List of all chat and console commands in StarCraft: Remastered

List of all chat and console commands in StarCraft: Remastered

Chat commands

Press the Enter key to open the chat window.

  • / help – Displays chat help.
  • / whois [user] – Displays basic information about the user, including account number and current location. This is a great way to make friends online.
  • / whoami – Displays your data on
  • / w [user] – Sends a private message to a user on the network, regardless of which channel he is in. This is a great way to let your friend know that you are online.
  • / ignore [user] – ignores any future messages from this user, driving him to the ignore list.
  • / unignore [user] – allows you to remove a previously ignored user from the ignore list and continue communication with him.
  • / away [text] – displays a message that you are not at the keyboard when someone tries to contact you via chat.
  • / dnd [text] – “Do Not Disturb”. Prevents all messages from being displayed on the screen. Usage is similar to the previous command. To disable this feature, just type / dnd. You will be able to see messages in the general channel, but you will not receive private ones.
  • / who [channel] – Displays a list of all users of this channel.
  • / stats [user] ID – displays information about the user.
  • / users – Displays the number of current users on

Console commands

Press the Enter key during gameplay to bring up the console prompt. Enter the following commands:

  • show me the money – 10,000 minerals and gas;
  • whats mine is mine – 500 crystals;
  • breathe deep – 500 units of vespen gas;
  • medieval man – all abilities researched;
  • modify the phase variance – build everything;
  • staying alive – continue the game after winning;
  • ophelia – activate mission selection;
  • noglues – the enemy cannot use the psionic storm;
  • operation cwal – fast construction (be careful using the function, as it speeds up the construction of AI as well);
  • the gathering – free unit abilities and spells;
  • something for nothing – free upgrades;
  • radio free zerg – a hidden song of the zerg, performed by the supermind (only work when playing for the zerg);
  • game over man – instant loss;
  • there is no cow level – instant victory;
  • power overwhelming – invincible units;
  • war aint what it used to be – remove the “fog of war”;
  • food for thought – no supply restrictions;
  • protoss # (replace # with the desired mission number) – skip the protoss level;
  • black sheep wall – show the entire map;
  • terran # (replace # with the desired mission number) – skip the terran level;
  • zerg # (replace # with the desired mission number) – skip the zerg level.

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