Long-term car rental and unlimited km: does it exist?

Are you interested in the long-term car rental formula with unlimited km ? Would you like to know if it is possible?Here’s everything you need to know.

Long-term car rental and km in the contract

Would you like to take advantage of the long-term car rental formula, but are you afraid of the prospect of exceeding the annual mileage chosen at the conclusion of the contract and therefore paying a higher rate?

In fact, assessing well in advance (at least 365 days) and with certainty how many km you will travel can be difficult, not to mention that mobility needs can change at any moment.

To solve this problem, long-term rental companies offer convenient solutions for contracts that include more km of the standard, up to a real customization. Here’s how they work.

Long-term car rental unlimited km

A long-term rental formula with unlimited kilometers would allow you to obtain maximum flexibility. However, you must know that there is really no formula with unlimited kilometers , but instead you have the right to enter a very high mileage limit (such as 200,000 km / year, about 540 km per day).

Why choose to include so many km and raise the monthly amount to pay? To avoid big thoughts on exceeding the limit set at the time of the
contract. What if you have already signed it and it doesn’t provide enough km? In this case we advise you to get in touch with the car rental company with which you have stipulated it to re-discuss the terms and conditions: it is usually a well accepted practice that offers several advantages. Some companies also allow you to decrease your chosen mileage.

In both cases, the main consequence will be a fluctuation (up or down) in the installment to be paid.

In any case, to choose a new mileage limit, as realistic as possible, keep under control the average of the kilometers you usually travel and include any unexpected events. In this way you will avoid surprises and surcharges of the installment.

Brumbrum also offers the long-term rental formula for individuals and, always included in the rent, there are 100,000 km! All the km you need to drive without worries.


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