Linguistics and Psychology.


Linguistics studies human language. Language is behavior or a cognitive process or both, is still a controversial issue yet it is well accepted that psychology is the study of human behavior and human mind. Hence both linguistics and psychology are closely related.

Linguistics and Psychology

Investigations and attempts to find out answers to certain fundamental questions like the following are likely to provide invaluable clues to the linguistic: What is the principle of Learning? How is language learned by a child? Does the learning of mother tongue involve the same processes as the learning of second or foreign language? How does a child select the sounds that Belong to

 Is Language learning a result of stimulus-response, Imitation, repetition, reinforcement or of exposure? Can a child whose brain is injured in an accident relearn a language? Does the loss of linguistic skills affect his other skills? What roles does memory, motivation, age aptitude, play in language learning? Surely the answers to such help both the linguist and the scientist.

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