Love after 50: what it means to love in a mature way

Mature love can be a more conscious feeling and for this reason even more beautiful to live. But it requires a good dose of courage to “get back into the game” when you already have a life behind you. Here is how a profound connoisseur of the subject talks about it: the psychiatrist Paolo Crepet.

When the children are grown up and you are free from the commitments of family life, it can happen, when you least expect it, to find love again . Maybe you had already “filed the file ” after a divorce or bereavement, certain to live alone the “second part” of your life (also finding some positive side) and, instead, you find yourself in love like a girl .

Some embarrassment , even a bit of shame , with children, relatives and friends but then you tell yourself that “yes, it’s worth it” because you love and are loved . It is no longer a rare situation: today at 50 or 60 there are many women who choose to start over. The reasons that “push” this trend are many: first of all the psychological and economic independence that their mothers did not know, but also the will and the freedom to still live a satisfying intimate life .

How to deal with all this? What psychological, emotional and intimate implications does love have after age 50? We talk about it in this post: make yourself comfortable and relax, if you found yourself in our words this page is just the reading you are looking for.

Crepet: “Love after 50 is different because we know ourselves deeply”

Falling in love at 50 starts from a different starting point than in the past: ” you know each other deeply, you know who you are” observes the well-known psychiatrist, sociologist and writer Paolo Crepet (who dedicated the book to the subject ” Courage “ , ed. Mondadori).

This lays different foundations in building mature love versus young love It is clear that the desire to get involved must be the driving force behind everything.

Love after 50: what it means to love in a mature way

Crepet says : “It means putting something called culture in the middle , not meant merely as books you read or plays you go to see but as a baggage of life , experiences and thoughts that you have built up over the years. A critical thought that you don’t have at 20 ”.

Crepet: “Children must be told the truth about a new love”

This is the topic that will be most dear to you of all if you have children: how to explain to your family that you are living a love story? “With the truth, by saying what makes you happy” Crepet replies . For example. ” I love this person and would love to share more with her .” This, according to the psychiatrist, is the only condition for building lasting love .

Love after 50: intimacy must be preserved even if it is complicated

A mature love, you know, is more mental than physical, but this does not mean that we should give up on living it also in the intimate sphere.

You find yourself wanting to be intimate with your boyfriend and you feel in seventh heaven but then the embarrassment and discomfort of not being the same as it used to be stop you. The body has changed and you feel a bit ashamed of it.

And then, you know, the menopause is not particularly “friend” of a satisfying intimate life and the reasons may be different:

  • Drop in desire ,
  • vaginal dryness ,
  • intimate annoyances ,
  • dyspareunia

They “row” against the serenity under the sheets.

However, this does not at all mean that you have to give up living your new love because of the physical (and psychological) changes due to the end of the fertile age .

To experience love after 50 in peace, get help from the gynecologist

The solution is there and it’s simpler than you think: book a visit to an experienced menopausal gynecologist . Only the specialist can identify the correct personalized therapy to control the ailments and annoyances related to hormonal changes and help you live your new relationship with serenity.

In any case, remember that to protect your health and your well being mature age you follow a gynecologist is a duty: not only to relieve the discomforts associated with menopause but also to rule out that these are spy symptoms of diseases such as the ‘ Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy .


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