Love, thanks to you my delivery was wonderful

No one doubts that the main role in the birth of a baby is played by the mother and her child. Health professionals (doctors, midwives, anesthetists) are part of the moment and act as facilitators, but if they are absent,  life will continue  and, eventually, the baby will be born. However, having a safe clinic and skilled health professionals makes a huge difference in the same situation.

Another big difference is  the presence of the baby’s father during delivery . The purpose of these lines is to explain your great contribution to this important family moment.

Its presence sustains and drives

Women who have given birth know what it’s like to  feel vulnerable and powerful at the same time  . Vulnerable because our body is preparing to open up and give way to a new life with constant and acute pain. Powerful because we are the portal of life for the best gift that God could give us.

When contractions increase,  words of support and tenderness are of great help to us . It makes a huge difference that our husband breathes with us and encourages us.

Almost a month ago, we were blessed at home with a beautiful baby and, again, I had the invaluable support of my husband, who witnessed and promoted the miracle of life by making its way through my body.

I remember the birth of my first child well, which was especially difficult for me. I was exhausted and did not respond very effectively to the gynecologist’s instructions, but my husband’s encouragement, which told me with emotion that our little miracle was almost upon us,  touched all the fibers of my being, and I made the final effort , which was awarded with the birth of my son. It wouldn’t have been the same without him.

Accept the gift of generating a life and become a father

In women, pregnancy is noticeable in the belly, in the brightness of the eyes and even in the movements. Not in man. However, it completely changes the world to know that you were a participant in the miracle of life.

Even if he is together during ultrasound and sees the baby kicking the mother’s belly, for him, his son is just an idea. This idea takes shape when looking at this little being that he helped to generate. The face-to-face encounter will definitely mark his soul and make him a  father in a practical, not just ideal way.

Encouraging and promoting your husband to accompany you in childbirth helps in this connection between them, and it will be an unforgettable moment for your husband, no doubt.

Your manly tenderness will disarm you

Men and women in their complementary wealth balance family life. Having your husband’s strong and vigorous support at this stage in your life will show a tender side of him that will make you melt.

As an example, I share the  video  that shows Kendall Caver’s beautiful gesture in favor of his wife in the midst of labor in the hospital. The man stood beside Jasmine, his life partner, as he calls her, and showed her phrases to encourage and help her in breathing.

By words, the loving young man assured that, with effort, she would succeed and invited her to work with him to bring his little baby into the world.

Through this gesture, you will discover several in your husband, who will break the harshness that sometimes catches men, and in the face of his son’s innocence, he lets out his heart’s ardor and tenderness.

Remember and value the differences between the two

After the birth of your baby, when starting your family life, I invite you to set aside expectations and start enjoying the role of each one in the creation of the newborn.

It is important to talk a lot about what you need and  it requires  this new step. Your husband may have reservations to care for such a fragile and small being. Remind him that you feel that way too, and that your  active involvement in your child’s care will  strengthen your family.

There is nothing you have learned to do for your child that he too cannot learn.   In that sense, I want to go back to a part of Kendall Caver’s love dialogue shown in the video above, he recalls an advice they received when they got married: “ We will have problems, but there is nothing that we cannot solve together ”, observed this man ..

In the same way, you and your husband will face many changes with the arrival of the child, but nothing that you cannot face with loving dialogue and the spirit of service and giving.  Together, they conceived this beautiful gift and, together, they will know how to overcome the challenge.

Today, my newborn enjoys the strength of my husband’s large and secure hands, who, when carrying him on his chest, again unites the hearts that knew each other’s heartbeat in childbirth. Seeing them together fills me with emotion.

I know that my son felt and appreciated my husband’s loving presence during childbirth, when he saw that, at the age of two months, he does not take his eyes off my husband, and enjoys the safety and affectionate words when taking a shower together.

If you are about to give birth, allow, invite and motivate your husband to participate in this wonderful time with you. This will make you more united as a couple and give you much encouragement.


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