LOST ARK Guide: What to Do at Level 50?

We tell you what to get, where to go, where to dress and what to do in LOST ARK after reaching level 50

Now you have reached the maximum level in LOST ARK. What to do next? This guide will answer this question.

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Opening of Chaos Halls and raids. Improving equipment

If, after reaching level 50, you want to take a break from completing story missions, then go to North Bern . There, complete the turquoise quest line to get to the capital of the mainland. Complete all orders in the city.

As a result, you will unlock “Halls of Chaos” and repeatable (daily and weekly) tasks. Also, near the board with raids, the NPC will have a quest to open the keepers. It is necessary to pass the first dungeon of the “Halls of Chaos” – “Pirate Bay” . Also, the game will explain in detail with the help of yellow tasks how to improve equipment. We advise you to carefully read everything that the NPCs say.

The location of the Chaos Halls, raids and craftsmen to improve equipment

Let’s briefly talk about the “Halls of Chaos” and raids:

Halls of Chaos

A series of dungeons, each of which surpasses the complexity of the past. In the very first, “Pirate’s Bay”, you can knock out a set of equipment. And to polish it, you need to go for resources in the more difficult dungeons of the “Halls of Chaos”. Also, in addition, you can get jewelry, 2 emotions, a lot of silver and rufenites. You can also find a ticket to the Halls of Chaos event, which allows you to get the acrasium .


A series of boss battles, each stronger than the last. As part of a group of players, you will find yourself in a location where you need to find the Guardian and kill him in the allotted time. During the battle, the number of resurrections is limited, and you can only use potions that restore health in percentage. For the first kill of each Guardian, you will receive 3 acrasiums. You can also get resources to create Guardian equipment. You can also knock out orange jewelry.

Obtaining the ultimate skill

Approaching in Bern to the statue of the “Halls of Chaos” and you will have a hint that you need to teleport to Trizion. There, at Beatrice’s, start a purple quest chain, by completing which you will receive a new skill “Wisdom of the Ancients”. At the very end, you will unlock a unique ultimate ability.

PVE Activities Needed to Increase GV

Be sure to read the last paragraph and take the necessary steps, otherwise you will not understand this part of the equipment guide.

You can start collecting four sets of equipment:

  • In “Halls of Chaos” you can knock out a set of armor and weapons, and then improve it by knocking out special items for polishing this equipment in more difficult dungeons. As soon as you raise your GS to 250, you can immediately go to the “Pirate Bay” as part of a group. The first dungeon is extremely simple and will not cause problems.
  • Having opened access to raids, you can start extracting resources from the Keepers to create a special set of equipment. We advise you to prepare well for the first Guardian: choose an effective build, stock up on potions that restore health in percentage terms, and watch the video on murder once. After a successful pass, you can familiarize yourself with what you need for equipment.

Guardian Trophy Gear Master

  • PVP equipment set. Everything is simple here. You go to the arena and buy things for its rewards. We will talk about this activity at the very end of the article.
  • A set created for resources from Platinum Fields. This option is suitable for those who like to craft. It is located on the table of “Royal Decrees”, which we will talk about a little later.

What equipment to collect? There is no single answer to this question. But it’s best to take into account the specifics of the class when collecting equipment. Perhaps for some, strictly certain things are needed.

Completing assignments. Daily, weekly, yellow, purple.

Access to daily and weekly quests opens after completing story quests in the city of Bern. We advise you to immediately open them and start performing, since for them you can get a lot of useful things like acrasium.

Recurring tasks window

Also, after reaching level 50, do not stop completing yellow tasks! Completing some additional yellow quests unlocks new daily quests. In general, try to complete all the minor assignments, especially the purple ones. Sometimes you can get very valuable rewards like acrasium or skill potions. Quests are quite widely scattered around the world, so we advise you to look at various islands during your sea travels.

Acrasium mining

An extremely important resource in the game. With the help of it, the equipment is polished, as a result of which the GS rises. Many people call this resource the most important in the game. Mining acrasium is a topic for a separate guide, but below we give a short list of where you can get the resource:

  • Daily (with bags) and weekly tasks. Depending on the order, the reputation of a certain faction of the “Ephonian Union” will rise. Among them are those that give acrasiums as a reward.
  • As a reward for completing some yellow and purple quests. Be sure to explore the islands that have the necessary quests with akrasium as a reward.
  • Events in the “Chaos Breaks” calendar. Check out what time they pass so you don’t miss them.

Calendar Icon

  • During the passage of the “Halls of Chaos” you may drop a ticket to a special event. This is where you can get additional acrasiums. There is also a chance to get a treasure map, with which another acrasium is mined.
  • For the first kill of every Guardian in the Raid.
  • Passing some floors in the Tower.
  • Nautical charts, which can be obtained by participating in navigation activities: fishing, lifting sunken cargo, searching for underwater treasures and collecting boxes.
  • You can also get one acrasium per day from land-based treasure maps.
  • On the mainland of Bern in the location “Ash Mountains”you can visit the “Labyrite of Despair”. For completing this activity, you will receive tokens that can be exchanged for chests with acrasium.
  • Donate shop. Sometimes acrasiums appear on the Black Market. Also 5 pieces can be obtained for the purchase of the “Set of the brave warrior”.

Extraction of potions skill points

  • In the Seeker’s Atlas, complete Artemis and Yudia by 30% and Undertain and Shuvierd by 60%.
  • Complete certain tasks to get skill potions. The first is the purple quest in Lutheran. The second is the chain of quests in the Azure Harbor in Anshu. Third – you need to knock out the quest item from the rats in the Frozen Harbor near the entrance to the Lair of Thugs. Fourth – quests on the Island of Peace.
  • Can be purchased for 5 souls on Afares Island.

Location of Afares

  • Passing the Tower of Shadows (7th, 39th and 50th floors) and the Tower of Fate (15th, 30th floors).

Royal orders

This activity is displayed as follows:

Royal Orders Badge

For the resource “royal orders” you can go to various useful activities. Let’s briefly tell about all.

Platinum fields

Activity for those planning to do a craft. On the “Platinum Fields” you are given a certain amount of time, during which you can complete some tasks and get rare resources.


A dungeon that can be traversed alone. It is highly recommended for the passage, as on certain floors of the tower you will receive valuable items. Be sure to go through the floors of the tower for a large number of necessary items.


For the most part, they go there for gold and silver. The further you advance in the passage of Cube, the better the reward will be. We advise you to prepare well before your first trip: look at the walkthrough guides, stock up on potions that restore health in percentage terms and choose the right set of skills.

Building relationships with NPCs

Also an important activity, thanks to which you can get a bunch of useful things: potions that increase characteristics, souls of the islands and much more. To do this, we advise you to learn all the songs and collect items needed to increase your reputation.

PVP activities

To participate in PVP activities, come to the following icon:

Battlegrounds icon

Currently there are the following PVP modes:

  • Arena– 3v3 team fights.
  • Battle Royale– 6-player battles where everyone is for themselves.
  • The stadiumis a 3v3 battle where each player fights 1v1.

You can also take part in rating battles and hold friendly matches in all PVP modes.

For participating in PVP, the player will receive badges for which you can buy pieces of equipment from the quartermaster next to the “Battlefield”.


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