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London BBC . English BBC region producing television, local services, radio and teletext and locations in the surrounding area. Among her main television shows are BBC London News (daily) and Politics Show (weekly). He also has BBC London 94.9 radio and local coverage of the London area. The BBC’s London headquarters are located in the new Egton Wing complex of the Broadcasting House since 2009, previously based in Marylebone High Street in London. Central,


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Brief history

The BBC launched the 1 of October of 2001 changes to the coverage areas of the transmitters of the BBC allowing the establishment of new publishing areas.

London and its environs have had a BBC television news service for several decades, but the boundaries of the BBC region have always been a bit hazy due to transmitter coverage areas. Therefore, while the main focus of regional news coverage for this area is the capital itself, in the surrounding sectors the coverage enables them to capture the BBC signal from London .

The television newscast was released as BBC On-Screen LDN, an abbreviation for London as used in text messages. The name of the newscast is not mentioned verbatim by the presenters.


The BBC London News program is broadcast daily on BBC One as short newsletters. The program has had several changes in its introductions, the most recent being the one that occurred on December 12 , 2005 , with a new sequence of titles and a musical tune. The current titles show a series of videos with different scenes from London life, separated by a white band that crosses the screen until the London BBC logo appears. Comparisons are inevitable with regional business competition.


BBC London Radio combines talk and music programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The radio station has a diverse group of presenters who have hosted various programs.


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