Are you looking for the man of your life? Listen to your soul and let it travel!

Your soul will be the first to recognize the man of your dreams, your soul mate, the one who is destined to be your partner for life …

In love, things don’t always turn out the way you want them to. Life can be very random.

You make plans, you foresee a future and you start projects and then all of a sudden life takes you in a completely different direction.

So you wonder what’s going on. How did you get there? What decisions brought you to this precise point?

The thing with fate is that while you are making plans for your future, your soul continues to go its own way.

She has special plans that you are not aware of and she takes you where your mind could not even imagine going.

At first you may not be happy or satisfied with the turn your life has taken, but over time you realize that your soul is always leading you down the path that is best for you.

How many times have you thought about making the right decision and then found out it was the wrong one?

Think about the choices you have made. How many times have you fallen under the spell of a man who was absolutely not made for you?

Remember: how many times have you chosen to ignore your instincts? How many times have you decided to stay in a romantic relationship when you should have left a long time ago?

Far too many times, isn’t it? And, in each of these cases, you ended up regretting your decision.

You would have preferred to get out of this vicious whirlwind long before. Because you haven’t listened to your instincts, you’ve been heartbroken far too often.

Your dreams have been destroyed. And, you even ended up doubting the existence of love. Am i wrong?

Because of your hasty decisions and your lack of judgment, you have lost your faith. You tell yourself that you keep hoping for nothing.

And, that your ideal man doesn’t actually exist. But, don’t worry! You are not the first to lose hope.

You are not the first to doubt the existence or the soul mate. But, I’ll tell you one thing: this man does exist.

The one who will respect you, accept you as you are and make you happy is somewhere in this universe and he is waiting for you.

Maybe he’s even looking for you! And, your soul’s journey is the path you must follow to find yourself in his warm and welcoming arms.

It’s not for nothing that your ex-romantic relationships failed!

There is definitely a reason why your previous romantic relationships ended in failure.

Your soul has not yet reached its final destination. The men you dated weren’t the “right ones” for you.

Your destiny was to meet them to learn important existential lessons. But, you weren’t supposed to stay with them for life.

In fact, these men represent chapters in your life that you had to read and survive in order to become the best possible version of yourself.

You had to live these experiences in order to understand who you are and to have the necessary tools to work on your personal development.

All of this has prepared you for the arrival of your soul mate. The man in your life only shows up when you are really ready to welcome him.

The journey of your soul is not without obstacles. Moreover, most of the time, it is a winding path strewn with pitfalls.

During this pilgrimage, you go through a lot of ups and downs. And, because of that, you sometimes feel like you’re going in the wrong direction.

Yet if you listen to your instincts, it will tell you that you need to be confident in the process.

You’ve had your share of breakups. Besides, you’ve even become a professional when it comes to picking up the broken pieces of your poor heart.

But, all this allowed you to understand how strong and resourceful you are.

You’ve come to realize that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail. What matters is that you keep getting up.

And, you know that as long as you fight, everything will be fine for you!

The journey of your soul begins with you …

You must trust this trip because it is indeed he who will take you to a more favorable context.

The pilgrimage of your soul will allow you to find a man much better than your exes, your soul mate or as the English call him: your forever person !

The first destination you must conquer is self-love. You must learn to love and accept yourself as you are.

Most people forget about this important part of the trip. However, for your loves and for your life, in general, this is an essential stage.

Your happiness starts with you! It has nothing to do with your partner. Your happiness does not depend on your job or the amount of money you have in the bank.

Your happiness is and will always be at the bottom of your heart. I know you offer unconditional love to your loved ones and your partners.

I realize that you invest a lot in your relationships with others and that you are a deeply kind person.

But, you deserve to give to yourself, whatever you give to others. Nothing can make you happier or give you a greater sense of accomplishment than the life you have created for yourself.

Besides, do you want to know the first rule of romantic relationships? You must love yourself!

If you want your partner to love and respect you, you have to give yourself these same privileges first.

This is the only way for you to receive the love you really deserve. For a man to love you sincerely, deeply, and madly, you have to love yourself that same way.

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It is the obstacles that your soul’s journey meets that allow you to recognize the man who is destined to be yours.

The road you have traveled so far has been difficult and full of challenges. And, there is a valid reason for that.

All of this made you more observant. Now you can easily recognize the warning signs and telltale signs of toxic behavior.

You are therefore able to react in time to protect yourself and to avoid suffering unnecessarily for a man who is not worth it.

Now you are closer than ever to finding out what you really want and what you deserve.

So far, you’ve put up with far too many things that you should have put an end to long ago.

You have accepted toxic and selfish behavior. You settled for half-hearted romantic relationships.

Make no mistake: your heart has always been in the right place. Everything you have done and forgiven you do in the name of love.

The difference is that now you finally understand that love is far from enough.

You want a love that doesn’t lie and that doesn’t cheat. You want a man who doesn’t play childish games or who is afraid to commit.

The loving woman in you is looking for a partner who is not going to manipulate or abuse you. You know you deserve to be understood and accepted.

You want a gentle and respectful man. Your dream ? A love that is based on mutual trust. And, you want a partner who will try as hard as you do.

After all, a couple cannot function if only one of the partners makes efforts, compromises or sacrifices.

Finally, you want a love that makes you smile more than cry! It’s not more complicated than that …

And, if someone tells you that you ask for too much, don’t be fooled. This is not true!

You require basic and essential things to have a healthy and meaningful relationship.

You cannot rush your soul’s journey.

The path your soul follows has its own timing . Besides, this is perhaps the most complicated part of this trip.

Your soul follows a path which is not in sync with your dreams or your prayers. While you feel alone and forgotten by all, your soul continues its journey.

But, trust me, your soul is going to bring you to love exactly when you’re supposed to meet it and not a moment sooner.

The timing must be perfect! You can’t rush real love.

It comes when you least expect it and surely comes a time in your life when it is almost impossible for you to find time for a romantic relationship.

But, the best thing about all of this is that the journey never fails your soul. He doesn’t disappoint you!

No matter how long it takes, your soul always leads you into the arms of your ideal man, the one who will be the love of your life.

How is it possible ? Simply because your soul is connected to that of the man in your life. And, they recognize each other!

Your soul will finally lead you to the man of your life, the real one!

And, once you meet, you’ll feel like you’ve seen each other in a past life.

This man will slowly approach you and he will bring you the peace you have always sought.

You will have the feeling of having found your home in this person. And, for the first time in your life, you’ll be ready to follow your instincts without asking questions.

And, you will have no doubts. You will easily open up to this man. Together, you will talk about anything and everything, without any embarrassment.

All your fears will fly away! And, as soon as your eyes fall on him, you’ll know that this man looks nothing like your exes.

It will be crystal clear. He will treat you like you really deserve. And, he will do whatever he can to be a part of your life, in its entirety.

For him, keeping in touch with you and finding some free time to spend quality time as a couple will be very easy to do.

No effort will be necessary because everything will go smoothly between you.

This man will want you as much as you want him to. He will want to make you happy as much as you want to make him happy.

The biggest difference between him and your ex: he will want to build a stable future with you.

You will be drawn to each other like magnets. You will continue. Seduction and attraction will be on both sides, simultaneously.

In your relationship, one-sided love or semi-commitment will not exist. It will be all or nothing!

Everything will happen naturally and you won’t have to force anything. Together, you will create an undeniable emotional bond.

And, this connection will push you to get closer to each other every day.

All the attention… All the affection… All the feelings that you will offer him, he will return them to you a hundredfold.

For the first time in your life, you will be dazzled and speechless because you will finally have found a man who understands the kind of love you need.

When two souls recognize each other, they are ready for anything for each other!

You will of course be aware that all will not be rosy. You will know that tough times lie ahead.

But, none of you will be afraid of it. Why ? Because both of you will know that you are capable of facing anything as long as you are united.

Sometimes coming to an agreement will seem impossible, but both of you will be aware that a healthy and lasting relationship takes work and effort.

Happiness will be at the end of the road.

I want to be clear on one subject: two souls who meet know perfectly well that they are not identical.

These two souls have their similarities and their differences. But, miraculously, even the parts that are dissimilar will complement each other.

And, that’s why you’ll be able to compromise. Your soul’s journey will take you to a man who is imperfectly perfect for you.

And, you’ll love it all the more for that! Its imperfections will be those little extra details that will make it even more attractive to you.

With him, you will be able to be yourself and he will adore you for your uniqueness and your self-confidence.

He will accept your qualities as your faults and he will be amazed by your crazy, bizarre or even completely eccentric nature.

He will love you and accept you as you are.

When you finally arrive at the end of your soul’s journey, you will understand that it is useless for you to continue to travel or to seek.

You will know that you have found the person you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with and you will have no doubts about that.

Finally, you will feel like all the rooms in your life have been put where they should always have been. You will finally feel liberated and well!

For the first time, you will finally believe your instinct, your inner voice, which will tell you that you are where you are meant to be.

You will feel safe. You will feel loved. For love will live in your souls.


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