List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Star Wars: Battlefront 2

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Star Wars: Battlefront 2

  • Platinum Trophy

Get all trophies

  • The Cleaner

Complete the Purge mission

  • The Battle of Endor

Complete the Battle of Endor mission.

  • The Dauntless

Complete the “Fearless” mission.

  • The Observatory

Complete the Observatory mission

  • The Storm

Complete The Tempest mission.

  • Outcasts

Complete The Exiles Mission

  • Royal blood / Royalty

Complete the “Royal Blood” quest.

  • General Distress

Complete The General in Trouble

  • Under Covered Skies

Complete Under the Cover of the Heavens

  • Cache Grab

Complete Grab and Run

  • The Battle of Jakku

Complete the Battle of Jakku mission.

  • Until the end / Until Ashes

Complete the mission “To the End”

  • Discoveries

Complete the “Discovery” mission

  • Dark Forces

In campaign mode, use a shock droid to hit 3 opponents at a time

  • Balance Point

In Campaign mode, pierce five enemies at the same time using the Volley

  • X-type fighter vs. TIE fighter / X-wing vs. TIE Fighter

In Campaign Mode, destroy eight Starfighters in the skies over Jakku.

  • Master of Deception

Deal with the Scout Trooper in Campaign Mode by Melee Kill Eden

  • A Job Well Done

Complete 25 Milestones in Multiplayer.

  • Outbound Flight

Win the Starfighter Clash

  • There Has Been An Awakening

Reach Rank 25

  • The Force is Strong With This One

Reach Rank 50

  • Not All Miss

Defeat 3 enemies with a single Offensive ability 5 times in Multiplayer

  • Aura of Greatness / A Dominating Presence

Empower 100 Allies with Battle Orders as an Officer in Multiplayer

  • Sentry Mode Engaged

Defeat 150 enemies with the Sentinel as Heavy in Multiplayer

  • Scoped

Get 25 headshots with Ranged Blaster Rifles in Multiplayer

  • The Interceptor

With Interceptors, get 20 kill streaks

  • The Bomber

Defeat 50 enemies using the bomber’s twin proton torpedoes

  • Multitasking / Multi-tasking

As a starfighter, destroy 25 hero ships

  • Complete Your Training

Complete all unique Battle Scenarios.

  • There is No Such Thing As Luck

Take part in the “Arcade”

  • Ignore Your Instincts At Your Peril

Defeat 25 targets in Starfighter Battles

  • What a Blast

Win Skirmish

  • Strike Back

Win Domination Mode

  • Battle Beyond the Stars

Win a Galactic Battle

  • Choose Your Path

Defeat 50 enemies as a target in Heroes vs. Villains

  • Hit first / Quick Strike

Get your first kill in a multiplayer match.

  • Heavy is the Hand

Win Heroes vs. Villains

  • Do it. Or not. No try / Do. Or Do Not. There is no Try.

Play as each hero in multiplayer mode

  • A Galaxy at War

Win each of the multiplayer modes

  • We are the Spark

Defeat 500 enemies as a hero on any map in multiplayer


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