Little Hope game guide;Walkthrough Dark Pictures

Complete walkthrough of Dark Pictures: Little Hope with descriptions of all endings and important steps to get the best ending

Little Hope is a new game in the Dark Pictures horror anthology. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete all of Little Hope’s missions.

Walkthrough Dark Pictures: Little Hope – Prologue

We watch a short video and start a new adventure in the town of Little Hope. In a conversation with Dennis, we try to protect our sister and, after Anthony opens the door, we tell our older sister about the drunken dad. We choose any remarks during the dialogue with Tanya, but it is better not to spoil the relationship and use calm options. We successfully perform QTE with a pulse, press the keys in time, and turn off the TV.

Father will wake up anyway, choose “Assurance” and go to see the sisters upstairs. We study different subjects and after a short cut-scene we choose which of the sisters to help. Ultimately, it will not be possible to save the relatives, so we are watching what is happening and waiting for the end of the chapter.

After the crash

We return to the car accident with the bus from the introductory video. We get acquainted with the heroes and their parameters. Control passes to Taylor. In a conversation with the professor, choose “Compassion” and “Compliance”. Note that all characters look exactly like family members from a burnt-out house. We show concern and agree to go to the city for help. We follow John and examine the area from two sides. We try to cheer up our friends and hurry on. We reach the fence and quickly press a special key to break the lock and open the passage for the lagging group. It is advisable to remain silent in the conversation, otherwise relations with John and Angela will deteriorate. The heroes discover a strange feature of the fog, which constantly returns the group to the same road. You can’t get out of the city, so you have to go further.


Once inside, we meet the mysterious stranger Vince and in conversation we refuse the offer to drink. We ask the traveler about the city and try to find out where we can find the phone. We play darts and manage to aim the target at the target in time to successfully complete the mini-game. We examine the premises for interesting finds. We study the newspapers on two tables about the events of the past and raise the photograph of 1917 near the door. We examine the non-working phone in the aisle behind Vince’s back and find out how he is doing. We advise the stranger to stop drinking and leave the building. Before leaving, the heroes will hear a strange sound of a bell and get out. We continue the passage of Dark Pictures: Little Hope.

the main road

Control passes to Andrew. We follow everyone and try to stay close. We examine an unusual toy on a wooden fence and move on. Angela and Andrew will lag behind the rest of the group and hear mysterious sounds in the forest. We pass through the fog and in a small circle of stones we study a small homemade doll. We find ourselves in the past and get to know the child. We tell the girl our name. We observe a woman who scolds Mary and, upon returning to the present, tell the group about what happened. Show no fear and watch a short video in which the narrator gives some guidance and asks to find the bus driver.

Returning to the main road, we play for Angela. We pass forward and find the first postcard with a vision behind a rusty car on a barrel near the house. We follow Andrew, examine the journal on the table and communicate with him at the cliff. We return to the road and read the note on the post. We reach the covered bridge and observe the running away girl. John decides to talk to the child. We select the “Support” option and go with it. We move forward and are transported into the past. We show curiosity about Angela’s double and choose calm options for the answer “Who are you”. We return to the present.


The group splits up, so we decide to go to town with John and Andrew. Taylor and Daniel will try to find another way out of the fog. After a short cut-scene, control will pass to Andrew. We pass through the covered bridge and press the necessary buttons in time to successfully jump over the fence. If the result is negative, Andrew will fall. If the QTE is successfully completed, the hero will help Angela jump, improve their relationship and see Vince riding a bicycle across the bridge. We go forward and examine the cross of blood. We talk with the girl and show concern. We ask how she copes and keep silent so as not to spoil the relationship with the hero.

We catch up with John and communicate with him. We approve of the hero’s positive attitude and agree that supernatural forces are to blame for what is happening. We examine the hut and pass unmistakably QTE: a cat will run out of the corner, and the heroes will have the opportunity to inspect the hut from the inside. We study the book on the table and we pass into the next room, in which we find a pistol under the floor in a casket. To achieve the best ending, do not press the weapon inspection button, otherwise it will not affect the future for the better. We can take the gun, but in no case will we use it in the future.

We leave the building and examine the drawing on the tree. We follow the path up and we find John behind a metal grate. We support the professor in conversation. We do not answer the question about the noise, otherwise the relationship between the characters will worsen. We examine the postcard on the barrel by the fence on the right and go around the brick building on the left. We take away the stone and break the window to get inside the house.

high school

Control passes to Daniel. We follow Tyler up the path. We examine the sign for the sale and try to climb over the school gates. It makes no sense to go directly to the next sign, since the fog will not allow you to deviate from the planned route until you inspect the metal fence. We support Taylor in the conversation and choose the option “Indeed”. We pass along the road further and examine the city map on the left and the pointer on the right. We pass through a small bridge and at the fork and go left. We examine another drawing on the tree and go back. We follow to the table on the right and study the children’s drawing. We reach the glowing lantern and notice the girl. We are trying to find out who she is and getting closer to her.

We find ourselves in the past and, during the manifestation of the priest’s aggression towards Mary, we try to prevent the crime and ask to let the girl go. We continue our way in the present, use the passage in the fence and find a postcard behind a large stone. We reach a small cliff and help Taylor down.

Go ahead and turn left. We reach a small hut and examine the runestones inside. We return to our friend and read the inscription on the protest banner on the right. Move aside the piece of wood and examine the posters on the wall next to the door. We examine the broken grate around the corner and decide not to climb through it, using the optimism option. A ladder is the best way to get inside the store. If you climb through the window, then Daniel will miss a postcard and a few secrets that cannot be found on the first floor of the building.

We calm down Taylor and assure that she will not have to be alone for a long time: the hero will quickly inspect the territory and open the locked door for her. We climb through the window on the second floor and study newspapers and a postcard. We jump down and approach the window. We answer the girl with humor and follow forward through all the counters to the front door. The ghost will grab Daniel’s hand and transport him to the past. We choose the option to confront and ask about the rumors. We watch a short cut-scene and return to the present. We tell the truth to Taylor and find ourselves in the city center.

Police station

The action is transferred to the rest of the heroes who successfully made their way into the structure. We decide to look around and we pass into the room on the left. We try to open the filing cabinet and go into the room with lockers. We study the patch with the inscription “Reynolds” in one of the boxes and we pass to the cells of detention. Move aside the board in the second room and find the secret. We return to the general hall and examine the plate on the wall. We pass into the far office on the right, we study the letter of praise from the mayor of the city on the wall and examine the radio in the next room. We go along the corridor to the other side and go into the left office. We study the crescent moon in the box and go to the room opposite. We examine the non-working phone and go in search of the cable. We pull the handle of the locked door in the adjacent corridor and move towards the lockers. Suddenly, the phone rings. The heroes return to the room with the phone.

We ask the woman about what happened and promise to help. The ghost will grab Andrew’s hand and transfer him to Amy’s trial in the past. We suggest John to hide and see what happens next. The priest accuses the woman of witchcraft. We try to get closer and shout furiously for people to leave Amy alone. Returning to reality, we report that we have already seen Mary in the forest earlier. We protect the girl in front of John and point out that Amy’s husband is very similar to the professor. We hear a knock on the door. We break the handle and Taylor and Daniel will join the group again. We respond optimistically to the girl and hit the road together.


We go forward along the road and study the monument to the young writer not far from the house. John will turn over the destroyed statue that looks like Taylor. The girl will report that her relatives cannot live in Little Hope. We examine the pillar opposite and recognize Daniel on the poster. We reach the dilapidated bridge and decide to go first. We confirm the words of Andrew and try to get over. The bridge will collapse, and Daniel and Taylor will once again be cut off from the group. John will be grabbed by the hand of a ghost, which will take the heroes into the past, on the day of Amy’s execution. Returning back to the bridge, we report what we saw to the woman and notice some creature in the water.

Andrew will be the first to get on the road. Save Angela for the best ending. We decide to trust Andrew and get out of the mess by pressing the necessary keys, otherwise the woman will be in the clutches of the monster and die. John can handle the challenge alone. We watch a short video with the narrator, in which we ask him to give a hint.


The trinity was miraculously unharmed. In conversation with comrades, we rejoice at salvation, showing tact. We examine various gravestones. We find a gold medallion under the stone bench and examine the graves of the Clark family from the prologue. We leave through a large metal gate and find ourselves on the road. We successfully complete the QTE and hide from Vince in the bushes. The stranger will leave, and the heroes will decide to explore the abandoned house from the inside.


Daniel and Taylor were alone. They successfully escaped from the bridge and took refuge in the forest. In a conversation with a friend, we use determination, and then intimacy. The heroes will be interrupted by the noise, and they will go in search of the rest of the group. We reach the flimsy bridge and suggest Taylor to cross over first. We get to the burial place of the first witch. We watch a short video and are transported into a vision from the past.

Dark Pictures: Little Hope Walkthrough – Main Road

Andrew, Angela and John are surprised that they have not yet been able to find a driver, and there was nothing useful in the abandoned house. The group notices a little girl. We claim that this is most likely a trap, but in the end we decide to go on its trail. We carry out QTE, but the monster turns out to be stronger, so it drags Angela into the sewers. We continue to move forward and open the grate. Andrew and John spot a girl taking them to the museum.


The heroes inspect the house from the inside. Examine the book on the table to the right and the note on the wall to the left. We try to open the door and go deeper into the house. We examine all the notes behind the glass, open the hidden texts and find Mary’s toy. We use suspicion and dissuade John from burning the doll so as not to anger the evil spirit even more, and then we leave through the door into the street.

Control over to Daniel. We go straight to the abandoned house. We open the window on the right side of the house, climb inside, and the heroes will also be in the museum. We examine the territory for various clues. The girl disappears somewhere, so we go in search of her. We find a postcard in the room through which Daniel and Taylor made their way into the building. We hear loud voices and break down the door. A friend saw her double from the past. We take the knife from the table and be sure to leave it to ourselves. We leave the room and study the Bible with occult inscriptions on the table. This information will be very useful to the group later. We re-examine all the objects and go outside. We watch the monologue of the narrator, in which he hints that the monster is still chasing Angela. We ask for a hint and return to reality.


We examine the postcard on the table and read the inscription on the plate to the left. On the contrary, near the first house we clear the monument and read information about the writer. We reach the cones, walk along a narrow path and find the old Taylor swing. We choose any replica and move to the past, where the girl’s double is burned at the stake. We return to the present and go a little forward to the black cat. The monster will hunt the heroes. We choose to run and press the correct keys to successfully get rid of the pursuer. Along the way, Daniel and Taylor will meet Andrew and John, run into the mysterious Vince on the street and barricade the entrance to the churches.


In a conversation with John, we use the line “Hope” and open the door ajar to talk to the old man and ask him for help. Vince agrees and leaves without entering the building. Daniel reveals that he will be the next target of the priest. The group will see the girl and John will offer to follow her to learn how to save the doubles. Andrew and Daniel follow Mary’s trail and go upstairs to the bell tower. The door will close behind them and the ghost will transport the heroes to the past for the execution of Daniel’s double. The heroes will try to save the convict, but the marshal will cut the rope, and David will fall down on a sharp metal fence.

Office transition to Taylor. We sympathize with Daniel. The monster comes closer. The group decides to temporarily stay at the church. We study the building from the inside. When Taylor looks at the children’s drawings, the ominous creature will begin to break into the structure. We pass into the corner room and read the entry in the box. We examine the wall and go to the plate with the names of the pastors. We pass between the shops and examine the drawing on the floor. We go a little forward and the demon attacks the group, and the heroes will try to escape from the monster. We choose to confront Daniel and complete a successful QTE. We run away with John and decide to act as a team. For Taylor, choose any side and find the whole group.


The team has been trying to escape the demon for a long time, so they need rest. In a conversation for John, we suggest that everyone stick together. Andrew and Taylor will support the professor, and the heroes will try to sleep. We select the line “We are trapped”. John is sure that everything that happens is connected with Mary, and she is the key to the solution. We tell the team to try to follow the girl in reality and find answers.

We hear strange sounds. The heroes hide behind a stone, and Angela comes out of the bushes. Now the whole group is assembled again. The heroes jump off a small cliff, and a demon attacks Daniel. We run after Andrew through the forest and press the necessary keys in time. We are trying to save Taylor, and with the help of John we beat off the girl from the monster. The team safely defended itself from the monsters and fled in full force from the forest.

Walkthrough Dark Pictures: Little Hope – The Factory

We follow Andrew along the path ahead. Examine the stand and examine the postcard on the table to the left. We clear the table and find the burial place of Mary. We approach an abandoned house with fireflies and move back in time to Abraham. We watch the conversation of two surviving doubles. Abraham is going to speak in court, so we tell him the truth about the atrocities of the priest and return to the present. We share information with the team. Control passes to Taylor. We tell Daniel about the paladin. After that, a demon will attack her. We fight the monster and do all the QTEs correctly. We follow the sound to save Taylor and use heroism in the conversation. The girl will fight off the enemy and the heroes will be able to escape.

We follow Daniel forward along the path. We use hope and determination in our conversation. The hero wants to stop Mary, whom Andrew stood up for. He believes that the team cannot know for sure the whole truth about the girl. We examine the postcard near the building and go up the stairs to the right. Vince shouts to the heroes, but they do not pay attention to the old man and go inside the building. The vision is activated and Andrew and Daniel travel to the past. We use compassion in our conversation with Abraham. The double will try to prove Mary’s innocence, but the judge will refuse to listen to him and send the girl under the care of Priest Carver. Back in the present, we support Andrew in a conversation with the team. We examine the picture and the plate on the wall.

We pass into the room and in one of the boxes in the table we find documents. On the next table we take out a photo from the box and discuss it with Andrew. We go down to the first floor and examine the photo in the cabinet and the newspaper on the table in the room next to the stairs. We hear strange sounds and push the wooden box. We fall under the floor and meet the demon. We ask Andrew to get Daniel out of the hole and choose the motivation in the conversation. We defeat the monster and run away from it.

Control passes to Angela. We find together with comrades Andrew and Daniel, but the monsters are still chasing the team. We examine the hood and trunk of the car. We pass a little further and find a girl who moves the whole team to the execution to Joseph, John’s double. We are trying to save the man, but the priest and his assistants use more stones until the condemned dies. Having returned to reality, we apply assurance in dialogue and begin to fight off the demons alternately with John. We help Angela get out of the embrace of the monster and climb into the house. As in the previous situations, we choose heroism in the conversation. We pass to the end of the passage of Dark Pictures: Little Hope.

The final

We study the card on the table. We clean the wall with the children’s drawing and open the old clock. We read the letter of Reverend Carson and look through every window. Demons are approaching the team from all sides. We examine the book near the large hole in the floor and notice the fourth monster. We pick up an old photo from the floor and show it to all our friends. We pass along the stairs to the second floor, where the girl’s ghost will move the heroes to the past. The further fate of all characters depends on the decisions made earlier.

The court accuses Mary of witchcraft. Abraham is ready to intercede for the girl, but he needs guidance. We use rage and blame the priest Carver for atrocities. Choosing persistence. Abraham will go downstairs and report the information to the judge in the ear. He will snatch the Bible from the hands of the villain and justify the girl. The priest will be led out of the hall by the hands, and Mary will embrace Andrew for salvation.

The heroes have returned to reality and easily leave the house. The demons have retreated, and all team members are now free. On the way, Vince catches up with friends and talks about a diner nearby with a work phone. Watch the final video, which reveals the truth about the bus driver and his split personality.

How to Save All the Heroes of Dark Pictures: Little Hope


  1. We use leadership qualities in conversations.
  2. Go first on the destroyed bridge.
  3. Refuse to have a drink with Vince at the bar.
  4. Bump into the girl at the covered bridge and lead her across the broken bridge.
  5. Get outraged and tell the team not to split up when fleeing monsters.
  6. Ask Andrew to leave him alone with the monster at the door of the destroyed house.


  1. Show feelings towards others and stop fighting with them.
  2. Take an interest in a double when first going back in time.
  3. Trust Andrew under the bridge and complete a successful QTE.
  4. Rejoice at being saved when you first meet a monster.
  5. Ask John to hurry up when meeting demons outside the destroyed house.


  1. Be a team player and try to get closer to your friends, instead of being distant and acting alone.
  2. Refusing to go to town with John, but end up going with the group.
  3. Agree to cross the footbridge with Daniel to find the others.
  4. Empathize with Daniel when he talks about the death of his double in the past.
  5. Ask Daniel to leave her in battle alone with the monster.


  1. Perform heroic deeds.
  2. Demand the priest to release Mary.
  3. Get yourself a ritual knife at the museum.
  4. Use the knife on the demon on the street in front of the church.
  5. Ask Andrew to leave him in a pit with a metal pipe.


  1. For the survival of the hero, almost no action is required.
  2. We do not take the pistol from the hut or do not let all our friends die.
  3. Save Angela under the bridge and Taylor in the forest

How to get a good ending

  1. Perform actions for the survival of all the heroes from the list above.
  2. Saving Mary: we find the Bible with the priest’s occult records and tell Andrew’s double about the guilt of the church minister.
  3. Kind attitude towards Vince: we do not show any rudeness towards the hero.
  4. Successfully complete QTEs against demons.

The heroes reach the diner, and on the way they meet Vince, who no longer blames the hero. In the final video, we learn that all the events of the game are just the embodiment of the sick mind of the bus driver, who never recovered from childhood trauma.

You can find yourself in the diner even with fewer heroes surviving, but such an ending cannot be considered the best. To get a different ending, it is enough to change any of the points.

Other endings Dark Pictures: Little Hope

  1. Neutral ending. In the past, we burn the doll and blame it for all the troubles. The girl will survive, but the priest will remain unpunished, and Anthony will not free himself from his guilt and will transfer it to a toy.
  2. Worst ending. We burn Mary and do not save the rest of the family. Don’t be rude to Vince and don’t use a gun with him. Anthony aims the gun at himself and after the screamer shoots him in the head. In this ending, the narrator appears, so it’s probably the canon version for developers.
  3. Bad endings. We rude Vince or shoot the monster in front of him. At the end of the game, the police will take Anthony away. The only difference between the two endings is whether the hero saved someone or not. The bus driver will be picked up from home or on the way to the diner.
  4. Realistic ending. We don’t let the girl burn, but we don’t have time to save all our friends. The bus driver wants to shoot himself, but Mary appears from behind and the hero does not dare to commit suicide. He remains on the porch with the child.


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