Love letter to my ex-wife

Here are 4 essential tips for writing a love letter to your ex-wife that will help her guess her decision to leave you:

1. Be brief and to the point

Women do not appreciate touching and moving letters from men they are not in love with.

So receiving a letter from you explaining in detail how much you love her and why you think you and she share a special connection and how you think it would be a mistake to lose it all forever, is unlikely to impress her. as much as you hope.

Instead, she’ll likely feel turned off by what she perceives to be your need and your emotional sweetness, especially at a time when she really needs to see that you are manly and in control.

So make sure you don’t get crazy and emotional and hope this makes a difference for her.

The best approach is to keep your letter short and to the point, while still being interesting and fun to read.

This way you will make her curious about you and then she will open up to talking to you on the phone or seeing you in person.

Then it becomes much easier for you to reactivate her sexual and romantic feelings for you and get her back, compared to if you tried to achieve all of this in a love letter.

2. Use a little humor to keep it light

Humor is always an effective way to break down a woman’s defenses and make her feel less closed and defensive.

So, don’t be afraid to use it in your letter.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should write jokes or anything like that.

Instead, while you tell her how much you appreciate what you and she shared together, you can then tell a joke about something she did for you to make her reconnect with positive memories of your marriage. together.

For example: You could say, “I really miss your laughter,” you could then use a little humor by saying, “Especially when I’m burning dinner and you’re not around to laugh at me anymore. ! ” and if applicable, add a smiley face or a “Lol” to let her know you’re teasing her.

When you use humor and your ex-wife smiles and laughs, it becomes much more difficult for her to hold onto her negative feelings about you.

Instead, she starts to feel respect and attraction for you again.

When this happens, it becomes much more difficult for her to stay closed.

She then naturally becomes open to interacting with you over the phone and in person to see how she feels (i.e. does she feel attracted to you again or turn her off with your attitude, conversation and behaviour).

So, don’t be afraid to use humor to break the ice when writing a love letter to your ex-wife.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it and come across as too dumb and not serious and end up turning it off instead.

3. Say sorry, but keep it short and sincere

It’s important to apologize for one or two main things that you know are really important to her.

For example…

  • If you’ve let the daily stresses and troubles (e.g. running a house, paying for expenses and bills, taking care of your children) come in between you and her and cause you to become emotionally distant and preoccupied all the time. time, please apologize. Let her know that you now understand how she felt left out and alone in the relationship because of how you closed yourself off that way.
  • If you took her for granted (for example, expecting her to do all the housework even if she also has a job, not weighing down on the children, not taking the time to do things together as a as a couple, not appreciating the efforts she made to be attractive to you), then say you’re sorry.
  • If you value the opinions of your boss, friends, or family more and have repeatedly ignored his feelings over theirs, let him know that now you see how it made him feel disrespectful. and undervalued.

Don’t go on about it though.

Just mention the problem briefly, add that you now understand how it made her feel when you did this thing, and say you’re sorry.

By calmly apologizing to your ex-wife, while being confident and emotionally mature enough to admit your mistakes, you show her that you are no longer the same man she divorced.

You have learned your lesson and are taking positive steps to become a better man than before.

It’s attractive to her.

This automatically rekindles some of her feelings of respect and attraction for you and lets her guard down, clearing the way for you to seduce and get her back.

4. Let her want more

By keeping the letter short, to the point, and making her laugh, you’re essentially giving your ex-wife a taste of the new and the better.

She then feels curious about the changes in you and she becomes more open to talking on the phone and meeting you in person to experience them for herself.

So make her impression enough to motivate her to want to know more about you, rather than revealing too much about yourself, your feelings, and what you’ve been doing since the divorce that she feels let there be nothing left to say.

5 love letter mistakes that can turn your ex-wife off

1. Go into a lot of detail about your relationship issues

A guy might do this in a love letter to his ex-wife because he wants to show her that he is serious about her and that he wants to work things out so they can get married again.

Yet what he doesn’t understand is that while his ex tries to read the pages and pages of trouble, the opposite of what he hopes is happening.

She quickly realizes how troubled their marriage has been and may begin to believe that it would be impossible to mend.

She then begins to close in on him even more.

Here’s the thing …

When sending a love letter to your ex-wife, you should focus on making her feel attracted and happy to hear again, rather than stressing her out by focusing on all the issues you’ve been having as a couple. .

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with apologizing for a mistake or two, but you shouldn’t dwell on issues and turn them into something that keeps you and her away more and more.

Instead, make sure the main purpose of your letter is to make her smile, feel good, and open her up to wanting to talk to you on the phone and see you again in person.

2. Constantly put yourself in the letter in order to hope to win her pity

In most cases, a woman can see through a guy’s secret intentions (i.e., bending down to make him feel obligated to forgive him and give him another chance out of pity).

Still, women don’t want to be with a guy out of pity.

As a result, she will lose even more respect for him for trying to manipulate her in this way.

She’ll probably decide then that it’s better to discourage him by being cold, distant, or even ignoring him, rather than giving him false hopes that there is a chance they will get back together.

Here’s the thing …

Sheltering yourself a bit can work, especially if you take her for granted, but she’ll already understand the fact that you’re sorry for the main thing or two you apologized for.

However, from there you have to let her want to know more.

You can then apologize further in person, where it really matters.

3. Allude or ask him directly to reconsider his decision for the sake of the children

Even though getting together will be the best thing for you as a family, the point is that a modern woman doesn’t want to be forced into a relationship with a man out of a sense of duty.

It takes the romance out of marriage and turns it into an obligation.

It just creates a relationship dynamic where he’s happy to have her back and she feels, trapped and like she misses being happy and in love with someone else.

Remember: a woman wants to be with a man because she loves him and because he’s someone she can admire, count and respect.

So if you want your ex-wife to come back, you have to make her want her too based on how you make her feel when she’s with you, and not blackmail her out of guilt.

Remember: even if your ex-wife decides to give your kids another chance, if nothing about you has really changed or improved, she will come back and this time it will probably be permanent.

So, don’t waste your chance to get it back.

4.Tell her that you want her to be happy, when you really don’t.

Lying that all you want is for her to be happy now, even if that means she’s going ahead and finding a new man to be with, isn’t a good idea.

Remember, your ex-wife knows you well enough to know what you would be thinking (i.e. you want her to come back for you and you definitely don’t want her to have sex and be happy with another guy) and the usual tricks you would use her to keep her around.

So don’t lie.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you still miss her every now and then, as long as you’re confident, mature, and emotionally strong when you say so.

By being open and honest with your ex in a strong and emotional way (rather than in a needy, insecure, emotionally weak way), you build on her feelings of respect for you.

The more she respects you, the more she will feel attracted to you and with these two emotions that will accumulate in her, it will be easier for her to reconnect with her feelings of love for you.

This is how it works.

Respect comes first, then attraction, then her love for you begins to flow back into her heart.

So, focus on that and forget about trying to trick her into opening up to you by lying to her.

This will probably only backfire on you, especially if she contacts you and says, “Great news! I have met someone else and I’m happy now ”, and then you have to pretend you’re excited for her.

5. Using the same old approach to attraction that she was bored in marriage

If you are trying to re-attract your ex-wife using the same approach as before (for example, being too arrogant and controlling and not taking her feelings into consideration, or being too gentle and giving her too much power over you letting him call all the shots, or trying to convince her to want a relationship even if she no longer feels sexually attracted and instead has neutral feelings for you), she will most likely reject you.

Therefore, you should rather start to create feelings of sexual and romantic attraction in her, so that she opens naturally to you.

For example: Some of the ways to do this are to …

  • Showing her your confidence and emotional strength whenever she pushes you away and acts cold and indifferent towards you.
  • Bring the fun and laughter back into your interactions with her rather than being so serious all the time.
  • Tease her in a dangling and flirtatious way so that she starts to feel desirable again in your presence.

When you do this, her sexual and romantic feelings for you naturally begin to resurface, whether she likes it or not.

You can then build on those feelings and get her back, without her even realizing that she is falling in love with you again

Don’t waste time ignoring your ex or trying to convince her to give you another chance. This simple trick will make him change his mind and make him want to come back today …

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