Based on your life lies and your ability to adapt, your ego (your survival self) is created, which are your roles in life, this means that through your ego you live only from the outside to get confirmation of what you do, have and achieve. The ego is your point of reference, which means your self-image, your social mask and the role you play, the one who lives on being liked by others and controlling others. This means that you live your whole life based on what all the influence considers. You really have no life of your own. Your whole life is about trying to adapt to being who your social environment thinks you should be. You live your whole life from the outside in. You act after trying to satisfy your longing for an inner freedom and security so you fill your existence with external attributes and symbols such as cars, houses,

Which in turn means that you act your whole life based on what others, think, think and feel. You are constantly seeking approval from others to be liked and confirmed. This in turn also means that you become dependent on external attributes, you become “symbol” and “object-referential”, you are affected by everything that happens outside yourself, such as situations, circumstances, people, etc. Then you are constantly looking for approval from others. You feel a need to control and have power, this power is based on symbols, attributes such as, titles, money, works and various status gadgets.

When you search for freedom and security in symbols, you can never find it, it is an illusion to seek freedom and security in symbols. This means that you will always be insecure. Symbols are perishable, they come and go, this creates anxiety, fear and insecurity because you exchange your true self for symbols, often this ends with us feeling a great emptiness inside.

The search for security, safety and certainty is a bond to what you know the known what is it you know? What you know is the past a prison of old conditions in this there is no development, this only means stagnation. When you live in certainty, you lock yourself in old patterns, you lose the flow, the creativity, the spontaneity you become a rigid pattern. You become a prisoner of helplessness, hopelessness, despair, gloom and depression.

Your whole security consists of getting confirmation of what you do have and perform therefore you do not have your own inner basic security, you are bound by someone or something to be someone. You will continue to be bound until you dare to live your own life and feel secure in being who you really are. Without the attachment to other people and to the material.

Owning is not freedom. By giving up your need to own. Then you will be free. The ego has a hard time seeing others go their own way, because we ourselves have a hard time going our own way. The ego is blocked in its structure and in its own way of developing. The ego does not know what it wants, because it goes the same way as everyone else, as the ego is so blocked by its own fear of what others will think. This blockage eventually manifests itself in various physical and mental symptoms. The symptoms eventually become something to blame for in order to avoid facing their own fears. It is fear that prevents us from doing what we want. The fear of not being accepted by others.

The ego helps us to structure and limit our world so that we can more easily clarify and understand it. I see the ego as an obstacle for the soul to speak, that is, an obstacle to spiritual development, but we must not forget that here and now we live in a highly physical world with only small, temporary glimpses of what belongs to our inner truth our soul our true self.

Our ego functions in a linear, logically rational, structured, mathematical and conceptual way. It draws conclusions, reasons, processes, weighs information, sorts, evaluates, compares, controls, classifies and analyzes, and censors information to make decisions. It only sees the difficulties as well as all the negativity and acts like a robot
that does one thing at a time.

The ego shuns the unknown and uncertainty as well as changes that could mean surprises and unpredictable encounters and events, and can thus be likened to a log-conservative older gentleman, in a storm hat and tie, with constant comments about how much better it used to be.

The ego lives on our life lies and adaptability. He lives to be someone, to be accepted by owning «stuff» and people, to be someone through education, diplomas, degrees, money, status stuff, awards, to know best, to be an expert, to make oneself visible in different ways. To be someone through their profession, etc.

Our ego does not dare to express who we are and what we think, think and feel. Because it has the need to be liked by everyone else in its social environment, which means that what we express is what we think others are expected of us because our ego lives by being confirmed by others, to get the feeling of being someone.

As the opponent of the ego, I appoint the soul that is your true self, that which is greater than the ego and a part of all that is. Call it the divine spark or whatever you can think of that is greater than your limitations. Unlike the ego, the soul shuns no changes and eventually seeks, when the structure has become too narrow, it finds ways out of the known and ingrained. Without consulting the ego.

The soul becomes the rebel, the revolutionary, who challenges order by showing you what real chaos looks like and, as always, always demands his right to be and express his true nature.

Being reminded of the expanding and loving existence of the soul always implies some form of state of crisis, not least because our ego fights for life and death every time its structure is threatened. Yet it is always the ego that loses, certainly as amen in the church, because the ego is only a part of the complex we call man, and which must submit to laws that are hidden from the limited ego.

The conservative and the rebel have a strange but logical relationship; they play a constantly balanced and balancing game to make you the complex person you are.

Both have both constructive and destructive qualities, and it is you who handles the effects of their progress. Order and chaos in a life is cyclical and it may be something to remember. Building and breaking down life patterns and structures is something you do all the time, in larger or smaller contexts. Sometimes you notice it with all the desired clarity, while sometimes you just feel a breath of the effect.

You need your ego to survive in the external consumer society, but you only need the part of the ego that processes information. The rest of the ego shields you from insight and joy. You must go beyond your ego and find your true self. Your true self is the changing, deepest part of yourself. It is wise, loving, confident and full of joy. Your ego is important in the outside world but your true self is even more important.

You have all your life confused reality and illusion. Reality is realizing that you are divine. Illusion is your outer world. This confusion is harmful to you. You long for the illusion of security instead of the security itself, which is in your true self as insight and love. An illusion is a misconception. I mean, what you experience is always an illusion. What you experience is true and completely true, but you have got a wrong idea of ​​what you experience. You use all your senses to experience, both day and night and what you feel for what you experience is always right, but you have got the wrong idea about what you experience. What you experience is a symbol of a feeling. What you experience, you should not read straight off, there is a deeper truth in everything you experience. It is not the person or the thing itself that you have feelings for. Your feelings only indicate a need in yourself. What you feel has to do with you and your emotions.

The person you are touched by in one way or another, who you do not like, or feel the need to give to, or receive from, reflects your own needs. Man is also a symbol of a part within you, if it is a man, then it is a reflection of your own masculinity and so on.

Everything has a symbolic value. When you are going to read an experience symbolically, you need to see all the details of the experience, and then read them symbolically together. To understand what the symbols want to tell you, you need to put your own feeling for the experience in the context, to get a correct picture of what you have experienced. You then also get an understanding of why you experienced just that. There may be several of us who think we experience the same thing, but what always differs is what you feel about the experience and it is your feeling that makes the experience unique.

I want to say that the heart is a symbol of love, yes I think it is true, but if we are to see the deep symbolism that I seek, then you need to know what love is. Love is freedom. What is freedom? Freedom is to be who we are basically, to live without seeking acceptance from others. You give love to others by giving them the freedom to live their own lives, by allowing them to make their own choices, take responsibility and take care of their own consequences. You give yourself love by giving yourself the freedom to live your own life in your own way and take your own responsibility and its consequences.

You long to be accepted when in reality you can never be rejected. The ego creates illusions and hides the truth. The ego must be dissolved, only then can you see the truth. With love and understanding you get the perspective of infinite patience. Why are you in a hurry? There is still no time it just feels that way for you. When you do not experience the present, when you immerse yourself in the past or worry about the future, you evoke torment and sorrow for yourself. Time is also an illusion.

Even in the external world, the future is just a system of probabilities. Why worry so much? Understanding is therapy. Love is the definitive therapy. Therapists, teachers and gurus can help you, but only for a limited time.

The direction is inward, and sooner or later we will have to go that way alone. But in reality, you are never alone. If you have to measure time, then measure it in experiences you have learned from, not in minutes or hours or years. You can cure yourself in five minutes if you find the right insight. Or in fifty years. It’s the same thing. You can remember the past and then forget about it. Let go of it, ie. Put an end to it and forgive yourself and others for what has been. This applies to childhood trauma as well as to attitudes, misunderstandings, life lies imprinted in you and all old thoughts. How can you see in a new and clear way when you have all those thoughts left? What if you needed to learn something new? From a new perspective?

Thoughts create the illusion of who you are. The ego maintains that illusion, and that illusion creates fear, anxiety, and immense sorrow. Fear, anxiety and sadness in turn create anger and violence. How can peace exist in the world when these chaotic emotions dominate? Get out of this.

Go back to the source of the problem. You have then returned to thoughts, old thoughts. Stop thinking. Instead, use your intuitive wisdom to experience love again. Meditate. Discover that everything is connected and dependent on each other. Discover the unit, not the differences. See your true self. Mental peace can help you stop thinking as much as before and help you begin your journey back. You will be healed. You can more and more start using the unused part of your interior. You will see. You will understand.

And you will be wise. Then you will find peace. You have a relationship with yourself as well as with others. Why are you afraid to take reasonable risks? Are you afraid of your reputation, afraid of what others will think? These fears have been conditioned in childhood. Ask yourself the following questions: What do I have to lose? What’s the worst that could happen? Am I happy to live the rest of my life this way? With death as a background: is this a major risk? As you mature, do not be afraid to make other people angry. Anger is just an expression of their insecurity. But being afraid of this anger can stop you. Anger would only be silly if it did not create so much grief. Dissolve your own anger in love and forgiveness.

Do not let depression or anxiety hinder your maturity. Depression is losing perspective, forgetting and taking things for granted. Sharpen your presence and attention. Reset your life lies. Remember what you should not take for granted. Change perspectives and remember what is important and what is less important. Step out of old furrows. Remember to listen inwardly to your true self. To have anxiety is to get lost in the ego. It’s losing its boundaries. There is a vague memory of wounded pride, of loss of love, of loss of patience and peace. Remember, you are never alone. Never lose heart in taking risks. You are immortal. You can never be hurt.

Everything is love. With love comes understanding. With understanding comes patience. And then time stops. And everything is now. The reality is the present. Staying in the past or in the future causes pain and illness. Patience can stop time. Love is the ultimate answer. Love is not an abstraction but a tangible energy, or a spectrum of energies, that you can create and retain within yourself. Just be loving. Then you begin to touch your true self within you. Feel loving. Express your love. Love dissolves fear. You can not be afraid when you feel love. Because everything is energy, and love embraces all energies, everything is love. When you are loving and fearless, you can forgive. You can forgive others and you can forgive yourself.
You are now beginning to see from the right perspective. Guilt and anger are again reflections of the same fear. Guilt is a subtle anger that is directed inward. Forgiveness dissolves guilt and anger. They are unnecessary, harmful feelings. Sorry. It is an act of love. Pride can get in the way of forgiveness. Pride is one of the ego’s manifestations. The ego is the transient, false self. You are not your body. You are not your brain. You are not your ego. You are greater than all this if you listen to your true self.

If you feel that you are not someone, by other people thinking and thinking about you, then it is about you starting to feel, how you want to live, be and act and feel without being afraid that others will dislike you . To find the answer, it is a matter of searching within you. You can never satisfy an inner longing with external means. But it is about fulfilling this desire within you. I want to say that no other human being can say, “This is you.” You may be able to try to adapt to the image others have of you, but when everything has been peeled away, who are you really?

It is important that you first identify yourself, not in relation to your surroundings but in relation to yourself. It is very important to know who you are. You may think you know it, because people tend to identify with your role, your mask and the things you surround yourself with.

Many people living today have more money and gadgets than their ancestors ever dared to dream of. We travel across the earth to seek different experiences and new cultures. We have access to wisdom and life experience from three thousand religions. But still something is missing. We in the Western world know a lot about human behavior through psychology and a lot about the universe through science. But when it comes to going in depth with questions about spirituality and the soul then we stand flat.

We humans have a basic need to reach the level of self-awareness where we surely know what is driving us, where we come from, what we would be prepared to die for. It is important for you to come to an insight into what it means to live for you, who you want to be and what you really want to do and achieve in your life and strive for it.

It’s about starting to reflect and come to an insight into your life and slowing down in time so that you not only let your life run out in the sand, this by coming to an insight into who you really are and what you really want to do with your life, otherwise you will at a later point in life, regret why you did not stop at some point in your life, to feel if this is really what life is, where everything spins on without you thinking about how you want to live.

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