Liver cancer: What are the main causes and how to treat the disease

Some types of cancer are directly related and can be prevented with simple measures . Knowing the causes of liver cancer is the best way for you to ensure that it is protected against tumors. And we have prepared this article to talk about it.

Read on to find out what the main causes of liver cancer are and see how it can be treated.

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The causes of liver cancer

As we explained, liver cancer is a disease that is related to some factors , which are considered to be at risk for the development of malignant tumors. Thus, by avoiding these factors we are able to prevent the disease.

However, it is important to understand that whoever is in a risk group does not necessarily mean that they will develop cancer, nor that it is possible to be totally immune to the disease. But it is a fact that, by avoiding exposure to what triggers it, the chances of manifesting itself are less . Below are the main causes of this type of tumor.


Type B and C hepatitis can trigger a chronic infection of the liver and one of its complications is cancer . There is a vaccine to prevent hepatitis B , but hepatitis C does not have this feature. Therefore, the ideal is to prevent it by avoiding contact with other people’s blood , as well as using protection during sexual intercourse.

Hepatic steatosis

This problem is better known as fatty liver or fatty liver, and is also one of the causes of cancer in that organ. Excess body weight, as well as a very fatty diet, triggers steatosis . The ideal is to maintain a healthy menu and healthy weight and perform regular physical activities .


The excessive consumption of alcohol can cause cirrhosis and the disease triggers liver cancer.


Other factors that favor the development of liver cancer are contact or exposure to cancer-causing chemicals, some hereditary diseases , such as hemochromatosis, as well as the presence of cirrhosis due to other, rarer causes .

Liver Cancer Treatments

As with other cancers, cancer that develops in the liver is treated according to the needs of each patient . Therefore, first the doctor assesses the impairment of liver functions, establishes the stage of the disease and then adopts the best approach.

For example, surgery can be performed to remove part of the liver (hepatectomy) , when there is a single tumor and it is still very small . But surgery can also be done with the intention of transplanting the liver, when it presents a severe impairment of its functions or in the presence of more than one tumor.

Although there is some resistance from liver cancer to chemotherapy, tumors can be treated using this technique to achieve benefits. And there is also chemoembolization, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, radiofrequency ablation and alcoholization.

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Recalling that only one therapy is not always used because it may be necessary to combine two or more, depending on the characteristics of the tumor, its stage, location and other particularities of each case.


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