List of all tools and programs developed by Adobe

Discover the extensive list of tools and programs developed by Adobe for creatives, marketers, and businesses. Unleash your creativity with Adobe’s powerful software suite.

Adobe is known for being a company that provides a wide range of software and services specific to creative tasks. The development of each program has the objective of creating and editing any web, digital, audio, video and image file or document.

Since its founding to the present, Adobe has earned a great position in the field of creativity, as many of its tools and services such as Adobe Acrobat , Illustrator, Photoshop , among many more. The popularity of Adobe Inc. stood out for its innovative products and others that it bought from different companies, which can be used on the network and on any computer or mobile device, by commercial or professional users, allowing them to found and provide themes with a high quality of visual effects.

List of all tools and programs developed by Adobe

Here you can observe and learn about the best programs and products of this service , each with unique features and optimal benefits that you can take full advantage of in your professional work life.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The first Adobe software we present to you is Creative Cloud. A peculiar service that has the specialty of providing tools and applications through a subscription on its official website, allowing you to carry out editorial work in photography, audio, video, graphic design and websites .

Adobe Acrobat

Secondly, we have Acrobat , one of the most popular programs currently. Its function is dedicated to the management of PDF documents , allowing you to view, create and adjust PDF formats from anywhere. In addition, thanks to its extensions and updates, you can convert websites to this type of PDF files.

Adobe Bridge

This fast and easy file manager is included in the Adobe Creative Suite package and was developed with the purpose of providing a preview of creative assets using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign applications , in order to organize, edit and publish them.

Adobe GoLive

On the other hand, we find GoLive, a web page editor that was replaced shortly after by Dreamweaver . In addition to being a WYSIWYG HTML editor, it was also well known for managing Adobe websites.

Adobe Illustrator

In the next place we have Adobe Illustrator, a program based on vector graphics illustration. This editor is widely used by many artists around the world, in addition to providing functions such as creating infographics, it allows you to create and design images in a professional manner.

Adobe InDesign

This application published by Adobe is used for the creation of interactive PDF documents , animations in flash format, among other functions that will allow you to create professional layouts. Its real job is to distribute web page elements .

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most recognized photo and graphics editors used by designers and photographers around the world. It is a unique software that supports various image formats and where you can obtain exceptional results based on design, photo retouching and digital editing.   

Adobe ImageReady

A tool built into Photoshop, designed to optimize images in a simple and effective way for later publication on the Internet. Its programming was developed for the creation and modification of GIF animations and the appearance of graphics.

Adobe Soundbooth

This audio editor was considered one of the best professional audio editors within the Adobe Creative Suite packages . Later, with the last update of the CS5.5 application, they stopped making progress on Soundbooth and Adobe focused on continuing the development of Adobe Audition.

Adobe Audition

A software designed for digital audio editing that can simultaneously achieve an editable multitrack waveform environment. With this audio recording studio you can professionally mix, record, edit and restore any audio content you have for your project.

Adobe Encore

This studio-style tool is intended to program different menus that allow control of the content of DVD, Blu-ray discs, and other interactive and video projects. With this application you can organize the audiovisual materials on such discs and divide the chapters into several parts.

Adobe After Effects

This software is one of the most widely used for developing animations that works together with various native tools and third-party plugins. Its function stands out in the field of production, alteration and creation of moving images found in the 2D and 3D space.  

Adobe Dreamweaver

For those who want to innovate in the work of creating and designing web pages , we bring you Dreamweaver. A very easy-to-use program designed for web modification and programming , you can begin to compose your own websites with just a slight knowledge of HTML or PHP languages .

Adobe Fireworks

Fireworks is a vector graphics editor that also has the ability to edit bitmaps. Its development was based on the aim of providing many of its clients with the benefit of being able to optimize and modify the appearance and graphics of a website in a simple way.


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Adobe Contribute

This app was founded by Macromedia . Being a web page editor, it has a lot of similarities with Dreamweaver. However, you don’t need to know much about programming to create and update your own website.  

Adobe Flashpaper

This software behaves very similarly to a virtual printer , that is, its function allows users to instantly convert files and then print them as PDF documents. Although it is currently acquired by Adobe, it was created by the Blue Pacific Software Foundation and then passed into the hands of the Macromedia company.

Adobe Incopy

For those who need to work in sync when editing texts, there is Adobe Incopy, which helps designers work on the sketches that writers need to support their topics to be presented, whether in magazines, newspapers or books.

Adobe Lightroom

Although it is similar to Photoshop, it does not have the same tools. It is more useful for quick and simpler edits that we want to apply to our photos, such as adjusting the brightness or contrast, and also being able to organize, categorize and manage all the photos we have.

Adobe Premiere Pro

If you want to be a video editor or become an audiovisual producer, this is the right program, totally professional. With it you can join clips, edit them, render them to any format, add text, music, and create amazing transitions that will help you get a high quality video.

Adobe Prelude

When you need to quickly cut excessively long videos or organize large amounts of clips so that editing in Premier is faster and easier, Prelude is the application made for that , offering you assistance with this large task.

Adobe Media Encoder

This application is a useful tool for rendering different formats of Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Prelude , since the uses of these programs have limited video conversions, that is why Adobe Media Encoder gives you an extensive list of options in which you can transform your design to formats as popular as .MP4.

Adobe AIR

The Adobe AIR platform has a very distinctive operation , since its highly useful service can be used to create programs using technologies such as HTML, Javascript , etc., and then use them from your desktop without any browser restrictions.

Adobe Captivate

Regarding editing applications, there is Captivate. An Adobe service where you can create your own presentations through activities performed on your computer screen. Its function allows you to take screenshots of your computer to detail dynamic instructions and communication manifests.

Adobe Document Server

Document Server is an Adobe extension that supports some programming interfaces such as Java, Perl, etc… The software automatically creates individual PDF manuals, reports and brochures collected from various sources.

Adobe Digital Editions

Categorized as one of the best programs for viewing and managing e-books, Digital Editions lets you read, download, and share documents and digital content in a simple way , and also lets you organize your favorite books in an individual library.

Adobe Flash Player

One of the oldest computer applications around and still working as an efficient media player. Flash Player was created by Macromedia and can support ActionScript programming code . File playback is implemented in SWF formats in a specific environment.

Adobe Flash Builder

Flash Builder is built on the Eclipse platform and is constituted as a software application that helps programmers to obtain complete functions to enhance the development of programs for the web and desktop, based on different programming languages.

Adobe Experience Manager

Considered as an optimal digital asset manager for many companies , where you can establish a complete digital record and initial training that provides personalized contacts for other people. With this platform you can edit, optimize and distribute your digital assets quickly.

Adobe FrameMaker

Many businesses, large and small, choose to use this desktop tool to back up their documents. As it allows technical writers to write or edit complex documents such as small texts, paragraphs, references, etc… And large structured and unstructured documents. 

Adobe LiveCycle Designer

This software excels in print proofreading where a user can modify form templates in an advanced manner . The form can be saved as a PDF or XDP file and then rendered into PDF or HTML files.

Adobe LiveCycle Barcoded Forms

This extension is a QR code form service used to obtain more data. It works with TIFF and PDF files to which one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes can be added.

Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator

This option is one of the most common and used by Adobe, and is included in the LiveCycle service . Its function allows the user to transform or convert any type of form or document into a PDF format.

Adobe LiveCycle Document Security

With this software, authors can protect their documents and forms , so that they can control with a secure server whether the document has the right to modify, copy or print the written content.

Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions

LiveCycle Reader Extensions is a support program for Acrobat Reader 5.1 where you can enable different functions such as embedding and saving forms, along with other tools that are obtained with the Adobe Acrobat license .

Adobe LiveCycle Forms Manager

This version has the ability to reduce form management , it also gives non-IT users the advantage of managing forms without any hassle. Moreover, it enables various features that can be applied such as configuring, loading, activating or deactivating the form.

Adobe PDF JobReady

JobReady is a document delivery software dedicated to printers so that they can publish or print PDF files actively and stably. It is mostly used for instant printing on some websites.

Adobe Flash Pro or Adobe Animate

If you want to learn how to make 2D animations, Adobe Flash Pro is the right program. You will be able to create applications and games in a very practical and basic way , with the new update added the new html5 design which is the new format that the internet uses to run online games.

Adobe Scout

This tool was created to thoroughly study the details and animations that are made with Flash Pro and thus determine their performance. You can use this service with Flash Player and Adobe AIR from a computer or a mobile device.

Adobe Character Animator

When you want to create 2D drawings without having to animate manually, you can opt for this software that intelligently uses your camera to record the movements you make and adapts these actions to your creative figure.

Adobe Photoshop Album

The need to organize large photo albums arises, and this is how this program was born. Not only does it help you with that, you can also share your heavy work very quickly and efficiently, and if you can’t find a photo, it will also help you with its search engine.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

And while Photoshop Elements also organizes your photos, it has many more features. This application is intelligently designed to make photo edits automatically, and its effects package and various collages give you extremely useful tools to speed up productivity.

Adobe Dimension

This program is completely for professional use but much simpler to learn how to use. It is used by photographers and designers when they want to show work in 3D perspective, useful for advertising and product design.

Adobe Fuse

It has the feature of creating 3D human characters with amazing options to edit and completely customize your character that you can then use in different programs such as Paint 3D and even Photoshop.

Adobe PageMaker

It was a page layout application that revolutionized the printing world at the beginning. It was originally software from Aldus Corporation, but Adobe acquired it shortly after and developed it for a few years. Its successor is the well-known Adobe InDesign.

Adobe Source Libraries

One of the unusual open source programs which is used for the development of many software, its way of working is in the programming language and it supports libraries created by Adobe.

Adobe SVG Viewer

SVG Viewer falls into the category of the most widely used two-dimensional graphics software today , which enables you to edit, view and create graphics and statistics using a language called Scalable Vector Graphics.

Adobe XD

This program design is an application prototype presenter that comfortably helps you to create applications with great versatility. With it, you can plan your projects with developers before launching them.

Adobe VoCo

This program will surprise many, it is not just any audio editor as we usually know it, what makes it special is its ability to change what is said in the playbacks just by writing, the tool that edits the sound waves allows you to change and add words to the audios, very useful for announcers when they record and make mistakes.

Adobe Stock

It is an application that gives you a greater amount of material in photos and videos to add to all your editions and creations in any program, including synchronization and quick access with all Adobe editing software.

Adobe Typekit

It is Adobe’s large font catalog, which offers you an infinite number of styles for editing texts and if in any case you export a file and the program does not contain the fonts for it, Typekit will help you find and install the font quickly.

Adobe Behance

This is the page for all Adobe graphic content creators where they present their designs and completed projects to advertise and promote their products and reach a larger audience.

DNG (Digital Negative)

Another open source software from Adobe that contains a standardization of photo files. To help us easily read the wide variety of formats that cameras have.

Adobe Connect

When we need to give lectures using the PowerPoint program, Connect gives us its online service to quickly give the instructions you need to present and provide fluid learning with its categorical examples.


For web developers and programmers, there is ColdFusion. A tool that has been around since 1995 and works with the vast majority of platforms and web page formats today.

Adobe Director

Previously known as Macromedia Director, a highly valuable and competitive software that had the ability to produce multimedia programs integrating digital images, sounds and videos, 3D engines and even flash movies , all running in a single program, with the management of Javascript or Lingo.


This programming language was founded by Macromedia , and later acquired by Adobe. The function of this tool was to provide entertainment software where multimedia content could be included in different ways by working on a flow chart or better known as a procedure in graphical representation.


FreeHand uses a method known as vector graphics, but the striking thing about this application is that it allows you to create web images and illustrations , whether banners or logos, that can be printed at any resolution without losing any type of detail or clarity.

Adobe Robohelp

It is a software that has an extensive set of support features and helpful knowledge bases . RoboHeld offers you the opportunity to compose or edit a help system or content that can be useful online , where users can consult and have a guide or answers to their disturbing questions.

Adobe Shockwave

Compared to Flash Player, this implement could display the original content of a web page . Shockwave was developed in order to give people the benefit of accessing and playing video games or other interactive content in an internet browser.

Adobe Flash Media Server

This software enables the creation and distribution of video, audio and data in real time . Flash Media Server works or acts as a connector that uses add-ons to obtain and send data between the different users who are connected to this server.

Adobe HomeSite

Among the web development programs that Adobe has acquired, HomeSite, like others, is a Macromedia product. With this professional work tool you can design or edit different HTML formats, in this way, you can customize your website according to your expectations.

Adobe Device Central

Although not as well known, Device Central is a high-performance software . This service, in addition to being able to be implemented with other Adobe programs, allows customers to have new features on their devices such as memory limitations, advanced programming language, color depths, among other features.

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