Live your life in Freedom

Every human being wants to be free in some sense. No man really wants to be oppressed, no one wants to be trapped, no one wants to be bound. Throughout history, and even in our time, there are countless examples of human freedom struggles. Both the collective aspirations of freedom for a group of people, a people, a nation from the oppression and captivity of foreign powers and the individual aspirations for freedom from the oppression and humiliation of other individuals.History has seen freedom fighters who have forever written in the history books, such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jean d’Arc and many, many more. And history has seen at least as many freedom fighters as no history book mentions. These heroes, well-known or anonymous, emerge because oppressed people seek freedom and people in captivity long for the day of freedom.

There is not always the power or ability to realize even the desire and striving. The oppression can be overwhelming and the captivity can be too hopeless to even imagine a liberation from. Should liberation still come, one can not too infrequently note that liberation from one foreign power easily leads to captivity under another. And one can rightly ask oneself the question of the truly free man – does he exist ?!

And what exactly is freedom? Most of us would answer: “freedom is to be financially and socially independent” or “freedom is not to have to be controlled by what others think and think” or “freedom is to get in the car and just drive”.

Man’s view of freedom sometimes seems a bit strange. We sometimes realize that freedom equals the absence of boundaries, that being free equals not having to conform to someone else’s perception, injunction or prohibition. Freedom in its freest form is to be allowed to do only what comes to me, what I want and what I decide for myself. Regardless of the perception of others and regardless of the consequences for others, I do as I please because I am a free individual! I am myself enough and need no one or nothing outside of myself! Glory be to me! And glory be to the freedom it means that I do not have to condescend to consider anyone else! Freedom is spelled independently.

Imagine you are a tulip. All of a sudden, another tulip comes and announces to you how wonderful it is to have finally been freed from that mossy old onion down there in the ground. The one you were bound to and who made you unable to move at all, could not make any decisions of your own at all. It certainly hurts a lot in the stalk when the knife goes forward and frees you from captivity, but then !, then freedom becomes total! We think !

Because then we also think that we automatically get a destructive behavior which means that we think we can go where I want, see new places, meet new tulips and that old onion may well lie there in the ground and rot. I am free! Everything is peace and joy – if it were not for the fact that the price of “freedom” would turn out to be too high, I have been cut off from what was the source of my life. The freedom I experience would soon prove to be a judgment on me. A death sentence.

But then we forget an important thing, I start to live a life of freedom based on listening to myself my true self, then I live a life of love, because I believe that we live according to our true self then we are love ie we cares about everything and everyone on our earth. So I believe that true freedom is finding its place. To find the only place where I am connected to the only onion that allows life to pulsate in me. Freedom is really about realizing oneself, freedom is going one’s own way.

We will finally now link back to the texts we read in the introduction, we believe that we in this society are free but instead we are bound by our society’s life lies and our own as well as all kinds of ideas, ideas and thoughts. We are bound by fear, by anxiety, by inferiority, by discouragement and by rejection. We are bound by pride and by complacency. We are slaves to alcohol, sex and gadgets. We are bound by suspicion, dishonesty and deceit. But now it’s time for us to fight for our freedom

We choose our lives. Regardless of the circumstances, we still have the freedom to choose, according to my philosophy. We are even doomed to freedom and forced to choose. In addition, we are solely responsible for how our lives are shaped, if we want to live a life of anxiety and guilt as constant companions, we can do it, but if we want to live a life of freedom, these two factors are not with us, but we leave them behind U.S.

Freedom, anxiety, responsibility and guilt. See there the four cornerstones of the Western worldview. A person chooses to be responsible for his life and its content. It is a sign that she is aware of her freedom. Every human being is given another world when he is born. But she chooses whether she should take care of it freely, responsibly and reflectively, or unfreely, irresponsibly and unreflectively. The latter will develop the lie as its main life foundation and bring both itself and others behind the light. In the position of the lie of life, she produces compulsive problems for herself, and her image of the Good Life is either a lie, or a way of avoiding a living life.

She lies in order to get confirmation from others that she is a victim of the evil of the world. She wants us to believe that the authorities are the cause of her suffering, of her depressive state. She has been deprived of initiative and autonomy, denied help she considers herself entitled to. She has been subjected to unattainable demands that have taken away her self-respect and the freedom that belongs to others, so that she has finally been forced to organize her life among society’s least respected. That’s how she perceives it anyway. She has experienced the soul-killing oppression of the Jantelagen for her own part to such an extent that she herself finds it natural to judge others for their dreams of another life.

Regardless of the reason for this attitude to life, however, there is at every moment the opportunity to choose a different way of life. We just have to stop blaming our suffering on others than ourselves and alone take full responsibility for the design of our own lives.

Freedom is always potentially present in every moment. However, freedom is defined by the conditions set by the circumstances. That freedom would mean the absence of borders is to be unaware. A river is defined by its banks. It is the boundaries that determine what a river is. A river without banks is in fact a swamp. It lacks both direction and delimitation. Freedom exists only in a specified area that we, with the help of reflection and awareness, become aware of.

The swamp transferred to lifestyle is matched by the lack of self-reflection and critical thinking. There may be a lack of ability to prioritize long-term and meaningful development, away from the short-term need to avoid suffering in the present. (Ex: You want to educate yourself, get a job, etc., but the anxiety and fear of the new, lack of self-confidence, etc., is given higher priority than meaning.)

Most people probably recognize this. In any case, it is impossible to build something lasting, within the framework of this conflict. We must do our utmost here, as in all critical stages of development. It is not enough to pretend that it is raining or to rumble a little on the surface. Insight is the same as looking into oneself in order to, based on the discoveries around one’s truer self, make true decisions and act on them. Who said that real development would be free from suffering? No, but suffering is meaningful anyway. The coward, or the unconscious, also suffers, but that suffering is completely meaningless because it is not based on a striving for development and self-realization.

My way of thinking may seem like a strict philosophy, but it’s not that way at all. Instead, it aims to make people realize a few, but unconditional circumstances that apply to everyone in our society. This is what they might look like:

Man is fundamentally free and must act at his own risk.
She is solely responsible for her life.
She is basically alone because she is the only subject in the world of who she is, and who is certain of her existence. She shares the existential loneliness with everyone else, which is why she is united with them at the same time. She is therefore unique and like everyone else at the same time.

She cannot rely on the intervention of a divine grace, an absolute goodness that comes to the rescue when misfortune drags her down. The only certainty that exists is that she is alive right now and that she is going to die. How do I plan to live my life? is the question she must answer by creating and living her answer herself!

Excerpt from the book MESSAGE FROM ETERNITY By Marlo Morgan:

The following message applies to all souls everywhere. It has been able to be used at all times from the cave stage to the present day. It does not make a difference between a man and a woman. The purpose is not to achieve worldly success, it is to live in freedom.

This is a norm that has applied to all indigenous peoples since the beginning of time, when their aim has been to live in harmony with the earth, with all its animals and with each other.

You are a spiritual being here on earth who has a human experience. You have chosen to come here. It was not an accident or a coincidence that caused you to be born of the two people who are your biological parents.

You were aware of who they were, of the conditions under which you came into being, and of the hereditary genetic pattern of both of them. You said, “Yes!”
You are a spiritual being who evolves towards enlightenment. The Earth is a classroom where we have access to lessons and demonstrations. It is a unique planet that has unique life forms. It is the only place in the universe where one uses six senses, sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell and intuition, together with the energy field that is called emotion to connect the visible body with the invisible soul.

All physical beings on planet earth come from the only divine source and all consist of identical energy fragments. We are all one with the whole creation.

You probably know the Ten Commandments, or “thou shalt not” the laws. They have been available to mankind for thousands of years.

There have also been “you shall” laws and they have been around even longer. If you had followed the “you shall” laws, there would have been no reason to have another set of laws.
That you are here is voluntary, self-imposed and long awaited. Your evolution in eternity will reflect this human journey. Below are “you should / you should, the rules that apply to all people.


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