List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Don’t Knock Twice

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Don’t Knock Twice

  • Platinum Trophy

Get all prizes

  • Fire / Fire

Complete the fiery part of the pentagram

  • Earth / Earth

Complete the terrestrial portion of the pentagram

  • Water / Water

Complete the watery portion of the pentagram

  • Air / Air

Complete the aerial portion of the pentagram

  • Spirit / Spirit

Complete the Spiritual Piece of the Pentagram

  • Relight My Fire

Light a candle

  • Soul Axiom

Find the ax

  • Pyrotechnics / Pyrotechnic

Detect Flamethrower

  • Mediocre / Pass

Find 40% of collectibles

  • Good / Merit

Find 60% of collectibles

  • Excellent / Distinction

Find 80% of collectibles

  • Here comes Johnny! / Here’s Johnny!

Break the doorknob

  • Filet-O-Crow

Cook the crow

  • Wales Interactive / Wales Interactive

Set fire to the whale

  • This Is Your Life

Examine Jess’s diary

  • Confessions of a Teenager

Examine Chloe’s diary

  • Bibliophile

Find 100% of collectibles in one playthrough

  • Pot Black

Pocketed a black ball

  • Alley-up! / Alley-Oop!

Throw a basketball into the basket

  • Tuppence a Bag

Feed the crow

  • A Mother’s Love

Finish the game calmly

  • Matricide

Break the matryoshka

  • Mother Russia

Break half of the nesting dolls

  • Matryoshka No More

Break all nesting dolls

  • Family Album

Find all family photos

  • Faster Than Light

Don’t light a single candle for completing the game

  • Dead Clever

Discovered 100% of collectibles

  • The Servant’s Curse

Finish the game aggressively

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