled and even map all the routes traveled since the moment of installation. This app is really useful. It allows you to calculate fuel consumption and also to keep a history of your motorcycle trips. But if you have your motorcycle stopped in the garage in winter, that GPS will be powered by the battery which, having no way to recharge (since the vehicle is always off), will eventually run out.

The cold also takes care of giving the coup de grace and causing the  motorcycle battery to run out . Cold temperatures can cause damage to the battery.

How to prevent the motorcycle battery from discharging?

Simply, at least once a week, activate the bike and take a ride! You can also keep the engine running and keep the bike stationary: many bikes perform very well even at idle, there is no need to revise while stationary!

If the “ ride”  option is not possible, then disconnect the battery. To prevent a flat motorcycle battery , every homeowner suggests disconnecting it when a prolonged stop of the vehicle is expected. Generally if you think you will not go out on a motorcycle or scooter for at least a month, it is better if you disconnect the battery.

Low motorcycle battery: what to do

Unfortunately you have not followed any of the precautions described above and now you find yourself with a  flat motorcycle battery . Know that a  new motorcycle battery  does not cost much, not even the latest generation ones and if we are talking about a  discharged scooter battery to be replaced with a new part, the cost is even lower.

The latest generation motorcycle batteries have costs ranging around 70 – 100 euros for the most performing models (we are talking about 1000 cc motorcycles, with production year 2019). So with a “minimal” expense you can buy a new battery and replace the dead one. Replacement is simple but if you are not familiar with DIY, you will need to go to a dealer and add the cost of labor.

In any case, if the  motorcycle battery is flat  it is not necessary to replace it: just charge it.

How to charge the exhausted battery of the motorcycle? 

You need a  suitable charger. Consult the motorcycle manual. Each manufacturer recommends 4 – 5 chargers, among these choices, there is always a professional one (which costs 2,000 euros!) But unless you have a car workshop, I recommend you buy the one with the best value for money.

From direct experience of use, I can recommend the OptiMate 4 which is also an excellent indicator of the health of your motorcycle battery. How much? The price of this charger, on Amazon, is 71.59 euros with free shipping. For all the info, pictures and reviews: OptiMate 4 .

Beware that the charger will come with the American socket, so you will have to buy on Amazon (or go to the hardware store near your home) to buy an adapter, it costs 2 – 3 euros. To be clear, I’ll put the photo below, even if there are much larger and more complex “universal adapters”, which cost 8 – 10 euros. If you already have a travel adapter, you can use that.

To find out how to use the charger to charge a  flat motorcycle battery , you can read the manufacturer’s instructions or read my guide:  charging motorcycle battery .

In the article that I reported to you, I will explain how to remove the saddle from the bike, how to remove the battery and how to connect the cables to charge the exhausted motorcycle battery.

Please note: the charger that I have reported to you also allows the “restore” function if the low battery is very dated and in bad shape. In addition, it is useful in storing the motorcycle battery during periods of inactivity.


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