Looking for a Job with a Degree in English Literature – Then This List is for You

After completing your studies, you need to find a job that’s based on the course that you pursued in college. If you studied English Literature, there are a lot of jobs out there for you. With your degree, you can land jobs that require extensive research, reading, and communication. Before you start applying for jobs, you need to learn more about the available career options. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the best jobs for graduates with an english literature degree.You first need to make English Teacher Resume.

The kind of jobs to focus on

Having a bachelor’s degree in english literature means that you’ve spent a lot of time analyzing texts to find meaning and draw conclusions. Now, you may wonder how you’ll apply what you learned in college in the workplace. While the tasks that you’ll have in the workplace won’t be similar to the ones you had in school, you’ll get to use the skills that you developed in school. Since English Literature involves thinking critically, reading analytically, and expressing your thoughts clearly, you can easily get a job in different fields such as media, publishing, public relations, and marketing to name a few.

Best jobs with a Degree in English Literature

Here are some of the best jobs that you should apply for with your literature degree:

1.      Journalist

The primary duty of a journalist is to report on news and help people stay informed. Journalists conduct extensive research, and investigations, and collect information that is accurate and relevant. They also hold interviews, maintain crucial contacts, and verify facts. Having a degree in English Literature can help you perform these tasks effectively.

2.      English tutor

English tutors have the responsibility of sharing their passion for writing, reading, and thinking critically with their learners. They need to plan lessons, instruct students, develop a curriculum, grade students’ work and provide support for learners at different levels. If you are passionate about teaching, learning or sharing information with others, you should consider developing your skills with Assignment Bro and being an English tutor. A student who seeks expert online service help achieves their academic and career goals easily.

English literarure career

1.      Editorial assistant

Editorial assistants have both administrative and editorial roles. They assist editors of magazines, newspapers, and other types of publications by running errands, taking calls, conducting extensive research, and performing other related tasks. Apart from that editorial assistants proofread content, verify facts, and communicate with writers to help them improve on content delivery. Clear communication is essential in this role.

2.      Social media manager

The primary duty of social media managers is to come up with digital marketing strategies, and plan and implement them on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter Snapchat, and Instagram. They post compelling stories to encourage users to engage and subscribe. Social media managers work in different fields such as education, business, and non-profit organizations.

3.      Publisher

Publishers are the core of publishing companies. They produce magazines, newspapers, books, and greeting cards. They approve project acquisitions, implement policies, monitor spending, and make big business decisions. They work together with creative teams to market their materials. Since this field is involved directly in the production of texts and literature, English literature majors will have a great time working in this field.

4.      Librarian

Librarians help researchers and readers find the information they require on the internet or the library. Librarians are needed in universities and other research institutions. They manage books and maintain library systems by keeping everything organized. Librarians need interpersonal, organization, and analytical skills to thrive.

5.      Content manager

The key duties of content managers include creating and strategizing the distribution of content for different audiences. They work with creatives and clients to accomplish a specific goal. Content managers are usually found in the digital world. However, they can work in print media too. To become a content manager, you have to understand storytelling and be detail-oriented. If you love the creative side of English Literature, you should be a content manager.

6.      Marketing manager

Marketing managers are responsible for promoting brand awareness and organizing promotional campaigns. They work in a wide range of fields particularly in the business sector to attract customers and encourage them to buy the brand. If you are experienced in problem-solving, writing, and working in teams, the marketing manager post is the best for you.


Now that you’ve studied hard in college and achieved your academic goals, it’s time to start thinking about your career. Having a degree in English Literature can open a lot of doors for you. As you have seen, there are a lot of jobs that you can get with your college degree. All you have to do is figure out what you are passionate about. For instance, if you love working with people, you can apply for content manager, editor, or marketing manager jobs. On the other hand, if you love working alone, you should consider being a librarian. Don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it. You’ll be surprised by the number of people who are willing to help you achieve your career goals.

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