List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Cities: Skylines

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Cities: Skylines

  • Ultimate City Mayor

Get all achievements

  • Pioneer

Get population 40 in the city

  • Simulated Town

Purchase a new tile card for the first time

  • Well Informed

Inspect all dashboards

  • Designer / City Planner

Get three districts using the Districts tool

  • Legislator / Lawmaker

Make a policy in the created area

  • Power at Your Fingertips

Open all city services

  • Heavenly City

Open monuments

  • Doctor! / Medic!

Erect the monument “Medical Center”

  • And yet it exists! / A Huge Hadron

Erect the Hadron Collider Monument

  • Just Space, Baby / Beam Me Up

Build the Space Elevator Monument

  • New Eden

Build the Eden Project Monument

  • Active Zone / Short Fuse

Erect the monument “Thermonuclear Power Plant”

  • And everything is not enough for me! / I Want It All

Unlock all and every buildings in the game

  • Megapolis / Metropolis

Get a population of 100,000

  • Variety / Distroy

Get 10 districts with unique policies

  • City in Motion

Create 20 transport routes

  • City in Motion 2

Create 50 transport routes

  • Climbing the Social Ladder

Raise a citizen’s education level from 0 to 3

  • Unpopular Mayor

Reach a happiness level of 15%

  • Rolling in Dough

Receive 15,000 per week

  • Maniac / Frenetic Player

Check the police building 50 times in a row

  • Happy Town

Maintain a happiness level of at least 95% for five years

  • Tough City

Maintain a crime rate of at least 40% for two years

  • Fire brigade / Fire Watch

Create five fire stations

  • The Safest Town

Create five main police departments

  • Professional Dumper

Fill up five junkyards

  • Earthloving City

Have no sources of water and soil pollution with 10,000 inhabitants

  • Higher Education

70% of residents have higher education with a city population of at least 10,000 people

  • SIMulated City

Occupy an area of ​​nine map tiles

  • Safe City

Maintain a crime rate below 10% for four consecutive years

  • Power to the people! / Power to the People

Make the tax rate for industrial zones five percent higher than for residential zones of any density during the year

  • They will pay for everything / Make Them Pay

Make the tax rate for residential areas of any density five percent higher than for industrial areas during the year

  • 1001 Nights / 1001 Nights

Stay in the game for 1001 nights

  • Leisure Suites

Build 1,000 recreational plots in commercial areas

  • Beach Paradise / Playing With the Boys

Build 1000 beach stretches in commercial areas

  • Escape / Prison Break

Create 15 prisons in the city

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