Lianhua Qingwen: Benefits and Research | Corona Virus Antidote?

Traditional Chinese medicine is also used to help deal with the symptoms of COVID-19, one of which is the herbal medicine Lianhua Qingwen. Lianhua Qingwen is an herbal capsule commonly used to treat influenza virus infections in China. Find out what Lianhua Qingwen herbal medicine is, its benefits, and effectiveness in curing COVID-19.

What is Lianhua Qingwen Herbal Medicine?

Lianhua Qingwen herbal medicine is one of the list of traditional Chinese medicine or Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This drug has long been used as a prevention and treatment of influenza viruses in China. This herbal remedy is proven to be more effective in reducing flu symptoms such as sore throat, headache, cough, fever, and the effects of weakness and fatigue.

Lianhua-Qingwen Formula (LQF) consists of 11 herbs and 61 compounds including flavonoids, phenylpropanoids, anthraquinones, triterpenoids, iridoids, and other compounds that are still identified. This herbal medicine has also been used to treat the symptoms of pneumonia due to Coronavirus exposure. Research related to Lianhua Qingwen’s herbal medicine to overcome COVID-19 is also being developed.

Benefits of Lianhua Qingwen Herbal Medicine

There are thousands of types of traditional Chinese medicine, one of the most effective is Lianhua Qingwen. Know the benefits of Lianhua Qingwen below:

  • Overcoming influenza virus infection.
  • Helps relieve influenza symptoms.
  • Helps overcome fever.
  • Helps overcome headaches and sore throats.
  • Helps overcome nasal congestion, joint pain, and muscle aches.
  • Helps overcome respiratory syndrome due to viral infection.
  • Used as an emergency medicine to reduce acute symptoms of SARS infection in 2002-2003 in China.

This drug is not only used in China, but has become a traditional medicine for the flu that has spread to various countries. This drug may be intended for indications of other treatments not yet listed in this information.

Effectiveness of Lianhua Qingwen for Curing COVID-19

Yiling Pharmaceutical has received approval from the State Drug Administration to use the herbal medicine Lianhua Qingwen in the form of capsules or granules (granules) for conventional treatment of Coronavirus pneumonia. This drug is used to reduce symptoms of mild viral infections such as mild fever, coughing, and fatigue for 7-10 days of treatment.

Based on the latest research reported by Beijing News , this herbal drug can inhibit the replication of Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) in Vero E6 cells and induces inflammatory factors such as TNF-, IL-6, CCL2 / MCP-1 and CXCL -10 / IP-10. This significant result was also linked to fighting inflammation in COVID-19 patients.

This drug is believed to overcome the symptoms of COVID-19 because there are significant results in patients who use it, especially in dealing with the symptoms of pneumonia. Lianhua Qingwen’s herbal remedy is a bit weak in fighting Coronavirus pneumonia, but has a good enough effect to inhibit or soothe the damage to tissue inflammation caused by Coronavirus.

However, research on whether Lianhua Qingwen can cure COVID-19 is still under research. The combination of Chinese herbal medicine with Western medicine might also be researched to find the most potential medicine to stop this COVID-19 outbreak. So far, China has sent around 100,000 boxes of Lianhua Qingwen medicine to help COVID-19 patients in Italy.

The Lianhua Qingwen herbal medicine is the first approved herbal remedy used for the treatment of SARS symptoms by the China’s National Drug Administration . For China, this drug is also the first traditional Chinese medicine that has been included in clinical research as influenza medicine by the US Food Drug Administration (FDA).

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Research on Lianhua Qingwen’s Herbal Medicines

The effectiveness of herbal medicines that have been used for a long time compared to modern clinical drugs has always caused controversy, the benefits of Lianhua Qingwen. However, there are several studies on this herbal remedy, namely:

1. More Effective than Oseltamivir

Based on research gathered from China Academic Journals (CNKI), WANFANG DATA, VIP, PubMed, Cochrane Library before February 2017, herbal medicine Lianhua Qingwen is more effective and safe than Oseltamivir , Ribavirin, and Ankahuangmin capsules.

Based on research, herbal medicine Lianhua Qingwen is more effective in dealing with influenza symptoms than Oseltamivir. Nevertheless, the accuracy of the statement still needs to be further investigated because of the lack of quality research.

2. Studies from Pharmacology Research

A paper entitled “Antivirus and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Antipyretic Plague on Coronavirus Novels” was published in Pharmacology Research . In this study, the potential of Lianhua Qingwen capsules ( granules ) for treating the symptoms of COVID-19 was confirmed based on clinical studies and basic experiments.

In addition, Lianhua Qingwen capsules have been registered as Chinese patent medicines, medicinal plants, or natural health products that are approved in Hong Kong (SAR China), Macau (SAR China), Brazil, Indonesia, Canada, Mozambique, Romania, etc.

Other Chinese Herbal Medicines Suspected to be Effective for COVID-19

Traditional Chinese medicine has long been used for various healing purposes, including to deal with viral infections. Based on information from medical advisers to the Chinese central government, traditional Chinese medicine has the potential to prevent the virus from entering cells of the human body.

There are several other traditional Chinese medicines that are being tested to treat COVID-19, namely:

1. Jinhua Qinggan Granule

The herbal medicine Jinhua Qinggan Granule was first developed during the swine flu pandemic (H1N1) in 2009. This traditional medicine consists of 12 herbal components to deal with mild to medium viral infections.

This drug is also being investigated whether it is effective in treating COVID-19 symptoms. In the initial study, only about 11.8% of patients whose symptoms worsened after taking the herbal medicine Jinhua Qinggan Granule to relieve fever.

2. Xuebijing Injection

The Xuebijing Injection herbal medicine was developed to treat the symptoms of SARS in 2003. It is made from 4 other herbs to detoxify and remove blood stasis. The Xuebijing Injection drug is also being investigated to treat COVID-19 in several hospitals and projects in Xuebijing.

3. Lung Cleansing and Detoxifying Decoction

Lung Cleansing and Detoxifying Decoction is made from several classical recipes of Chinese medicine which consist of 21 herbal components. This medicine is used to relieve symptoms of cough, fever, dizziness and respiratory problems.

4. XuanFeiBaiDu Granule

This herbal remedy is used to detoxify the lungs in patients with mild influenza symptoms. This medicine consists of 13 herbal components. This herbal treatment is believed to accelerate recovery, but XuanFeiBaiDu research as a COVID-19 drug is still being developed.

5. HuaShiBaiDu Formula

Based on the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences , HuaShiBaiDu herbal medicine is an essential essential of traditional Chinese medicine. This medicine consists of 14 herbal components. This drug is considered to have the potential to overcome the symptoms of Coronavirus pneumonia, but related research is still needed.

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Is Chinese Herbal Medicine Effective for Curing COVID-19?

At present, traditional Chinese medicine is indeed used to treat the symptoms of pneumonia in COVID-19 patients in several hospitals in China. Around 74,187 COVID-19 patients in China were given several Chinese herbal preparations. The result, 90% experienced an improved condition.

However, further research is still needed. What’s more, the Corona virus that causes COVID-19 is a new virus that is still being studied by all the world’s scientists. Corona medicine is still under research and is still being developed.

At present, there has been no confirmation from any party about the COVID-19 drug. While all citizens of the world are encouraged to reduce the spread by washing hands with soap and clean water regularly, consumption of healthy foods so that the immune system is strong, and social restrictions.

That’s the complete discussion about Lianhua Qingwen’s herbal medicine. I hope this information is helpful. Protect yourself and your family from the dangers of Covid-19.


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