What does love mean? Does love ever hurt for someone or something else?

What does love mean?
Being upset for someone ??
Remember someone again and again ???
Match your own opinion with someone!
Match your taste !! Hobby match !!!

“Love” – ​​the word is small, but the subject is so simple and small! Love is something different – something big and huge. Maybe love ever stands alone in the face of a terrible storm. Maybe love ever hurts for someone …… or something else? There is nothing to explain or write so much; That’s not the point. Fear of losing at any moment is the form of love. Love means the madness of two people, pulling each other closer to the heart. Love means risking one’s life, walking barefoot in the sand of separation. Love means talking incessantly in front of a cup of cold coffee, love means sitting face to face even after the words are over. What is love? The answer to this question or to define love in one word is very difficult and difficult. Love is a personal feeling that a person feels towards other people, desires extra care for someone or the presence of someone special in all cases. Love loneliness, selfishness,

Love is the love of two people. The madness of getting close for a while, lost in the touch of emotion and unknown words, where only the palm of the imagination calls endlessly. Then the question easily arises as to what is this love, for which the people of the world are bound in an absolute bond, is love just an emotion and imagination or more than that.

Love is a small word. Through which man can bind all his words in one frame. Love is the name of a human feeling and a self-centered experience, the analysis of which is the strongest expression of affection for a particular person. Love is therefore called the combination of affectionate emotions and personal relationships. According to the philosopher, love is a virtue that manifests the kindness, sympathy and affection of all human beings. Again from a religious point of view love is not just a virtue but it is the core of everything. Man’s true self is manifested through love. Love is more about the strong desire and intimacy of emotional feelings. This love is again the manifestation of family biological love.

Love can be a means of affection, attraction, passion or affection towards someone and sometimes it can be a means of excitement due to the immaturity of his age. How effective age is in love. Does age mean that people love or love does not mean any age, does not mean any bond. Love can come into human life at any moment of any age. Love is unique in its own right. Just as love can happen at a young age, so love sometimes catches people in the last half of life. Love is not hindered in any way, love is universal, it applies to people of all ages. That is why we see examples of diverse love in society.

Love can be at the doorstep again in the bright youth of life. Monirul Islam Khan, Professor of the Department of Sociology, Dhaka University, has given the answer to the question of when do people learn to love. “Love is one of the elements in society,” he said. Love is the foundation of social relationships, instincts, walking together, finding companionship, meeting biological needs, etc., and love is created when emotions and preferences come together. Refers to love as the absence of hatred. Being his talk about age. Love is not about age. ”

He learns to love only when the third emotion of love is active in man. Love itself is unique in its own characteristics. It neither gives nor takes anything. Love is always moving at its own pace. Emotional insanity works in 13-26 year old people, love is strong.

Love is like a downpour, it sometimes drowns people in its water. No man can say for sure when love will come in his life. Love does not come anywhere.

Speaking of love, Dhaka University Professor of Psychology. Mehtab Khanam said, “Love is a huge word. Love is universal. It expresses different meanings in different cases. But love cannot be generalized. Mehtab Khanam said, love is dependency. Here, just as emotional dependence works, so does physical dependence. Love varies with age. Passion, attraction and physical needs work in the love of a young age. This love again works emotionally with dependence in adulthood or old age but logic is more effective there. In this age of love, people expect company to get rid of loneliness. “Mehtab Khanam’s words suggest that love is not just for young people, This love must be for everyone. Love must grow from within the family. Doesn’t love work if parents can’t realize love through mutual relationship? So I can say, love is open to everyone. Let people of all ages be close to love all the time. Age will not be an obstacle there, all people of all ages will love any special person, child, wife, parents, lover his lover, lover his lover above all people.

There needs to be faith in love. It is not always right to be suspicious of each other. Where did he go, what did he do, who did he talk to on his mobile, who did he associate with in college, etc. There are thousands of doubts. If trust cannot be achieved then respect for each other does not come. So nowadays love has become very narrow. Love means just hanging out, talking at night, chatting, doubting and worrying. The current love is going on in this circle. Surprisingly, very few people have the maturity of thought in this case. Maturity is nowadays calculated only by age. The boys and girls think they are grown up now, mature enough so they can love!

To be honest, the maturity of thought cannot be complete without the discipline of religion. Many may object to this. But I have seen that a very conscious person who has completed the basic qualities, his awareness often brings some benefit to his family, his relatives, friends but even that person at some point made a mistake which was impossible by him. Man is not above error but this error bears witness to his imperfect maturity. Nowadays, boys and girls spend their leisure time talking and chatting with Lover. Love is not the only thing that comes to their mind.

The depth of love between lovers is no more today. What will happen? Now having a boyfriend or girlfriend is a status. So getting married in love and getting divorced very quickly seems to be a very normal and natural thing. Exactly where we are all slowly sinking. Where our love, faith, trust are all lost.

Life will bring sorrow, misery will come, obstacles will come, adversity will come but what is it? Pulling someone’s love, trusting someone’s trust, we will overcome all obstacles and move forward.
No! Today there is no such motivation. I can’t trust anyone today. When there is a similarity of ideological concepts, trust is created in love, mutual respect develops. Attempts by two people to establish a certain ideology add to the depth of love.

If I want to say in the language of the poetঃ

If I get love – Rafiq Azad

If I find love, I will correct
the mistakes of life again ;
I love the way you have a comprehensive long-
scraping jholajhuli
you find love at the end of the winter night,
velvet day when
you can love dingabo the mountains
and the sea samtarabo
If you love me, the sky will be found
quickly and blue autumn
in life, I would love to see
the final matches.
If I find love, I will correct
the mistakes of life.
If I find love, I
will go on a long journey .

Has anyone ever wondered what the true definition of love is? There is actually no definition of love. Love has some features and truths. That truth lies in all true love. But nowadays no one remembers these truths because of the performance of thin love. Many forget. That is why nowadays there is no price for love at all. The true love of the past is not visible.

1) Love is not usually forced No matter how much you try to forget, it is not unknown to anyone that love can never be forced. Love is entirely a man’s private matter.

2) There is a difference between love and affection. We fall in love with many things in life but it cannot be called love. So there is a difference between love and affection. But many of us do not want to accept this fact.

3) There is a lot to do to hold on to love There is a lot to do to hold on to love. Otherwise the color of this love changes with time. And love is to hold yourself in harmony with that color.

4) You should love yourself before you love others. If you can’t love yourself, no one else can love you. Many people know this truth. But I can’t believe it.

5) Love does not have selfishness Love is a matter of complete selflessness. When interest is involved, it no longer falls into the category of love.

7) Love is never perfect Just as a person can never be perfect, love will never be perfect. There will be many flaws in it. But love is the name of accepting it.

6) Love is the name of seeing the imperfection of a person who has taken everything else as his own. True love is accepting all the faults and virtues of another human being. If you want to change him, it is not love.

6) Not just attraction, it has to have respect, esteem and faith love thing is not only created by the attraction of each other. It involves respect, esteem and trust in each other.

9) Love means Promise To love someone means to be committed to it, which is not seen in today’s love at all.

10) It is not love to be in a fake way, it is not love to be in front of someone by acting like someone else instead of one’s own identity. Love can never be fake.

If you really love someone in life, don’t let them get lost. Because tears may be wiped away, but tears of the heart cannot be wiped away in any way.

In the last part I just want to say, I am going to find the definition of love myself.

If I go to say in my languageঃ

What is love?

Finding the definition!
I have finished the page of the dictionary , I do not know
how long I have been searching on the net
What is love?

What is the name of the pain in the chest that does not talk to you love?
If he does not see you, the mind becomes bored, is it
love? Is love the name of the
storm that blows in your mind when you are arrogant
? Is it love to
spend the day without finding
What? I know!
I do not understand the meaning of love at all.

Some people say that love is a feeling
that you can’t get even if you want to,
and you can get it without asking for a lot of time!
Some get so much that they become restless in the pain of love;
Like you
Again, many people do not get love, but in pain, they are in need of
like me! I seek the
path of your love
and find the meaning of love.

What is more beautiful than love moonlight
love poetry hardship than the
love of flowers, fragrance,
love the vastness of the sea
or the river flowing water
, I do not know
I mean love
your extended his hand to me, dragging
or “just you”.


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