Love letter for her: how to say “I love you” to her?

10 examples of love letters for a woman

In a relationship, it is imperative to be honest with your feelings. If you are madly in love with her do not hesitate to tell her. Don’t be afraid to admit the depth and sincerity of your feelings because this way you will prove to her that you are really attached to her.

In addition, you will show her that you are serious about your intentions towards her and that you are a confident man who is not afraid to reveal his emotions. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship and therefore there is nothing more attractive than a partner who says “I love you” and tells you why.

To help you in your task, we have prepared a list of 10 examples of love letters for her. Take inspiration from these to write your own sweet note to your loved one or, if you are lacking in confidence or creativity, copy one and send them.

Love letter for her to wish her a good day

Hello my love, I hope your day is going well. Since this morning, I think of you and I wonder how to embellish your day. Then I thought to myself: just tell her how much you love her. So, here I am writing these few words to express my feelings. You are the most beautiful person I know and when I say that I am not just talking about how you look.

You have a heart of gold and a generous soul. Your presence and your charisma fill every place where you present yourself with radiant sunshine. You are smart, patient and talented. Any man would be exceptionally lucky to have you. But, here it is, it is I who have hit the jackpot.

I know you’ve heard me say it hundreds of times but I told myself that, in writing, these words would have more depth and value: I love you infinitely!

Letter to her when it’s the first time you tell her “I love you”

I have had these words on the tip of my tongue for a long time but, for fear of rejection or simply of a too serious commitment, I have never dared to say them to you. Don’t think my feelings were superficial or that I didn’t want to be with you, I just needed some time to figure out who I was and where I wanted to go in life. But, that’s it, I’m ready. Yesterday evening, alone in my bed, everything became clear: why am I not with her, right now?

As soon as these words crossed my mind, I knew that my future had suddenly become more concrete and bright. I realized that I didn’t want to spend a single night without you or plan my future without your presence. So here I am confronted with this feeling of unconditional and irrational love, for the first time: I love you! You are the perfect person for me and you are the one I want by my side for the rest of my life.

Sorry it took me a little while to tell you but, at least you know I really mean what I’m saying and I’m serious about committing to our future. Once again: I love you! !

Love letter for her – romance for beginners

Honey, I know this post isn’t really going to show the depth of my love for you because I’m not very good with words. But, you must have known by now that when I say “I love you”, I mean it sincerely. This feeling is so intense that sometimes when I don’t see you for a single day, I feel sad.

I would love to spend my days and nights by your side; feel your breath on my neck when I sleep and hear your harmonious laughter when I release something stupid. You are the reason I exist. You are the sun of my days and the moon of my nights: you always watch over me.

I love you.

Love letter for her – irrational love

My friends often ask me why I love you. But, to everyone’s surprise, my answer is always the same: I can’t help myself. I don’t really have a rational reason to love you. I also don’t have a logical explanation as to why I’m so attached to you.

The only thing I know is that I feel the deep need to love you, touch you, caress you, support you and encourage you. I know, deep in my soul, that I was put on this earth to be your partner. I exist only to make you happy and fulfilled.

Love letter for her – a best friend too

I don’t see you just as my girlfriend. No. I see you as my partner, as my best friend. You are much closer to me than anyone in my family or circle of friends. You are there to share my happiness and to celebrate my successes. But, you are also there when I need support.

You’re near me when I’m at my worst. You lend me a shoulder to support me and an ear to listen to me. You always have good advice to share and a word of encouragement to give. You are of rare intelligence and limitless patience. For all these reasons, you are more than my love. You are my support, my dream come true, my soul mate.

Love letter for her – stunning beauty

From the first moment my eyes landed on you, I became addicted to your appearance. Since that day, I can’t do without you. You are more beautiful than hundreds of roses. You are more resplendent than a sunset. I feel like enchanted by your charm.

You dazzle every place you visit with your beauty and your charisma. You enchant everyone you meet with your devastating smile and your naughty eyes. You are the very definition of natural beauty. Next to you, even the tallest supermodel can be green with envy because no one comes close to your ankle: you’re perfect!

Love letter for her when you miss her

You have been gone for only a few days and, already, I am missing. I feel like I’m a rehabilitation junkie. I miss my drugs. Without you I am desperate and lost. You are the reason I wake up in the morning and look forward to the end of the day to see you. You are my sunshine and my oxygen.

I know you will be back soon but this wait is very painful for me. I might sound weak, or even completely crazy, but I need you. I can’t wait for you to come home so that I can see your eyes shine again when they see me, hear your laughter when I tell not funny jokes, feel the softness of your skin when I lie down next to you.

I miss you. I love you. Come back soon !

Love letter to her when she received bad news

My darling. I’m so sorry that you are upset by all of these events. I want you to know that I am and I will always be there for you. You are the love of my life and my only goal is to make you happy. Rely on me and let me share this pain with you. If I could take this burden completely on my shoulders, know that I would without any hesitation.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. So, I’ll do my best to make it easier for you. I want you to know that you can lean on me as much as you need to. I want to help you heal your wounds and get back on your feet. A single sign from you and I run to your side. Be strong because you are the most important person in my life and I need you to be happy! I love you and I think very hard of you.

Love letter for her, after an argument

My heart. I know these last few days have not been easy. I feel guilty for the way things turned out. I imagine you are feeling hurt by my behavior and I am so sorry. My intention was not to project my problems onto you or to make you feel guilty for something that is beyond your control.

I apologize for using such harsh words and for being so incomprehensible and impatient. Please forgive me. I love you more than anything and I can’t imagine my life without you. Just thinking about you being alone, right now, and angry makes me beside myself. I know it’s my fault and I would really like to comfort you and let you know that I understand your reaction. Let me take you in my arms and tell you that I love you!

Love letter for her when you want to plan your future

Honey, I spent all day imagining our future together. And, I have to say it looks brilliant to me. It’s time for us to sit down and seriously plan for our future. I love you and I know you are the woman of my life. I think you also imagine yourself ending your old days by my side. For this reason, I would like to tell you that I am ready.

I am ready to take the next step. Do you want to get married? Have children ? To move out ? Travel ? Tell me what is your priority and I will do everything in my power to make your wishes come true. Your desires are my orders because, with you, I am the happiest man on earth. I want to have a happy and fulfilled future by your side and for that, my dear, I need you to feel comfortable with the decisions that we make and that you are fulfilled and serene. I love you and I can’t wait for us to embark on a new chapter in our lives.


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