Lina Bull

Lina Bull. Colombian architect.

biographical synthesis

He was born in Colombia in 1978 .


She is an architect graduated with honors from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB) of Medellín , Colombia -accredited by the RIBA- (2001) and a Spanish architect approved by the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Seville , Spain (2007).

He began his professional activity in 2003 , founding Dosmasunoarquitectos in Madrid , together with Ignacio Borrego and Néstor Montenegro. Since then, she has been awarded in 28 national and international architecture competitions. She has exhibited in different Architecture Biennials with multiple national and international collective exhibitions.

His work and articles have been featured in various national and international architectural publications. Since 2006 she is co-director of the “Arquitectos” Magazine of the Superior Council of the Associations of Architects of Spain . From 2004 to 2007 she co-edited and curated the “Monoespacios” series for COAM. Since 2013 she is an architecture columnist for Ivorypress within TurnOnArt, Global Art off the Radar.

Since 2014, she started LinaToro.arch, an architecture studio where she develops her professional practice as an architect, teacher, editor, curator and architecture columnist.

She is an associate professor of projects at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid within the Juan Herreros Teaching Unit (2008- ) and Associate Professor of IE Architecture (2013-) where she is director of the IE Final Degree Project and professor of Design Studio VII, III. She is a visiting professor of the “Tri-Continental Master’s degree in Advance Architectural Design” at the European University of Madrid (UEM); of the “MArch in Collective Housing,” of the “MPAA Master and Doctorate in Advanced Architectural Projects” of the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM). She has been a visiting professor at the Rome TRE School of Architecture, Italy (2012); at Escola da Cidade, São Paulo , Brazil(2010); and at the Catholic University of Lima , Peru ( 2011 ), where she has participated in juries, PFC courts and workshops.


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