Love messages to warm up the relationship and surprise your partner!

Are you the type who says “I love you” all the time or just in the most important moments? Do you usually make declarations of love to your partner or do you just expect him to do it for you? Do you text on his cell phone while they’re not together to say romantic things? There are all kinds of relationships, but I have no doubt that couples who exchange messages of love are one step ahead to maintain a more intimate and lasting relationship. Do you agree with me?

Of course, while some of us do not show much affection, others exaggerate the dose and are too romantic … So I decided to write this article giving you tips to get it right when writing and sending love messages  to your partner. Advice that will warm up your relationship!

In this article I will talk about:

  • The power of dialogue in a relationship
  • Why send love messages?
  • How to get love messages right
  • Can love messages be preliminary?

The power of dialogue in a relationship

Before we talk about the love messages and tips for sending them, it is worth resuming a subject that I always like to make very clear here on the blog and in my videos: the power of dialogue within a relationship.

How many couples have you met who don’t even communicate? They no longer share their daily events, they don’t talk about their fears and anxieties and they don’t make plans together anymore. There are some who hardly even talk! These signs, in fact, tend to be indications that the relationship is going through a crisis or is even nearing its end.

So, if you want to have a healthy and lasting marriage, you must do your part to have a dialogue in it. That’s what I talk about in the video below, I highly recommend you to watch!

Why send love messages?

But what do love messages have to do with dialogue within the relationship? Everything, my friend! They are still a form of communication, which keeps the channel open for other types of conversation with your partner, increasing the intimacy between you.

It is not just that, however, that makes love messages so important within a relationship. Here are some other reasons why you should send them:

Strengthens ties

After some time of relationship, it is common for couples not to be as close as they were at the beginning of the relationship. Each one returns to seek individual interests, which can create a distance. Messages of love bring and strengthen existing bonds, even if you are no longer together all the time.

Keeps the flame burning

Another effect of time on relationships is that they become a little cooler, without so much exchange of affection or passionate words. The messages of love have the power to kindle the flame of dating the beginning again!

Get out of the rut

Good thing that is to get out of the routine in a relationship, isn’t it? Sending messages of love at different times and channels of communication certainly takes the couple out of the sameness of ordinary life.

How to get love messages right

Keeping messages to your boyfriend or husband, however, has some little secrets. Or you may end up looking too invasive or too sticky. Check out some tips that I separated:


No messaging all day at the same time. Over time, your partner may view this as routine and even lose interest. Surprise your husband or boyfriend at different times and leave messages in different places: cell phone, e-mail, in your pockets, in your wallet …

Choose the right time

You need to know the right time to send your messages. No sending a romantic text when you know he is apprehensive about an important meeting. There is the right context for each communication, you need to identify it!

Know what your partner likes

You will also have to learn what your partner likes to receive as a message. Some like romantic messages, others prefer the spicy ones… Take the test to find out!

Be yourself

Another important point is to be true in the messages of love , no more copying famous quotes or ready-made texts that you find on the internet. The messages should express how you really feel about your partner and your relationship!

Be bold

When sending love messages , it is worth leaving the obvious. Think of different approaches, channels of communication that he does not expect … To rekindle the flame of the relationship you will need to be more daring!

Can love messages be preliminary?

Cute messages saying how much you love him and how important he is in your life play a very interesting role in renewing your relationship. But what about the spicy messages?

Many women do not bet on this, but messages via cell phone or the internet can be a good way to start the foreplay , provoking the desire before you even meet.

How about surprising him with a more provocative message? I have separated some more spicy love message tips that you can send on different channels. Enjoy!

WhatsApp messages

Everyone keeps an eye on WhatsApp all day long, you can’t deny it! This is the ideal channel for you to send shorter messages, provoking your partner for the suggestion.

You can tell that you bought a new lingerie, that you are preparing a surprise or that you are remembering some hot night of your relationship.

It is worth sending photos too! Some part of your body, a new toy … Just be careful not to send anything that can identify you, unfortunately some networks are not very secure and hackers may end up leaking your personal images!

Email messages

Here you can write longer texts, such as details for a special night together or some erotic thoughts you had with him. Use all your imagination to surprise!

Just avoid sending any messages of this type via professional emails, as most companies keep records of communications made by their employees. Have you ever thought if someone reads your intimacy?

Phone messaging

Voice messages and phone calls are also a good way to send love messages . In this case, it is difficult for anyone to listen to you, as long as you are unaccompanied.

Using the phone is a good idea for those days when you get home before your partner does. Call him saying that you are expecting him naked or for a bath together, say provocative phrases and bet on the sensual voice. He won’t be able to resist and will run off to find her!

Written messages

The internet helps us a lot in communication nowadays, but you can cause a good surprise by writing love messages by hand and putting them in very unusual places, that only your partner will discover!

Short and provocative messages can be left in places like a wallet, trouser pockets or close to car keys.

Surprise your husband or boyfriend!

In this article you read some good reasons to send messages of love , be they romantic or more provocative. If you need to rekindle a little passion within your relationship, be sure to use these tips, they will make a difference in your life as a couple.

The most important thing to send messages of love that work is for you to reflect on you as a couple, thinking about what can remember the best moments in joint history and also what can escape the obvious. If your relationship is worthwhile, you need to get tested as soon as possible!

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