Life consists of change

None of us are immune to change. Not you and not me. This year has been the year of change for most of us, I would probably say. Involuntary changes and changes that have come about by choice of choice because the original situation has changed rapidly. Personally, I have only recently ended up in a wave of change that has shaken my company. Nothing that I do not choose but that gives me something of an identity crisis. I suddenly stand with completely open cards and do not know what to choose.

Changes that feel like an identity crisis

Getting into an identity crisis is not something I am used to. I am a person who has a good grasp of who I am and what I want. I’ve probably always been like that. I am a person who goes my own way and who is not afraid to do the opposite of what others think. I work from the heart but always have my head with me. Planning and clarity are important to me, but I do not let the plan guide me. It can be very wrong then if the heart is not allowed to keep up. Planning is not everything in life.

The membership program is closed

Last week I made the decision to close down my membership program. It was a decision I did not make with ease but which I had to make quickly. In connection with that, I also chose not to start my 90-day course, which I was so very much looking forward to. I need to be honest with myself and my time and this is the result I could come up with. The membership program has been around for almost four years and it has been liked by you and very liked by me. It was with sadness in my heart so I announced that that era is now over. I am so grateful to all of you who participated.

Nya dorro

The new dorro is the same dorro that has always been but with one foot in another place. I am now also the CEO of a relatively new company in the education industry. I am the one who will steer the entire business and make sure to row business ashore. It is not a small task but I think it is incredibly exciting and challenging. Challenges are what drive me and this is a challenge called duga. Every day feels like a gamble and every day ends with me overcoming a fear or succeeding with something I recently never thought I could handle.

dorro AB which is the business you know me in and which I have run for almost eight years will remain. As I said, I’m the same dorro. The difference is that in the future I will mainly offer coaching . I’m simply going back to basics. Where I started. I love meeting you and I love seeing how you develop. Neither it is through my coaching or that you have read here in the blog or taken advantage of something in one of my videos or in a post on Instagram. I want to meet you.

Sometimes I will invite you to a masterclass or similar. It will mostly be based on wishes and of course the annual planning will start. The one that was previously called the Planning Marathon and which this year has been named Master Class2021 . The name has been changed so that this year it will be in webinar form like a workshop instead of over three days on Facebook. Same thought but the execution takes place in a different way.

Here I am

I will mainly be seen on Instagram. My idea is to wake up this blog and also occasionally post a movie on youtube. How all this is going to be done I do not really know yet. The plan is not set. At the beginning, I intend to go on feeling and then we get to work together to work out something that works. You as a reader of my blog, followers on Instagram or youtube visitors know what you think. Based on your reactions, I think I will build on. I think that’s a good method.

I hope you want to keep up with my transformation. You will probably see more of me. More of who I am besides the planning expert and the coach. I’m more than that.


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