Lies or half-truths? Here’s what to look out for on a first date

First date: the lies that are told most often

While there are those who say otherwise and think that such an attitude is superficial, the fact that first impressions matter is dramatically true. That must be why, when we have to show up on a first date , we are so tense: we want to impress, please those in front of us, sometimes even if we don’t like those in front of us that much.

Too bad trying to make a great impression on the wrong person might not be such a smart move. If, on the other hand, on the other side of the table (the aperitif is certainly the most popular courtship ritual) there is someone who really interests us, it is even worse: here comes the nervousness and the idea of ​​wanting to please everyone. costs , perhaps accompanied by the idea of ​​having to embellish reality, pumping certain stories about our life. Pathetic but inevitable? Don’t worry: the exact same thing happens to men too.

In both cases, usually we don’t tell real lies, but half-truths that can embellish our portrait in the eyes of the partner .

The interesting fact is that often the half-truths that are told during the first dates are more or less the same in Milan, Rome, Turin and Naples, as if one wanted to conform to the profile of the ideal man or woman, proving to have all the characteristics to be a potential dream man or woman .

In this regard, a survey promoted by Meetic to understand the approach of Italian singles on the subject of first dates, revealed which are the most popular half-truths for men (but also women) to seduce .

Having a strong green sensibility

Sensitivity and respect for the environment can impress, because they presuppose that the same respect and the same sensitivity are directed not only to Mother Nature, but also to the partner. In addition, a green profile also denotes a willingness to commit and take responsibility. A great card to play if you are looking for a stable relationship. In fact, if on the first date he / she said he loved the environment and the planet, 76.5% of the interviewees would wait to know which zero impact activities the other is engaged in, and then respond by listing their eco-sustainable habits. . Even if they may only consist of separate collection!

Having some musical expertise

Having tastes in common is not essential, but it helps . Especially during the first meetings, when finding a common ground on which to confront and from which to take inspiration for subsequent appointments, helps to break the ice. According to the poll, it seems that “everyone wants to do jazz”. To the most ‘thorny’ questions, singles would respond with “a toothy smile, masking their musical ignorance, however, saying they are crazy about jazz music (37.5%)”. This is followed by a 28.5% of the sample who “would swear to have the entire Luis Armstrong vinyl collection”.

Having a passion for homemade recipes

If you consider that the first date is often consumed with an aperitif or dinner, it is almost inevitable to talk about one’s culinary habits . The results of the survey reveal that Italian singles appreciate homemade recipes , and if they were asked specific questions on the subject they would decant their skills in the preparation of homegrown spaghetti, or would talk about their passion for sushi “3 nights out of 7” . And then there is 28% who say: “I would wait to know if he / she prefers to cook for himself or go out for dinner. Only then would I opt for an answer “.


First date: courtship involves (also) good food

Being an intellectual

The charm of the intellectual is very successful. Thus, singles often hint – ready to divert the conversation if it becomes too in-depth – to their “great artistic passions”, declaring themselves connoisseurs of auteur cinema (perhaps speaking of the few films they know) and assiduous visitors to exhibitions.

Be ready to say “me too” to a lasting commitment

Many advise against it, but this does not prevent that often – especially if the date is going well – we talk about romantic relationships and future plans (but don’t talk about the ex!). At this point, according to the survey, the most romantics (23% of the interviewees) would say to him / her that “in their future there will be room only for coexistence .” But if he / she declares that they want to crown the dream of marriage , they would respond with a click: Me too “.

So, if you are dating a man for the first time and he declares himself to be an ecologist, jazz musician, cook or lover of your favorite ethnic cuisine, a fan of Allevi, and often says “me too”, be on your guard: he probably likes you, but what you have known may only be his profile, not his real face . Women warned half saved.


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