List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Ghost of a Tale

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Ghost of a Tale

    • The Minstrel

Get to the end of the story

    • Liberty! / Unbound

Escape Tilo’s cell

    • Lost Hope Found

Discover Duinlan’s Tomb

    • Arachnophobia / Arachnophobia

Rid the Melting Towers of all the spiders

    • Lake Shore

Reach Bone Coast

    • From and to / End to End

Get to the end of the game

    • Gusto and Fatale

Complete all Gastaut and Fatal missions

    • Lore Master

Complete all side quests

    • The Golden Suit

Find the complete set of Duinlan armor

    • The Mushroom King

Collect 55 mushrooms

    • Pyromaniac / The Arsonist

Set all flammable objects on fire in the Melting Towers

    • Dodgy Mouse

Finish the game without getting hit by opponents

    • Crash Diet

Complete the game without eating any food to restore energy

    • All Skilled Up

Master all available skills during your adventures

    • Like a Ghost

Complete the game without disturbing any guards

    • The Scholar

Add to handbook 44 notes

    • Acquaintance / A Name to a Face

Find out the names of all characters in the Melting Towers

    • Fetishist / Handker-thief

Steal the handkerchiefs from all members of the Rat Guard

    • Airing / The Draft

Open all window shutters

    • Play them all! / Play All

Perform all songs while playing

    • The Pinnacle

Climb to the highest point of the tallest tower

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